Gliding Down

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Chapter 2

Destiny 7:07 a.m

I woke up with a start. The cold hard ground I felt as I groaned getting up. Sitting on the floor I accidently bump my head to the desk.

"Ow!" I squealed as I rub my head. I see my bed next to me and wonder how I got down. Maybe because I move too much during nights or sleeps. I remembered. I sighed as I went to the bathroom looking half dead and half vampire. I looked myself at my mirror and cringed.

"Ew" I mumbled to myself. Massaging my template I remembered today was the day. The day I go back to Lilliathus of Heaven. Groaning even more as I went to the shower after I took my clothes off.

"Wig? Check. Suit? Check. Knife? Check. Extra clothes? Check. Contacts? Check. Alright, that should be most of it." I yawned out. It was currently 7:40 and I need to be at the gate by 8 or so. I adjusted my wig to make sure it looked natural and grabbed my backpack to head out.
Running through the woods felt like a breeze. I love running and it gives me the advantage whenever I steal. I stop my tracks where I heard a ferocious growl. Must be here already.
My mind drift off to another world as I frown remembering I just have to play fetch with them. Looking over to my side a tree was there. Not wanting to attract attention when I use my light I tried to take a piece off. Luckily, the piece was already loose so it wasn't that hard to be taken off. I took deep breaths as I neared the gigantic dogs.

"Come here, look I got a stick!" I stupidly brought my arm up to show them the stick which they took all their attention on. I move the stick side to side and they exactly did that. And now, I throw it as far as I can. They run to that direction and that makes it easier to go in the portal. I stopped at the front of the gate, worrying if it was the right choice or not. Hearing the ground shook it clearly signs that the dogs were coming back with the stick. I frowned and jump.

Something felt like it was crushing me as I went over to the portal. I've tried the portal so many times yet I can't get use to this feeling. The feeling where you feel like your being crushed to death. The sickness I was feeling started to build up on me. Almost puking I was thrown to the ground still clutching on my bag for dear life. Landing with a thud as I hit a tree on the way of being thrown. Thankfully, my wig has not been snatched yet and my contacts were surprisingly still there. I groaned as I rub my arm from the painful hit but it subsided after a few minutes. I blink as a bright light hit me and the scent overflowed my nose. Lilliathus of Heaven. I thought. I'm back here once again. My eyes closed as I missed this feeling but it was short as I heard voices. Familiar voices. I hid behind a bush right after I covered my scent.

"Man, I can't believe Ferramilia got away with it" One man said. Wait, it can't be. This can't be. Ferramilia was Luca's little sister. Must be thinking way to hard. There must be a bunch of Ferramilias out there. Heavily thinking.

"Honestly, I don't even know how Luca deals with his sister" The other one said. They sounded way too familiar. No, they can't be Peraxius and Malcolm. Can they? The other sighed. I tilted my head and almost gasped in surprised. They are Peraxius and Malcolm! I hid back into the bush as I listened more.

"Yeah, kind of reminds me of Desy" Peraxius mumbled. Desy was my nickname when I was still dwelling there. I frowned in sadness as I remembered their faces from the betrayal I did. Hurt.

"She was like a little sister to me. Can't even imagine how her brother, Dexton and Luca handle the feeling when she left." Malcolm mumbled kicking a stone from the ground. Dexton and Luca were the ones who knew me the best.

"Let's stop talking about her, reality is cruel. Just live and forget" Peraxius tried to chuckle but it came out cold. Malcolm agreed and they headed off towards the other direction. Once I knew they were out of reach I began thinking. What have I gotten myself on to? I got up knowing that I need to find shelter as the clouds darkened up a bit. I grabbed my bag and walked towards the city. Drifting my thoughts to the Grand Gala Lycathius was mentioning in the letter. The Grand Gala is a special event where both royals of angels and all the other ones who dwell within the place can come into to the palace and celebrate the freedom with their king. I smiled as I remembered the last Grand Gala I attended which was six years ago. I got drunk and dance in front of the crowd while grinding on the floor. I chuckled to myself but stop as I remember that I need to be mute knowing that angels can sense auras through the way of speaking. I was told that I had the voice of gold. Luca had the voice of blue, strong yet calm. Dexton had the voice of yellow, determined yet soft. I stopped right before at the inn for angels. I mentally sighed and went in.

"Hello, may I help you?" The kind lady who I remembered with the name of Gippollian asked. I nodded and pointed towards my throat and did a cross 'x' sign.

"You can't speak?" She softly asked. I nodded. "Thats fine. One or two rooms?" I motioned for the first one and she nodded giving me the keys after I gave her 3 jewls. Room 10 the key said. Going up to room 10 I opened the door with the keys and threw my bag on the ground and jumped onto the bed. It has been a long day, I thought. Right after, I heard the rain softly hitting the window and smiled as I listened to it while drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow will be an even longer day.

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