Gliding Down

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Chapter 1


April, Sunday 19:30


I looked at myself through the mirror trying to fix my wig as a boy. It’s not that I don’t like being a girl with my silky long white hair, small but plump lips and the color of the ashes as my eyes. I have to wear this. For safety reasons. I finished fixing my wig as I stare at myself one more time thinking about the one thing I promise to forget. The betrayal. I’m twenty-one now and I need to live and forget. So how come I can’t forget this? I questioned myself. I mentally slap myself and breathe.

“Just live and forget until your a thousand years old” I whispered to myself. Is angels can live until six thousand years old or more. The oldest angel is Lollietta Mumbriane, she is one of the elder in Lilliathus of Heaven. She is also Luca’s grandmother. Luca’s father and mother are alive ,thank the heavens, are very overprotective of Luca and too. They treated me as one of their own. Housing me when we were stuck in Xyoria. I wonder how they are now. The thought of this prickled my eyes but I managed to cool it down and walk out of the bathroom. I see my room as I close the bathroom door behind me and notice that there was a letter. With a red leaf printed to stick it together. Lycathius. I thought. Lycathius was an anonymous man who I seem to take jobs now in order to live. I sat next to the letter taking it in my hands and softly ripped it. Reading the letter shooked me to the core.

Dear Destiny,

You have another job to take in. A job where it might kill you. I have said that in all the jobs you did, but, this one you need to be careful or you will be caught. You will have to go back to Lilliathus of Heaven and take an illegal document. I will not personally say why and what it is in that document but you will be rewarded. How much? 1 million jewls. Enough to keep you alive for about 100 of years if you use it wisely. How you will do it? Easy, you will illegally have to go through a portal which will take you to Lilliathus. Yes, there are indeed guards but you will just need to play fetch with them as they are like a dog, or even a dog itself but just a massive one indeed. Once you reach to Lilliathus you will have to play as your disguise. Petro. You have a week to complete this job, why a week? Well, you have to be a civilized angel to blend in. After two days you settled in there is a Grand Gala in the Palace of Lilliathus where the king has live. And from there in, you know what to do. If it takes longer, no worries. I can wait for a million years

Yours truly,


Going back to Lilliathus for a document? Illegally?! What is Lycathius thinking! There are high securities in that Palace everywhere. I sighed as I look at the price of what I get once I am done. Just in and out for a week or more, I thought positively. I need to start tomorrow so I can be quick as a flash of lightning. But I’m not a lightning! Ugh, focus Des!! I mentally glared as I was having an inner battle with myself. What am I thinking, all I need is to just avoid the king himself and all of his families that know me, in fact, just need to avoid everyone who knows me!! That’s right! Pfft, easier said than done. I closed my thoughts off remembering that I had to enter the Grand Gala with a suit since I was to be disguised as a boy. I grab my bag which I carry around with me at all times and made sure to hide my wings...

I walked through the shop around the city of Avalinia, near the outskirts of Jollimus. I look around for a sign that symbols a suit or somewhat looking like that. Something formal. My attire was some casual white shirt with some pants to hide my shot and girly-looking legs. The attitude of my face lit up as I saw Madomessoile suit shop, Madomessoile was the only one who knew about my secret. Well, except for Lycathius of course. I hurriedly rushed into her shop noticing how empty it is. Of course, it’s empty, no one would usually buy a suit on Sundays. I smiled as it would be easy to find a suit that can fit me without people staring or questioning how am I so skinny. Men these days were usually buff or somewhat sort of a definition of buff.

“Ah! My favorite costumer!!” Madomessoile clapped her hands cheerfully as she gave me a hug and kiss me two times in each of my cheeks. I smiled softly as I laid my bag down onto a chair that was next to the counter.

“Hello” I smiled softly.

“What brings you to my shop, dear?”

“I have a mission and so the requirements are a suit which I need,” I told her not wanting to tell more. She noticed my mood and nodded frantically. “Sit down in that chair over there and I’ll get you a suit ready for you” She pointed at the chair that I had dropped off my bag and ran off to the backroom. I waited for a couple of minutes before she rushed out and practically threw a bag at me, I laughed at her antics.

“There, those should be the perfect size” she smiled. She knows my usual size as I come here once in a while to get some free clothes to live. I thanked her, grabbing my bag I walked out noticing it was getting dark I rushed back to my apartment.

I laid down on my bed once I packed my bags for tomorrow and threw my wig off to the floor. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I thought. Let’s hope I don’t bump into anyone who can recognize me. And so I slept.



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