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Girl in Boys Territory

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I was never meant to be here... But i ended up liking it! My roomates arnet all bad... But i would much rather be at the other school. Since ive been accepted at Greenville Academy- for boys- ive enjoyed it. My name is Carter Wilcox, and there would be no problem with me going to Greenville, but there is.... Im a female. So, i room with boys, go to school with boys, essentially just spend all my time with them. Im fine with most, even a little cozy, but some i hate. Then they are my roomates. Theres Ryder the invetor, Lux the emo, Cameron the photographer, and finally Finch and Boston, the twins and also ‘Princes of Greenville Academy.’

Romance / Drama
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Welcome to Greenville

My name is Carter Wilcox. Local cheerleader and party girl. My whole story starts the day i got my acceptance letter. I came home and my parents where waiting. They excitedly shared the news that i had been accepted into a very prestigious academy in the Countryside. They also told me i would be leavign in two days. I started freaking out and dragged my best friend Rose to my room. I had no idea of the problems and many turns that my life would soon take.

August 20th

I was frantically packing my bag while Rose dug through my closet, tossing at me shoes, and shirts, shirts and such as well.

“Oh! These too!” She squealed and tossed my pair of checker Lans at me. I dogded them and they bounced on my bed when they ascended. I turned around and saw her snickering. I gave her an unappreciative glare, then shook my head and turned back around. I tucked a ciuple strands of red hair behind my ear, turning to look out at the darkening sky. I let out a long sigh, turning back to Rose.

“I really hope they have a cheer team i can join. Or this whole seasons practice would go to waste!” I exclaim, falling backwards onto my bed as she sits beside me.

August 22nd

I start to say my goodbyes at the bustop with my several bags, family and friends surronding me. I hug my parents then turn to Rose.

“I’ll see you for Christmas break!” I say as Rose starts to tear up. As the bus arrives, i grab my bags and get, waving to everyone when im seated. The bus eventuslly takes off and drives along many roads for about 6 hours. After a long morning of driving, its finally 1 in the afternoon. I get off the bus and take a breath of the sweet Countey air and look at the campus across the street. My eyes wander and see lots of boys, but no girls.

Hmmm... They must be elsewhere. I think to myself. My eyes continue to wander, and they fall on the sign. My jaw drops to the ground and my eyes just about pop out of my skull.

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