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Plain Chocolate Icecream

Dmitri's POV

Dmitri didn't know what came over him. One moment he was driving down the road and the next he'd hauled Neo into his truck and pulled away. He'd thought nothing of it when some kids were talking about how today is her eighteenth birthday, why should he care? But then, he saw her walking all by herself down the street. He didn't think twice and just picked her up, a plan forming in his mind. Who spends their birthday all by themselves? Even Dmitri hangs around some "friends" and does something fun for his birthday.

Dmitri pulls into the parking lot of Lotus beach's famous Icecream parlour. It had two sides, one side for swimmers and beach goers to drop by an open counter, and the other side a shiny glass front with nice booths and tables inside.

"This is bizarre," Neo mutters under her breath again. Dmitri chuckles, its weird for him too. Neo unbuckles herself and hops out of the truck, with Dmitri following quickly. He makes sure his wallet is tucked into the back left pocket of his worn out jeans.

"Well? Lets go in then," Dmitri nudges Neo forward. She shoots him a glare and walks into the clear swinging doors. Dmitri grins and strides in behind her, mildy pleased by her fiercenesss. For someone so small and cute, she sure was fiery. Wait...did he just call her cute? Dmitri shudders, gross. Just ahead of him Neo clumsily bumps into some teenage dude with his arm wrapped over the shoulders of a face full of makeup.

"Hey watch it!" The guy says harshly. Neo glares,

"I was about to appologize, chill out dude!" Neo replies. The stupid guy takes a menacing step towards her. Dmitri intervenes, stepping in front of Neo swiftly.

"Back off," Dmitri growls threateningly. The guy glares, but backs down when he sees that Dmitri outsizes him in several ways.

"I coulda handled it," Neo mutters when the couple leaves. Dmitri smirks, patting her head,

"You think so?" He looks her up and down, gesturing to her small size. Neo glares and turns away, walking up to the cashier.

"Double scoop caramel carabou, please." Neo orders.

"Cone or cup?" The worker asks, eyeing Neo carefully. Perhaps trying to see where she recognizes her from?

"Waffle cone," Neo replies. Dmitri joins her, looking over the icecream selections.

"And for you?" The tall girl asks, checking Dmitri out unabashedly. Dmitri rolls his eyes,

"Just chocolate for me, in a small cup." He says coldly. The worker nods, and scoops their icecreams. Dmitri drops the amount due in her expectant hand and steers Neo towards a booth by the front windows. Neo plops down, happily going to town on one of her favorite treats.

"I can't believe you got just plain chocolate," Neo says cynically, eyeing his icecream. Dmitri licks his spoon thoughtfully,

"You have a problem with plain chocolate?" He inquires, one eyebrow raised.

"Plain chocolate icecream, it just isn't up to parr with real chocolate," Neo explains, taking a bite of her waffle cone.

"Weirdo," Dmitri says, not able to come up with a better reply.

"No that's you," Neo replies immediately. She always has to have the last say doesn't she? "You taking me home after this?" Neo asks. Dmitri shrugs,

"Maybe," he says with what he hoped was a cryptic expression. Truth was, he had no idea what he was doing. Buying her icecream was on a whim, so then what?

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