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What do you do when your hatred for someone changes into something else? Neo and Dmitri are street acquaintances of mutual hate, or are they? Neo is a cute, but fiery girl searching for something to love. She's bitter from being stuck under her Mother's rule, and easily riled up, no one can handle her. Dmitri, his life is far from perfect. Struggling to keep up with the bills from living on his own, while still searching for what he really wants to do with his life, he looks scary, but he isn't, at least, not usually. No one can handle him. These two have been aquainted for awhile, connected by a mutual feelikng of hate, but what if things change, and hate is no longer what they're feeling? I know it sounds cheesy, it is, a little. But who doesn't like a bit of cheesiness in their life? I love these two characters, and I hope you can learn to love them too!

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: Encounters on the Street

It's the ones you hate you have to watch out for. The ones who can get under your skin better than anyone else, you see, there's a thin line between hate and love. You have to keep your guard up, otherwise you might just cross that line.

Dmitri's POV

"Wow, isn't that model super cute?"

"I know! Like, she's so small and those little dimples, and that hair...."

"What are you? In love with her?"

"I just want to see how cute she is in person,"

Dmitri glances up at the poster the random girls are fawning over,

"She's really not that cute y'know," he mumbles to them. The girls freeze, looking up at him with uncertainty, should they run away, or argue with him? He shakes his head and walks away, of course they're afraid, who wouldn't be with a face like his? Neo isn't, but he doesn't want to think about her when he doesn't have to. That girl wasn't afraid of anyone, or anything for that matter, or at least that's what she wanted him to believe. Dmitri was still trying to get under her skin and see what she's actually afraid of. Everyone's scared of something, even Dmitri has his fair share of fears.

Dmitri strode purposefully down the street, ready for another job interview. He'd gotten a little more dressed up for this one, dark blue button up and black jeans, it was the best he could come up with anyways. Hopefully a moving company doesn't care too much about his appearance, as long as he's presentable and strong enough to carry boxes and furniture.

The interview was to take place at a local cafe, something Dmitri was not looking forward to, as he'd likely end up paying for food he will probably order to be polite.

"Well hello there, where are you going all dressed up?" A tiny girl steps out in front of him, stopping Dmitri in his tracks. She rests a hand on the gentle curve of her hip, popping it out slightly. She gives him a sassy smile, shoving her unruly hair off her shoulder.

"I didn't think you took notice to what I wear shrimp," Dmitri smirks, looking down at his least favorite acquaintance. She shrugs,

"I'm an observant person," she quips, ignoring the nickname.

"Keep telling yourself that shrimp," Dmitri grins, "Hope to not see you again, I've gotta go." He sidesteps the short girl and walks away, without looking back. If he's late for this interview it won't make a good impression, Dmitri's wallet can't handle another rejection. At this rate he might even have to stop eating to cover the rent. His stupid roommate doesn't help the situation by destroying things all the time.

"You must be Dmitri," a suited man greets just outside the cafe. They exchange a firm handshake as Dmitri nods,

"Dmitri Bechtel, a pleasure to meet you," Dmitri introduces politely, inwardly grimacing at the needless small talk.

"Ah, none of that," the man flaps his hand with a flippant smile, "I'm not much for formality, lets just go in and have a chat shall we?" Dmitri breathes a small sigh of relief, good, he won't have to worry about that aspect of the interview then.


"Well, this has been a really good meeting Dmitri, I can see some great promise in you,"

"Thank you Mr. Monterose, I apprecitate your willingness to meet me," Dmitri says with a mild grin. Mr. Monterose smiles,

"When can you start training my boy?" He asks, clapping Dmitri on the back. By now they had walked out of the cafe, after an easy conversation, that was light and promising.

"As soon as your ready for me sir," Dmitri says eagerly. He'd really like to get to work as soon as possible.

"Perfect, lets say...Monday, 8 O'clock sharp."

"I'll be there." Dmitri promises, nodding his head. Mr. Monterose smiles triumphantly and steps over to his car, saluting in a carefree goodbye. Dmitri takes a deep breath, that went a lot better than expected, worth it even for the fifteen dollars he spent on lunch.

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