Love without Faith

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John and Page where a magnificent couple who would love each other until the end of time... or would they? This book is a romance novel about love and faith in God.

Romance / Drama
Emma Graham
Age Rating:

The Man Without Faith

Page’s POV:

There’s a certain point in time when you just know you have to stop. Stop fighting, stop crying, stop loving, stop everything and just think. That’s exactly what I did. John came home from an exasperating day at work, practically roaring with anger. He’s always been the arrogant type, but I’ve always known him to control his emotions.
“So how’s my hubby doing today?” I asked John patiently.
“I would’ve been better, if I didn’t hear your irritating comments!” he replied with a grumble. What was his problem?! Suddenly, John stormed off to his room. I decided to perform a handy skill I like to call eavesdropping. I slowly crept up to his room and listened to him mutter curse words. They weren’t just any curse words either. He was cursing to God! I thought he was a man of God, an innocent soul!
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