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A door could lead to anywhere, right? What if a door could “open doors“ to a new future where you could learn more about yourself? Victoria (or V, as most of her friends call her) is your typical "girl next door". She's 17 years old and is currently on her last year of high school. Being as insecure as she is, she isn't able to acknowledge how smart she really is and tends to make other people her priority instead of herself. She's very emotional and is easily affected by what everyone else thinks of her. Because of that, she has always tried to escape the spotlight. Ever since she was a little girl, her "rock" has been her best friend Benny. When they least expect it, something is going to turn their lives upside down: what they thought was just an ordinary door will take them to a different reality, where they will learn more not only about their lives but also about themselves. Life as they knew it was never the same after that moment..The most important question is: are they ready to face what this "new beggining" holds?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"V, c'mon. Get up! We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up, we should be there already."

I wake up listening to these words. At least I think that I'm already awake. Could it possibly be that it's just a dream? Unfortunately and against all my hopes, my subconscious tells me that it is, in fact, time to wake up. This is probably the part of the day i hate the most. Leaving my bed. I mean, inside it it's so warm and cozy, i could definitely spend my entire day here. Leaving my bed, however, means being cold. And unconfortable. And having to face life, when all I wanted was to spend one more minute there.

That means, of course, that my #1 wish during the rest of the day is to get back in bed. You can imagine how distressing of a process this is for me.

"Hey, V. Did you hear what i said? We're gonna be LATE! It's our first day of school, could you please make an effort?"

That voice. Again.

I eventually give in and slowly open my eyes. Once they're fully opened, I'm surprised to see my best friend Benny standing beside me. Her words finally get to me. I just sit in my bed, unable to move. It's the first day of school. Suddenly, i feel every emotion at once. I'm nervous, tense. Hundreds of memories from past years start running through my head. But then i snap back to reality, and my lack of sleep makes it even harder for me to stay awake.

(This is the moment when I deeply regret going to bed late last night, but still know that it will probably happen again).

I look briefly in the mirror. I'm not surprised to see that my face shows clear evidence of the not nearly enough hours of sleep i got last night. My dark circles are so heavy that my whole expression turns darker, sadder. Honestly, I'm not fond of the way they look, but I also don't bother to cover them with make up.

(To me, make-up is just a waste of money and time. I've never really had the patience for it. The only thing i don't mind wearing from time to time is lipstick. Probably because it's the most practical and you don't have to be an expert to put it on).

I feel no energy at all as I practically drag myself to the bathroom so that i can get ready. Each one of my movements is very slow and well-thought-out. I feel like sleeping took the last bit of energy I had instead of giving me more.

As I'm in the bathroom, which is (thankfully) right next to my room, i head straight for a quick shower. The warm water is extremely soothing, relaxing my muscles as it poures down my skin. As soon as I'm done, I place a towel over my body and get back to my room so that I can get dressed.

I throw a quick look in the mirror, and for a moment the intense green of my eyes takes the spotlight from my dark circles. That makes me smile. Turns out my day isn't starting in such an awful way.

I go through my closet to try and pick something to wear, but a familiar voice stops me.

" I've already chosen your outfit. Hope you don't mind."

Of course I don't mind. It even makes me happier that I don't have to worry about that anymore, especially considering i take forever to choose what to wear.

When i turn around, I see Benny again. But not as blurry as i did before. I hug her and say good morning. The outfit she chose for me was spot on. Some simple blue jeans, just the way i like them, paired with a grey T-shirt with the typical cliché quote on the front. I remember I bought it the last time we went to the mall together. I hadn't used it yet. Not because i don't like it, but maybe because i had never found the right occasion to do so.

I guess this is it.

After I get dressed, I run to the kitchen and quickly grab a pack of cookies to eat on the way. Sadly, there's no time for more.

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