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I stared at the phone in my hand while crying, My sling swinging gently as my heart stopped working. I was numb and in agony. My parents were dead. Liara Shepard, the 26 year old war vet who was injured and discharged right before her worst nightmare. Now all alone and struggling with five kids and her haunted past, she moves to a small town outside California. Worrying still on her family overseas until they retire in five months. Her only family left is her military family, her older sister who is an pilot in the Air Force and her eldest brother as an Army Ranger. she waits for them in a small house next door to her squad's home. Thing is, her family is hiding a dark secret. Her home is the key. With odd objects she finds, she has to go back home and find out the mysteries. But is she willing to uncover the truth, no matter what happens to her or her family's memory? who would've thought that she'd find something good in this town, like a mate? So now she and her family has more than bills and loneliness ahead of them. Maybe, true love and happiness?

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Gone Away

Song is Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood. And If you want the introduction it's on Wattpad.

Dear mom & dad,

I'm sorry for failing you.

I'm sorry for not being your dream daughter.

I know you did your best and I know how much it hurt when you found out what I'm doing to myself.

I'm so sorry for letting you down.

The reason she's in the hospital: southern Iraq, warehouse in the desert 9:55 pm.

A group of soldiers had to push into a warehousing to rescue their Captain who was kidnapped while on patrol by Iranian extremists. While fighting and saving him, a grenade a suicidal soldier threw before being gunned down had landed twenty feet from them, blasting the Captain and Bulldog out of the warehouse walls, right into the enemies line of fire outside.

Bulldog took a sniper bullet to the shoulder but still managed to get to her Captain who had a broken leg while the squad fired back on the enemy. She carried him back to their lz and got out alive.

Liara's pov

I groaned, my eyes fluttering, the pain of my shoulder letting me know I was dead and in Hell, or alive. I lazily opened my eyes to see Coffee inches from my face, his eyes widened so his blue eyes looked like he had been on drugs. Probably.😂.

You okay? He asked. I groaned. Get back idgit! Growled Rider, our Captain, who grabbed Coffee with his massive hand while giving him a Dinozzo head slap. If you haven't seen NCIS or any cop or Supernatural show, your missing out.

I sighed, my throat dry and aching, but I had to say this. I'm definitely in Hell because Coffees here. I whined as everyone but Coffee bursted into laughter.

He pouted at me, his rounded yet firm face, arched eyebrows, full lips and dimples so attractive. His black hair was military shaved with semper fi shaven on his side temple.

I'm not that bad! Balder is! He complained while pointing to Balder, who resembled Johnny Depp so much besides his dark forest green eyes and square jaw.

He grinned at his Best friend from High school. How are you? Asked Rider as I responded, okay sir. I grimaced and all 8 of us laughed.

Rider had a cast on his right leg, his frown telling me something I already knew. You shouldn't have helped me. You messed your shoulder up more because of me. He scowled st my red face, but his eyes held warmth in them.

Sir, it was my pleasure. I said. A doctor now stood at the doorway, her short blonde hair and hazel eyes went against her pale skin, waiting for us to quit talking so she can do her work.

How many times have you saved our asses? I asked. He chuckled. Too damn many. He said. I smiled. I'm just keeping your old self alive so your family isn't lonely. I teased. Old! He complained.

I don't look old! He huffed, his face saying he was 25 when he was actually 30. He had 3 kids and a lovely wife. i wasn't going to have them live without him when I could save him. Even if I couldn't, I'd still try. So I did.

The doctor knocked on the door. Can I come in? She asked as she came to my right bedside to inspect my shoulder. Sure. Snickers, our tall and lanky Matthew Grey Gubler looking nerd told the door. We laughed and the doc blushed.

His steel colored eyes were gorgeous with his dark ebony skin and jet black hair. Anything else to say? Asked Vinegar, the red haired fox in our group, her gaze on Snickers with her hand on Crescent's massive arm.

Crescent was like Dwayne Johnson in size and looked like Jenson Ackles but bigger and with grey eyes and dark red hair. He was the biggest in our group and in strength tied with me proudly enough.

How's your arm feeling? Asked the doctor. I sighed. Honestly, I feel a little sore and my throat is dry. I admitted. She smiled. You boys and girl couldn't give this poor girl some water? She asked them sternly. They looked guilty.

