Gliding Down

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Chapter 4



Pacing around my room as I let my feet drag me to where ever they please. Two more days until the Grand Gala. These past eight days I have been lazing around my room. Either sleeping or eating, I never went outside. A breath escaped my mouth as I plop down on my bed. What am I going to do... What illegal document are they talking about? My thoughts raced as I massaged my template.

Knock knock the sound of the door startled me. Shuffling around I hurriedly grab my wig and my contacts putting them on. Walking over to the door, my lips tilted up.

Smiling as my hand opened the door but slammed it to their face once I saw him. What the heck is he doing here? Ugh. Okay breathe. My inner-thoughts spoke to me as I opened the door once again. Okay, silent mode time.

Taking a deep breath in I once again open the door as I was being thrown down to the ground.

"Yepee!" The one and only Ferramilia tackled me down. Awkwardly uncomfortable as she squeezed me to death, the King of Lilliathus, Luca, carried her off of me.

"Sorry about that. She wanted to see you before the Grand Gala." Luca chuckled as Ferrmilia squirmed in his arms. How I wish to be in his arms... Snap out of it! Grabbing a note pad and a quilt I began writing. It's fine, I'm actually really glad that I have someone over. I've been lazing around here lately.

"Can you not speak?" I shook my head softly as Ferramilia got down of Luca's arms and went on to my notebook. Oh no... They'll notice the notebook that Luca gave me! You see, the notebook is one of a kind. Luca made the notebook to never run out of pages and has a unique design. Jolting over to Ferramilia I yanked the notebook out of her hands. Shaking my pointy finger side to side.

"Why does it look so familiar? Luca! Come over here, doesn't this look like Destiny's notebook??" My eyes widen mentally as I held the notebook close to my chest, covering the cover with my small fragile hands.

"May I see the notebook?" Luca questioned as he furrowed his brows noticing the cover. Striding over me he towered like a lighthouse. Shaking my head I pointed to the door mouthing the word out.

Luca, being the stubborn guy he is he stayed still. "I am the king of this land, provided you a home and this is how you treat me?" The corners of his lips tilted up. Giving him a 'you really did that' look I impatiently tapped my foot still pointing at the door. For a couple of minutes we had a stare down but what confused me the most are the little sparks that would happen once in a while.

"Hello? I'm still here you know" Ferramilia grumbled crossing her arms as she whispered nonsense about us ignoring her. This itself put a smile to both Luca and I's face. Rolling his beautiful perfect eyes he chuckled.

"I'll someday get that notebook" "someday..." Whispering to himself as he shook his head. "I'll leave you both you and Ferramilia alone for 2 hours. That is fine with you, right?" He asked. Nodding my head he got out closing the door behind him Ferramilia quickly jolted the notebook out of my hands. My eyes shook as I was slowly detaching myself from my notebook forcefully. Still in awe of what happened Ferramilia look closely at the book.

"Where is Destiny" She whispered as she looked at me straight in the eye. Not answering her I shrug pretending not to know what she was talking about.

"Where. Is. Destiny!!!" Ferramilia yelled shaking the whole building making the people downstairs confused. Oh no, she is going to attract some attention. Closing her mouth just as she was about to scream again I spoke.

"Shh, its me Ferry" The soft melodic of my voice whispers softly as she was in shock.

"but how..?" She backed up. "They said that you died" stuttering as she hit the wall. Wow, they really are...

"Well, I'm not." I shrugged before walking over to her. Grabbing her shoulder I look at her with a hard stare.

"Do not tell this to anyone. Capiche?" I sighed in content as Ferry made a zip on her lips.

"Did you cut your hair? Did you change your color of your eyes?" Ferramilia boomed questions as my feet dragged over to my mirror.

"No in fact, I did not cut my hair and I did not change my eye color. They are just fake." Taking both my contacts and wig off letting my long silky white hair flow down down to my waist. Looking at my dazzling violet eyes through the mirror Ferramilia was stunned. Softly smiling I looked at Ferry who was almost crying. Putting my arms out for her to hug she ran towards me as she plop down on my arms.

"I missed you" She sobbed as she tightened her hold around me. Hugging her back I let her go putting her body back down. Wiping her tears I rested my head against her owns.

"How's life in here?" Looking at her marvelous blue eyes that she shares with her brother, although her brother's is a really dark blue hers was a light fading one.

"Lonely without you." She whispered. "There's been rumors that a girl is going to be the wife of Luca." My eyes widen at this newly found information.

"Tell me more" Backing my head away from her I carried her on the bed making her grumble im not a kid anymore. Chuckling to myself I shook my head.

"Well, her name is Yvette. She's fit and she can cook well" cough cough, two things I am horrible at. "She is good friends with your brother. Both your parents and my parents love her. Lastly, everyone here loves her and thinks she should be queen. However, there are some protest about you being the queen. Which I agree as well." Ferry finished as she looked down. Queen... That was suppose to be my title if I never left. No! I left for their protection. If I never left they would be back to square one. Hell.

"Does Luca love her?" Mumbling to myself which Ferry heard.

"No. Thankfully no." She smiled at the thought. Chuckling to myself I shuffled her hair making her whine.

"You really want me to be queen do you?" I teased. She mumbled some words about her hair being messed up as I laughed at her.

~two hours later~

Fixing up my wig and contacts I looked at Ferry and asked if it looked normal which she gave the thumbs up. Just in time the sound of the door knocking made Ferry jolt out of her seat and opened the door.

"Big brother!!" Ferry giggled as Luca threw her into the air playfully.

"Were you good?" Luca asked at which Ferry nodded.

"Yeah! Petro did my hair, see!?!" She boomed pointing at her hair. Luca chuckled and nodded. Before closing the door he looked at me.

"See you at the Grand Gala"



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