Cerberus Mistake

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When WWII marches it’s way sucking America in. Bianca de la Cruz is left to still expose the enemy that hides away in the city making everyone a fool. She sits quietly in the corner of her room as she awaits for the man who can either make or break her. But she doesn't care, she juts her chin out and keeps herself level headed. She understands that he is a man who will have whatever he wants and will take it. However, he was never prepared for a woman such as herself who was determined to find the truth of her brothers killer. The door creaks and in comes a tall silhouette that stands in the room they hold her in. She can smell his intoxicating scent that makes her want to do all sorts of naughty things yet she keeps herself still as she stares back at Cerberus. "What do you have to say for yourself Bianca?" without a second thought, she spits her discontent which seems to make him smirk with the devilish charm. "I know you killed my brother Cerberus and I will expose you for your crimes against this city. Just you watch me!" she exclaims as she turns her head away from the man who stares her down with an evil glint to his eyes. "You can't speak if you're alive," without realizing he moved across the room towards her. He grabs her neck almost choking her with his deadly grip yet she remains to defy him by not struggling.

Romance / Thriller
Dalila Alvizo
Age Rating:


1942 was the harshest time of the 20th century, World War II broke out against nations. This time with a bigger threat. Germany becoming a fascist party with Adolf Hitler as their supreme leader. This was a time where America turned their focus onto a real monster. Hitler’s way of government is a fascist way of living and it is wiping out the of existence Jews, the gypsies, the homosexuals, different colors of people, and any religion that isn’t there’s to make his perfect Aryan race. Numbers running high as America joins in on the action, since the bombing on Pearl Harbor in 1941, to end his reign of terror. Only at what cost do we make by sending our husbands, our fathers, our brothers to war that will only shed blood from both sides-



“Yes, sir?” They thrive giving her hell when she is doing her job.

“Meeting at 5 minutes.”As if she didn’t know it was in five minutes because all employees received notice a day before that there was an important meeting at 1:15 pm to discuss new recruits and new stories.

“Yes sir.”

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, she thought. They speak to her as if she can’t tell time or better yet, has no comprehension of what goes on around her.

She does love her job, but when she is the only woman whose skin darker in comparison to her Caucasian colleges, they stare at her with distaste and at times fear. Fear that a woman such as herself is smarter than the whole staff . Carrying their words at the tip of their tongues; she knows what they want to say to her. She knows they want to get rid of her because they are threaten by her presence.

Yet, they cannot because her dear ole man owns the business.

She leaves from her cubicle carrying a notepad and pen in hand, her heels click the floors as she walks by many other men who dare to turn heads secretly thinking she won’t notice.

She knows she makes them turn to stare down at her ass, she even adds a little sashay to make it a point they will never get to taste. Entering the conference room, she sits down between two of her coworkers all the way in the back of the room, Jamal and Sherry.

“Do any of you have an idea of why we’re here?” Despite the routine check-up for finding stories. They mentioned something was going to happen but she wasn’t completely sure what about, often times they hide things from her so she could only write the fluff stories that no one wants to do.

“Not a clue, but my money is on someone getting their chops busted,” Jamal mentions as his eyes gape over to another co-worker of theirs, the male kind.

“Careful Jay, you don’t want to get caught.” He rolls his eyes at Bianca as he scooches over squishing her in the middle of them.

“Awe lighten up B, I think it’s so romantic, forbidden love between two lovers, hiding their affair from society or else they’ll both be castrated,” Sherry comments as she looks up all starry eye despite the fact they know this romance is not going to end well.

“Sher, you’re an idiot if you think lover boy over there will ever come out of the closet to his parents, he’s the senator’s’ son, even he’s not that stupid to take such any risks. No offense J.“Bianca lays her hand on Jamal’s in a comforting motion but all it does is create more inner turmoil Jamal has felt since he’s been with his lover. He cast his eyes to the ground, his mood changed because of Bianca’s indifference of not trying to understand his point.

No offense to him, as a dear friend, she thought, but as a man who is only open so far between his parents and close friends. It’s only wishful thinking to assume any future with a man who has a reputation to uphold is what she knows to be true, especially a white man while Jamal was a black man who was only able to write in her father’s business due to him being friends with her but he didn’t need to know that.

