Big Bad Wolfe

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I've never been to this level of pleasure before, never even visited. And it's so wrong. Cassandra Wolfe is happy and content. Still smiling with her childhood sweetheart, she's living her life and surviving better than most others. When Lucas throws a spanner in the works things get a little messy and Cassies world is soon thrown upside-down. Join Cassie and Lucas on their journey of heat, passion and bumpy roads.

Romance / Erotica
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Vanilla and Coconut

I bob my head another four times then feel the thick cum slowly Squirting down my throat. I swallow the juices, before cleaning his dick with my tongue. Smiling, I look up into my sweethearts eyes.

I've been with Aaron for three years now. And sex wise, it's been.... okay. Sex just isn't what I always thought it was.

With a lopsided grin, Aaron groans at me. "Aww shit babe. That was fantastic but I just remembered I've got practice to get to."

No fucking way. I'm sick of this as soon as it's my turn again. I haven't come that way yet. Last time Aaron tried to get me to come with his mouth he did it that long his neck started to hurt. And I was kinda... bored.

With my heart plummeting and my chest aching I relied.

"Ok Aaron. Well shall I come round tonight? Or are you busy?"

"Nah, come round Cassie. We'll have something to eat, put a movie on. Then not watch it, eh?"

"Haha. Ok baby."

I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my bag, checking my phone, keys and purse were there.

Getting to the door, I turn around to find Aaron directly behind me. He pushes me onto the door and cradles my cheeks. Putting his lips to mine and stroking his tongue along mine.

Pulling away I whisper "I love you Aaron James"

"I love you too Cassandra Wolfe."

He opens the door and waves me away.

Well then, until tonight.


Finally home I kick my shoes off at the bottom of the stairs and slowly make my way up. My body is killing and knowing that the house is empty a hot bath sounds super appealing.

Mum's away at the moment for work and won't be back until the end of next week. My stepdad, Darryl is at work until late. And my stepbrother, Lucas is more than likely with his friends. It is a Saturday after all.

In the bathroom the only sound to be heard is the running water. The steam is already making my skin damp and the smell of sweet vanilla and coconut is all around me.

I quickly strip my clothes off and throw them into the hamper. At my pink lacy panties I pause. I'm sure I just heard something. Turning off the taps, I grab a black fluffy towel and wrap it around my almost naked body, before quietly walking into the hall towards the noise.

I find where the noise is coming from. It's Lucas in his room. He's moaning. Must have a girl round. My reaction from the sound of him getting off is disturbing. With the sound of his sexual groaning in my ears, my panties become damp. Uh oh. I'm mortified, and confused about the way my body just reacted. I turn around to head back to the bathroom when I hear my name.

"Oh fuck Cassie... Oh yeah. Come on Cassandra, just like that. Fuck me."

Unable to help it I swing my stepbrothers bedroom door open. When the image before me is revealed, I stand there in shock. My brain suddenly refusing to co-operate with my body.

There lies Lucas. Completely naked. His large fist wrapped around his huge thick cock. Oh my god, I've never seen a cock so big. Not even in pictures.

His whole body is covered in sweat. It glistens on his ripped chest, the muscles in his right arm and neck tensing. His other had wrapped in the white sheets.

He looks close now. His jaw tenses and he arches his neck, his moans get louder.

"Aaaahh, Cassie. That's right bounce on my cock. Feel my dick pound in your tight wet-"

Uh oh. He's seen me.

He looks at me. Staring right into my eyes. His chest heaving. His fist slowed, but didn't stop. Watching him simply stroke his huge 10 inches, I realise to my dismay, I'm wet. I look at my feet and moan at my disturbing body.

"Why not help me Cassandra, just imagining your body beneath mine keeps me hard for so long. Come play with me." The words are whispered into my ear. I didn't realise he'd even moved.

"What? No! What's wrong with you? You're my stepbrother. This is so bad. It's wrong to think of me this way."

He swings the door shut and gently pushes me against it. His forearms either side of my head. He has me caged when he moans his reply.

"Aww fuck Cassandra. That just got me harder. I wanna be bad. I want you to be bad. Be a bad, bad girl Cassie.

Don't pretend you didn't like what you just saw. Your face is flushed, your hair is damp. You moaned. You fucking loved the fact that Big Bad brother is fisting his dick while thinking about you.

Thinking about those perfect tits bouncing in my face while you're tight juicy pussy milks my throbbing dick.

You get me so hard. See?"

With that he closes the distance between us and pushes his massive dick into my already wet pussy.

"No. No lucas. Don't do this. I have a boyfriend. This is so bad."

His hand wraps around my throat so, so gently. "You want this as much as me Cassie. You're pulse is going crazy. I bet if we dropped this towel, I'd find your little pussy soaked. I bet you're so wet. Just for me."

I shake my head as Lucas's fingertips reach the edge of my towel. Slowly sliding his fingers down to my breasts, he grips the inside layer of the towel and asks a question.

"Shall we see?"

A moan escapes from my throat.

And the towel drops to the floor.

With a deep throaty growl Lucas crashes his lips against mine, his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. He sinks his teeth into my bottom lip and gently tugs before stroking his hands up my waist to my tits.

He caresses my nipples gently at first making them hard until they're almost painful, then pinches them while sucking on my tongue. Oh jesus. I moan.

"Aaah fucking hell Cassie. This would be great for both of us. Please say yes! I could make you scream in pleasure so many ways. So many times."

He leaves a trail of wet kisses down my body, starting from my jaw, behind my ear, down my neck, over my sensitive tits. Sucking a nipple into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it. Then repeating the action with my left nipple. Each time, forcing small moans from me and my back arching off of its own accord.

By the time he's at the line of the thin lace covering my most private area I'm squirming. Nothing ever felt like this with Aaron. But I refuse to say yes.

Lucas's eyes catch mine as his fingers slowly pull the lace down over my arse, and down my legs. The sensation of the cool air on my pussy causing me to get even wetter. I have no idea why I'm allowing this. My body enjoys this so much more than my mind. My juices are running down my thighs.

Lucas now picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist but keeping me against the wall. Slips his hand between our bodies and slides two fingers against my slit before pulling back and rubbing my clit.

He goes fast, but not fast enough. I'm moaning now. But it feels too good for my embarrassment to show. I begin to grind my centre against his hand in an attempt to force him to go faster, but he forbids it. Grabbing my hip he stills any movement on my side. Then continues his slow assault.

He pushes to fingers into my core and curls them over and over again, keeping his thumb rubbing on my clit in small circles.

Kissing and licking my neck, he whispers to me. "I'm not only going to make you say yes. I'm going to make you beg. First for me to make you come. You'll want my cock so deep inside you, you'll scream for it. Then I'll have you begging for me to stop. Because you've come so much, you just can't handle any more. Then, I'll make you come again and again and again. "

I feel myself tighten around his fingers, my moans much louder. My orgasm so close. And then to my dismay he slowed.

I felt my eyes fill, my heart dropped and my chest contracted. He's going to keep me on the edge unless I say yes.

Without realising what was happening I heard a word whispered from my lips.


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