Gliding Down

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Chapter 3

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Destiny 12:03

Throwing some bread for the birds gets a little boring. However, I've made a couple of friends with the teenagers here. Two girls who were name Octavia and Felicia. I do think they are only friends with me because of my "boyish" look, but whatever. The crevices of my lips tilted up but went back down as the days for the Grand Gala was getting near. Its been two days every since I have been here. Tuesday. Sighing as I decided to look around the park I was currently at. Kicking the stones that were on the ground I noticed a girl way too similar heading- no, running towards me. As she went closer to me my mouth opened in surprise. Ferramilia. Dang it! I forgot that her family usually visit the park on Tuesdays!! No, even worse. Luca should be with them. Beginning to sweat tremendously as she went closer. Why is everything going on slow motion. Is it just me? Ughhh. Okay. Okay. Act cool. My train of thoughts were over as I landed on the floor with a thud. Groaning as I felt a heavy weight on top of me. Thankfully, my wig was still in contact within my head and my contacts were just as fine. Blinking my eyes and seeing Ferramilia for the first time in five years was like a dream to me. Urging me to hug her and say her best friend is back. Her only friend back then.

"Hello!" "Mind hiding me?" She asked smiling. as she wiggled around. Nodding slowly she got up from my body and helped me up with her light. Dusting away the dirt I felt a small hand grab my hand and zoomed the way out of there almost making me stumble, but I learned to catch up. We stopped near the lake as we panted. Once I caught my breath Ferramilia laughed. Feeling my mouth tilt up I stayed neutral as I stared at her.

"What? Is it not funny?" She beamed at me as she stretched. Ferramilia is current ten... I shook my head slowly, crossing my arms as I cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Can you speak?" Asked the lovely Ferramilia. Crossing my arms she got the message and nodded. We sat in silence as we watch the lake glistened. Feeling her head lean on my shoulder I patted her head with my delicate soft hands.

"You know, you remind me of someone." "Someone very important to me who left years ago" Hearing her sigh made me sulk. Ferramilia got up walking in front of me and grabbed my shoulders with her two small hands.

"How do I connect with you if you cannot speak?" She pouted as she sat back down. Mouthing the word 'paper' her eyes lightened up. "My big brother has a bunch of paper!!" I almost stop breathing. "We can go see him right now!!" She exclaimed happily. Mentally gulping I looked at her and shook my head. "Why not?" She asked. Shrugging my shoulders I got up. 'I need to go' I mouthed to her. Ferramilia had this sullen look that made me hug her.

"Will I see you again?" She questioned. Nodding my head as I began walking noticing the guards that rushed past by me.

"Lady Ferramilia! King Luca has been looking for you everywhere." One guard exclaimed.

"We were terribly worried, m'lady" the other one said.

"Whatever! Luca can just find me with his light thing or something!!" Ferramilia pouted. Chuckling mentally I shook my head at this and continued walking. Flash. Everything seemed like a slow-mow movie as someone so familiar ran pass me. Luca. Meeting our eyes together as he passed by me. The world seem to stop as I noticed the sparks went off around us. No, he can't be. Everything went back to normal as he went over to his little sister, Ferramilia. Snap out of it, probably still lost in thought or maybe crazy. Yeah, definately crazy. My inner thoughts whispered. Walking faster than usual I was back in the streets. Deciding to get some sweets I went to a cafè and enjoyed my hot tea. Sighing softly as I looked out the window, noticing everywhere hustiling through the crowd to get ready for the Grand Gala itself. Resting my head on the palm of my hand I drifted off to my own world until someone knocked the sense out of me.

"I know Lycathius" I spit out my saliva as I heard the person. Coughing tremendously my eyes widened at the man.

"Who'se that?" Asked the idiot itself, me. He didn't look too bad. Just a normal angel with some sharp edges around there. I mentally face palmed remembering I have to stay mute.

"You know who is Lycathius" "In fact, that's why your here" He answered as he sat down on the seat in front of mine. He took out a note-pad knowing that I wasn't supposed to speak he pushed it towards me. 'Why are you telling me this?' I wrote pushing the note-pad back to him.

"He sent you here for a reason" "Not just for the document but to save someone." He took a sip of my tea. I frowned. What?. 'Why are you here?' Writing the words as I showed him.

"To make sure your not going to die" He replied. Frowning more he suddenly got up as I was about to write.

"Have to go" "But, you'll see me very soon" And with that he walked out of the café. Looking down on my lap I mentally sighed. Getting up as my hand placed one coin on the table I went over to the inn and straight to my room as I waved over to the lady. Sitting down on a chair I took out my own personal journal and wrote what has been happening so far. After a few moments I noticed that it was getting dark. Turning off my lamp I took off my wig along with my contacts and snuggled in my blankets of my bed. 8 more days till the Grand Gala.

Welp, thank you for reading and remember dont copy and paste my work! Oof.

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