“You know, you ain’t worth two cents, I still can’t figure out how you even made it to journalism.” That is an easy answer, she thought. She had a father who knocked up the help against a bitter wife to only want to leave the babe behind but instead provided the best education money can buy for a little girl who had her daddy’s big green eyes.

“You guys, no quarrels today, the boss is here so sh,” they all look up to their boss as Mr. Wallis enters the room expecting everyone’s silence. He stares at Sherry to immediately take notes the moment he speaks, among other suggestions through his eyes.

Naughty Sherry, Bianca thought.

“Seems you’re still screwing the boss.” Bianca whispers in Sheryl’s ears which causes her soft cheeks to blush a rosy red.

“Wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ zài shuō shénme.” Sherry says as she tries to look down on her notepad so she didn’t get caught again.

"Nǐ kěyǐ qīpiàn wǒ, dàn nǐ bùnéng piàn zìjǐ." Bianca answers back in Sherry's native language. Everyone here has a secret, everyone is screwing someone in the office and everyone is screwing a politicians child. Bianca, on the other hand, she had the hots for no one. Yet she still find ways in making connections for information.

“I’ve received news that we’ve been given permission to send a few of our people down in Germany on one of the campsites to interview the brave men protecting our country.”

This information causes Bianca’s ears to perk. Intent on listening in on the news that could possibly be a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity of the hidden dangers coming into daylight.

Journalists will be having the time of their life to finally make a big name for themselves and Bianca will be damned if she does not take it. It also means she’ll be going after the big guys in their city before she tackles a dictator.

Mobsters were seen in daylight, no one stood up to them. No one dared spilled any information to lock them up. However, Bianca knew she was going to change it and shake everyone’s world.

They think they’re gods of this world, they’ll soon find out they ain’t nothing but flesh and blood like the rest of humanity, she thinks to herself. Secrets will be spilled, and Bianca will be the first South American woman to make sure they’re behind bars.

Well, she’ll be damned if she didn’t seize it.

“Now I believe all of you are amazing writers who seek nothing but the word from the bird and that’s what we do. We find nothing but the truth so with great privilege I’d like to make you fellas, ladies, Jamal, Sheryl, and Bianca...” the room began to chuckle at the snide comment. Only three people with different cultural backgrounds.

A black man, an Asian woman, and a Latina woman. Bianca being born to a white father was the dirty secret the man wanted to keep in the closet. It was a joke of the century, something of mixed children being taboo. They chuckle, laugh, and spit when her father isn’t here.

Yet everyone becomes her friend the moment he steps foot into the building.

“Show me what you all got, you’ve got to show me that you can take the heat. Find me stories that will make the country be in awe, inspired and goddamned wowed by the stories America has to offer...” he pauses as one of his secretaries comes to his side whispering in his ears.

Barely any women have real jobs, the most they’re given is a secretary job or in the beauty department of a mall. Bianca was damn lucky to have her father’s blood running through her veins. Her bosses face bunch up as he then turns his attention to Bianca’s direction.

“Bianca De La Cruz.” Her mother was never permitted to give Bianca her father’s surname. The wife only accepted the bastard child because she had a wicked agenda of her own. The woman despised him deeply so any jab to his ego was worthwhile for his wife, Evelyn.

At least someone gave a damn for a while, it even boiled his blood knowing Bianca was better than his son academically and in business.

Poor daddy, he never liked it when I one up my big brother, she thought. She stares at her boss waiting for his next words.

“Follow Ms. Sally, a couple of men want to speak with you.” Everyone then turns to stare out the window as a couple of John Laws show up to their headquarters. Some of the eyes give her a dirty look with prejudice in the deep depths of their irises. They want Bianca to fail in any way, shape, or form just so she can be fired from the building for good but alas, her daddy always made sure none of her hiccups got out to the public.

This is not the first time a policeman has shown up to her job about her peculiar work ethics when investigating for a topic. She follow his secretary out of the conference room meeting with the officers.

The feeling in the atmosphere felt off.

This didn’t feel like the usual routine of someone calling the cops on Bianca for snooping around for an exposé. They greet her with pity eyes, she knows those eyes.

Those eyes were familiar.

She’s seen them several times.

Too many to count.

“What can I do you for gentlemen?”

“Maybe we should take this elsewhere, more privately.” They’re worried she’ll create a scene.

