Falling For The Bad Girl

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Do Something Every Day That Scares You

'I had to do something! But it worked right?!'

He stared at me angrily.

'You didn't have to fucking kiss her Ace.' He growled as poked me in the chest.

'That really was her. I just wanted Ethan to see she didn't like him that much, and I wanted you to realise how much you did like her. I knew I'd be the best option there, because you know I don't feel anything for her!' I explained as he paced around in front of me like an angry bear. I didn't think he would actually punch me, but now I was starting to wonder which cheek to offer him.

We were standing outside of school, waiting for Rochelle to finish speaking with the Principle. Rock refused to leave without her now, his eyes flashing as he ran his hand through his hair.

'If you fucking liked her, like that- you'd tell me wouldn't you?' He demanded finally, his right eye twitching in anger.

'I would and I really don't.'

In any way at all..

He nodded then, as the door to the school opened, Rochelle walking out with her hands in her pockets as she avoided my gaze.

'Rock you need to get off school premises.' She reminded him as he pulled her into his arms.

Rock had been suspended until further notice due to his hallway brawling, which I felt awful about. He didn't care though, he only had eyes for her. They were kissing deeply when I heard a familar voice call my name.


She was leaning against the side of the school, her hair blowing in the breeze as I gazed at her. She wasn't smoking this time, and I was relieved.

'Go see her, Romeo.' Growled Rock, kissing Rochelle before she could make a snide comment.

I walked over to her and she actually smiled, one of the genuine ones. She folded her arms as she chewed on her lip, the bad girl facade dropping away momentarily.

'You ok?' I asked softly.

She peered up at me, and she shrugged.

'You got any food at home? I'm starving.'

She looked away as she pulled some hair away from her mouth that had got stuck on her lip gloss, drawing my attention to that damn mouth.

She wanted to come to mine?

'Probably not, but I'm sure I could rustle up something.' I tried to sound confident, not easy when you are a trembling wreck.

She nodded as she fell into step beside me, her small frame would have easily slid under my arm, her body huddled against mine for warmth- wait, what?! Her boots crunched on the gravel as we walked in comfortable silence.

'I heard you kissed that bitch today.'

Her voice dripped in venom as I stole a glance at her, her side profile looked like that of a fallen angel. Her lips were full, her nose small and round. Her eyelashes were full and long, framing those delicious emerald eyes you could lose yourself in.

'Yeah, but I had a motive. I don't go round kissing random girls, certainly not her kind anyway.'

Why did she care?

We stopped at a crossing waiting for the traffic to clear when she pulled me by the arm suddenly, dashing across the road. We barely made it across alive, and I told her so.

'Oh come on, Ace, live a little. Do something every day that scares you, surely you've heard that quote? Dashing through traffic is hardly heart stopping, but its a start.'

I stop, titling my head to the side.

'Eleanor Roosevelt.'

I gave her a small smile as she nodded.

'It's a great quote.'

So the princess of darkness does have a deeper side. Who knew? We stood for a moment, chaos echoing around us as impatient drivers beeped their horns, and engines were revved in an attempt to intimidate.

'Shall we skip the sorry contents of my fridge and grab some food?' I nodded to the diner not far from where we stood and she held my gaze.

'Are you asking me out on a date?' She smirked as my stomach flipped and I felt a blush spread across my cheeks.

'What? No.' I shook my head as my eyes flickered nonchalantly from hers.

Why would she even suggest that?!

'Why not?' She challenged me, as she raised one eyebrow and stepped towards me.

'Do you only like slutty cheerleaders?'

I frowned then, unsure of where this was going. Was she playing with me? I couldn't gauge from her expression, and it irked me.

'I thought I made my opinion on the majority of them quite clear.'

She blinked, as she nodded.

'You say one thing, but you mean another. You don't like girls like that- your words, not mine- yet didnt you date one for a while? Then the worst one of them all gets to kiss you in front of the whole school today.'

Her voice was soft now, and she bit her lip as she moved closer to me. The street seemed to disappear from around us, the only sound was the blood rushing in my ears. I could smell her signature scent again, and I wondered why I found it so captivating. I swallowed as she moved her mouth close to my neck, as she stood on tiptoes to do so. My hands slid around her waist instinctively, pulling her close to me despite knowing it was the wrong thing to do. My body suddenly had its own agenda. I started to wonder what her lips would feel like on mine as she continued to murmur into my neck.

'Yet, apparently I'm the bad girl. Why that bitch doesnt own that title is beyond me.'

I closed my eyes then as her fingers slid around my neck, pulling me closer to her. I felt like I couldn't breathe as she softly dragged her nails along my skin, making me shudder with desire.

'But you are, aren't you? The bad girl. Look at you now, like this in the street with me whilst your boyfriend is in prison.'

She moved her face around so she was staring into my eyes, her lips dangerously close to mine.

'If that makes me bad, you have no idea how despicable I can be.'

She released me then, my body cold without her touch. I was furious at myself for letting her have this effect on me, as I ran my hand through my hair in frustration.

''Come on, I'm starving. You can buy me a burger.' She turned and beckoned me with her finger, and I followed her like a puppy.

What was wrong with me?!

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