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Taming Secrets

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Humans. Greedy, ruthless and soulless animals. Uncaring and hard of head - funny to think quite the opposite created them. She knew not to trust them, she had no reason to - seeing all they did and are doing, how could she ever trust them? Slowly she watched as her world - her people - became them, sinking into the world of selfishness. She saw it at a young age, fought it at a young age. Now she must fix it at her grown age? Scoff worthy - She wanted to be selfish, she wanted to be greedy, but she couldn’t - she refused to fall into her further more dying world. Werewolves. There is not much to say. They were malicious, contradictory to their humble and giving nature. They were envious, opposing their loving souls. They were full of life, ironically being surrounded by death. Laugh worthy - He wanted to love, he wanted life. He knew he couldn’t have it for he’d lose it. Just like many, he too watched as his world crippled and died, falling pray to the many secrets behind closed doors. These two souls craved what they never knew. Craved for a feeling never felt or once lost. Their paths were never meant to cross, or were they? Their purposes were never meant to match, or were they? Together will they be able to uncover the hidden truths. Will they be able to save their worlds? Join Yira and Kairon’s story fixing all that’s broken, including hearts...

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Authors Notice

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Taming Secrets, hope you enjoy the book. However, before you begin, there is a few things I would like for you to know.

1.) This book was written when I was 15, there maybe plot holes I’m trying to fix and mend...

2.) It is unedited, I’m rereading the chapters as I write. I edit spelling, grammar and mix up errors as I go. Please forgive my mistakes. Writing is not easy...

3.) Every place, name and city mentioned may be based off of an existing one or totally made up. It is a fictional book...

4.) I will not be posting Authors notes between the chapters. I find that personally annoying when a book I read has authors notes in the middle of the book. So if you want to know anything, either leave a review or ask me questions on my wall. I’ll try get back to you as soon and as best as I can...

5.) Feel free to point out my mistakes, and leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. No hate comments please - though I respect opinions, mean ones will not be accepted...

6.) I do not have an update plan...

But all in all, please enjoy the book. And last but not least, my name is Motheo (silent ‘h’)

Have fun.

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