They shouldn’t, daddy always said to never cry, she thought. I learned my lesson the hard way the first time I let a tear drop.

“Officers, Just tell me what happened, I’m a big girl, I think I can handle it," she smiles sweetly knowing men will crumble to her sinner smile. It did not matter who was standing in front of her. Every man and even women have melted at the sight of her smile and pretty green eyes with skin of such tan complexities.

She was a rare beauty that stood before them.

“Ma’am we are so sorry to inform you, Michael is dead."

Oh fuck, she thought.

Stale chlorine wafted through her nose as she enters the coroner’s office, the sound of heels clicking the tile floor as Bianca follows behind the older gentleman in front of her.

They stop near a name, not just any name. Her dear brothers’ name, Michael James McDaniel, the last known sibling of hers gone forever. The coroner opens the slider revealing a plastic sheet over the body, he then looks at her. Skeptical that she won’t overreact because she is a woman.

“Are you sure you want to see his body ma’am?” He asks, his fingertips barely holding the white sheet, he thinks Bianca will look away.

“I want to see him." She inhales deeply as she smells the skin of rubber in the air. Not moving, no tears, nor hysterical outbursts. The sheet is lifted and there lies her older brother.

Idiot...” The coroner stares up with eyes in skepticism, the siblings look nothing alike, except for the eyes.

“You two don’t look anything alike.” He comments which almost makes Bianca roll her eyes and laugh at his comment if she wasn't so concerned on how the family will react to this news.

“We had different mothers,” She mentions as they did have different mothers but they had the same bastardize father.

“Makes sense...” his eyes then turn from skepticism to a judgmental prick. No one can get past the color of her skin.

He was white and she was brown.

Both of them looking complete opposites from day and night. Her mother was her fathers’ maid; cleaning, cooking and raising Michael when he was just a tot. Michael has even mentioned once that he preferred her mother over his real one. The man couldn’t resist her mother, that much she knew. Bianca's mother came from Sinaloa to the America’s for a better life.

Her mother wanted a better life for herself but next thing everyone knew, Bianca came along. And poor little Michael had a sister who looked nothing like him, except for their eyes.

“How did he die?” They called her an hour ago during an important meeting. She dropped everything as soon as she heard his name.

They would have called her father yet he was unreachable at the moment... like always.

“Report says he died of a heart attack.” Bianca snorted lowly knowing that was a goddamn lie.

She took out an envelope filled with cash knowing how this little shindig works. You want the coroner to talk, you gotta give them a little persuasion, she thought.

He opens the envelope inspecting how much it’s in there to reveal the truth to her ears. Whatever it is, she already knew she wouldn’t like it. However, she knows this would be her next big story.

Might as well use his death for good, not that my brother was anything but good, she thought.

“Toxicology claim he may have had taken substance unknowingly.”

That certainly piqued her interest. Her brother was many things; a liar, cheat, a rascal of society but he was no druggie.


“Phenol,” now she was the one staring at him skeptically.

“Not possible, only the Nazis use phenol in their unknown experiments.” It’s 1942, most people would get lucky if they used Clorox to murder someone in their sleep. It was impossible to get access to such drugs.

So who the hell had access to Phenol, she thought to herself.

“Rumor has it someone’s got it, they’re selling it for a hefty price.”



“To the big bosses all the way to New York to Miami.”

Double fuck.

“A new drug trade?” As sad as this sounds, this story is going to be the next big hit. And Bianca knew she had to seize this opportunity.

“Seems they’re cooking up a new brew, they’ve somehow tweaked it, added an extra dose to the dope.”

Phenol doesn’t get any extra dose.

Phenol is used by the Nazis to murder patients in medical experiments. It works within seconds to cause unconsciousness and kills within 2-3 minutes at most.

“Thanks for the tip coroner.” She walks away from her older brother who rots away in a metal cabinet. She wasn’t picking up his body, she knew her father can do it if he really wanted his precious son.

She had a story to catch and she wanted to rub it in her father’s to show she will always be better than his son.

Well, was better than his son.


“Wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ zài shuō shénme.” - “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Nǐ kěyǐ qīpiàn wǒ, dàn nǐ bùnéng piàn zìjǐ.” - “You can lie to me but you cannot lie to yourself.”

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