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Chapter 2: Kidnapping???

Neo's POV

"Ugh, what a boring way to spend my birthday," Neo mutters under her breath. Her Mother's head snaps in her direction, piercing Neo with a sharp glare. Oh yes, she knows her mother heard her, it wasn't her idea to spend her eighteenth birthday having small talk with strangers.

"So eighteen now, huh?" One lady clucks. "Any plans on moving out? School? Boyfriends?" She leans forward in a nosy matter. Even her pointy nose reflects her habit of digging for information. Neo had only met the woman fifteen minutes ago and she was talking like she knew Neo better than Neo knew herself.

"Uh..no not really." Neo replies with a shrug.

"Not even a boyfriend?" the lady asks, her perfect eyebrows raising.

"No, I don't really date...." Neo trails off. Wouldn't Dmitri just love to throw that back in her face? Good thing he hasn't figured that piece of information out yet....why is she even thinking about him? His company sucks! Though at this point his company might be preferable to these nosy strangers.

"So Neo, how's your modelling going? You've gotten pretty popular within the city I noticed," an older man asks, probably in his forties. He swirls his fruit punch around in his cup.

"It's uhh...going I guess." Neo answers vaguely, earning a disapproving look from her mother.

"Why don't you tell them about the possible new contract sweetie?" Her mother says sweetly.

"Oh." Neo hesitates, she doesn't even want to think about modelling on her birthday, let alone talk about it. "Well, um...I might be signing with another magazine that spreads across the surrounding counties." Neo shrugs.

"Wow, your really making a career for yourself aren't you?" some nameless face says. Neo shrugs,

"I guess." She says unenthusiastically. "Excuse me for a moment," Neo stands, smoothing her skirt over her legs. She eyes her Mother in a silent invitation to be followed and walks into the entryway and down the hall.

"What?" Her Mother asks irritably.

"Can I go? I stayed for an hour, can I go now?" Neo asks, eyeing the front door, longing to run through it.

"No, this is your birthday party, you can't just leave." Her mother says firmly. Neo groans, this isn't her party, its her Mother's.

"Just tell them I'm going to go have some fun with my friends for my birthday, or make them leave," Neo argues.

"One more hour," her mother bargains.

"Twenty minutes," Neo spits back, she can hardly stand it in there.

"Thirty minutes and then you can go, no curfew." Her mother says, her voice on edge, like this is as far as she is willing to go.

"Fine." Neo grimaces, thirty more minutes with all those nosy strangers who won't stop asking her questions.


Finally, at the thirty minute mark Neo gets to leave. Her Mother gives the excuse that she's going to go party with some friends, which the guest approve of, musing over their teenage days. Neo practically flies up the stairs and to her room. She pulls on her light-washed blue jeans and a dark gray t-shirt, happy to finally be in her comfort zone. Neo grabs her maroon hoodie just in case it gets chilly and runs down the stairs and out the door. Finally, a taste of freedom. Neo has no idea where to go, or what she's going to do, since she really has no friends, and no car. Neo ties her hoodie around her waist and starts walking the lively streets of downtown, looking for something interesting to do. A blue and white truck with the paint peeling and rust on the bumper pulls up to the sidewalk, parking parallel to the street.

"Hey there shrimp! I didn't know you were allowed out so late," Dmitri calls, hopping out of his truck. When Neo said his company would be preferable, she really hadn't meant it. This guy is insufferable. Neo crosses her arms and swiftly changes directions, walking away without a word. Dmitri catches up to her quickly however, and grabs her by the elbows. Neo yelps as he lifts her up, hauling her back to his truck. Dmitri plops her in the passenger seat with a smirk.

"What are you doing?" Neo protests, she attempts to get out, but Dmitri holds her in place buckling her in and slamming the door shut. Neo watches him run around to the driver's side, where he hops in and turns the ignition.

"This is basically kidnapping y'know," Neo mutters with a glare.

"Hmmm...is it though? Because you could have gotten out while I was getting in," Dmitri taps his chin thoughtfully.

"Mitri!" Neo groans, slumping in her seat, "Where are you taking me anyways?"

"Oh I dunno, which do you prefer, icecrean, or cake?" He asks smugly.

"Icecream. Your not trying to be nice are you? Because you're really not good at it." Neo mumbles.

"Icecream it is." Dmitri says, making a sharp left at the next intersection. Neo to grips the door for support.

"You're not planning on paying for it, are you? Because that's beyond bizarre," Neo says, pulling herself up into a better position to see where they are headed.

"It is your birthday afterall," Dmitri shrugs. Neo wrinkles her nose,

"How'd you know it was my birthday anyways, you creep." Neo accuses. Dmitri waves her accusation away with his hand,

"Some random kids were talking about it earlier today and I overheard," he explains. But it still doesn't explain why he decided to treat her to something in the first place. Dmitri was far frolm being a friend, Neo could hardly believe he was even bordering on nice today. Did something good happen for him or something?

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