What If: Goddess on Fire

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You lied to me when my heart was just a spark but now... I am a wild fire and I’m here not only to collect but to BURN.

Romance / Drama
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Ahhhh I yelled out as the Lemonheads,(floral nymphs)surrounded me. Demeter looked down at me while I laid down in the master bead in the garden styled room there were flowers all over the room. even flower-shaped ceiling lamps.. the bed hanged from the ceiling. It was circular and fluffy. It was gold-coated and the sheets and covers were light pinks. The nymphs around me held me down as the floral Nymph named Nelli said “ I can see her head she’s crowning. The nymphs on my right. Responds with just one more push and she will be her. I scream out as I push once more but with more force than all my other ones before. Ahhh…. Shhhh….aaahhh. I tried my best to not let the darkness take me. I continue to fight my sleep when I hear it. I hear her and her beautiful voice. Demeter comes closer to me holding the most beautiful creature, no baby. I held her in my arms and she glowed... Beautifully. I looked at her face one last time mesmerized by her eyes until I drifted off into a deep sleep. I woke up in a Panic my palace in Olympia. Zeus my husband rubbed my back as a way of ensuring me I was fine. I am fine is said to him as I got up and went to the restroom. I looked in the mirror as I remembered that day.

~ Time Jump ~

Even though I am Hera the goddess of birth, and I had Demeter the goddess of fertility. giving birth doesn’t get any easier. I am on my a final kid. Being in the floral realm, so close to earth I had no choice but t give birth to her naturally. I had spent five years in the human realm and being pregnant had to have some pains. I remember when I was pushing her out. I’ had four children before her but none have given me such pain. But I’m not alone now because I have my daughter mad Nellie. If I had known that Nellie and Demeter were going to be such good friends and help to me while I had been hiding in the human world and the floral realm. Then I would have treated them a lot nicer before, especially since I am only in a low and weak human form. It is a shame that they never will be able to know it was me who was their friend once upon a time.

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