There too busy griping to each other. I said as the doc handed me a cup of water with a straw. Thanks. I told her and sipped the refreshing cold beverage. She smiled. Your welcome. She told me.

And you are supposed to be in your room. she said to Rider. Rider grinned at her. Have I ever done what I was told Nancy? He asked teasingly. She laughed. never. She responded. She sighed and I stiffened up, knowing what she was going to say.

You know that your being awarded the Medal of Honor? She asked. I relaxed and smiled with shock and happiness, the pride in my voice and on my face.

Nope. I said. She looked incredulous at the boys. You didn't tell her! She shouted. I looked at them now more closely. You really knew and didn't say anything? I asked hurt.

We wanted to say something but they can't stop crying. Said Vinegar while looking at Coffee, Balder, and Potato sternly. We laughed. I grinned. Okay I forgive you. I said. They sighed in relief.

The doc smiled sadly now and said, you have to stay for a couple days for observation, rest, and healing. But, I'm sorry to give you this news. You are no longer fit for duty. I was told to tell you your being rewarded for your service but your being medically discharged as we speak.

2 days later

I just woke up from the hospital again just an hour ago, my arm in a sling from a gunshot wound I received in Afghanistan 3 weeks ago. Bastards never cleaned the bullet so I got an infection that rendered me unconscious for 2 weeks. I was in the nearest army hospital, now waiting to be released with a heavy heart.

I knew I was screwed. Stupid Barret 50' cal bullet ruined my chances of staying in the military until the end of my tour. I was planning on making this my last tour along with the rest of us. All for our own personal reasons.

My military family in our squad sat around me, sadness in their eyes. Private William or Potato kept crying. They told me earlier that they thought I would die. I snorted. You honestly think I would've died? I asked them sarcastically as they laughed.

Nah! Snickers said with a big grin on his face, his pearly white teeth flashing with his award winning smile.

A soldier and the same doc came in. Coming FoxTrot Squad? The bus is here to pick you up and take you to base camp. the bus to take you to the airport to go to America is also here for you miss.

The deep British voice came from the male spoke with a great respect for them. The squad were legends and her a hero. The military needed more like them. like her.

I smiled weakly and thanked him. He saluted me and thanked me for my services with a red face before leaving. I hugged my squad. Come back home.

I'll wait there for you after I see my folks in Ohio. I told them while holding back the tears, hating how I was leaving the fight when they needed me the most.

Captain was also going home with me to his family. Funny how he lives one town over from the squad. Vinegar hugged me gently.

The small four bedroom cabin next door is your gift from us Bulldog. She said. I started to cry and hugged all of them tightly.

Vinegar had that cottage made for her since she didn't want to live with the boys anymore. Thanks!! The new Captain is someone new at the camp so I can't meet him.

I watched them go sadly, my eyes watering as I finally decided to sign my papers to leave. I grabbed my stuff and walked out, ready to go home to mom and dad. Mom and dad, I smiled at the thought of seeing them and the kids.

Maybe this time Joshua and Katelynn will come to this coming Thanksgiving. I thought happily as someone at the desk that I just walked by to go outside called for me. I turned towards her.

She stood up with my phone. I felt my pocket and mentally kicked myself for not noticing my phone missing. She smiled. Miss! She said. Are you Lt. Liara Shepard? She asked. I nodded. I am.

I told her. I walked up to her and grabbed my phone after thanking her, the smooth surface except for the few rough edges and scratches from wear, giving me dread for some reason. Have a wonderful day! She declared.

I nodded and left, walking down the street towards the only bus station to leave. The phone rang, Carry On Wayward Son. I answered.

Hello? I said. Is this Liara Rose Shepard? Asked a man. Yes? I said. Who is this? I asked. mam, I'm police officer Johnny Franklin of the Jackson Police station in Ohio. I inhaled sharply.

my parents lived there! I'm sorry to say this but...your parents died. Franklin said sadly. He knew them. They loved all of their kids and talked about them as if they were their world, which they were. Right until the end.

I stared at the phone in my hand while crying, My sling swinging gently as my heart stopped working. I was numb and in agony.

My parents were dead.

The book will be rewritten later. Hope you like it and comment!! See you in the next chapter!!!

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