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Ambrose stared at Bell. She had such an impeccable form. She was balancing herself on her toe with one leg up in the air. He, of course, wasn’t aware of many names. Her arms were fluidly dangling behind.

“This is an Arabesque,” Bell explained to all the little girls. They had awe shining on their faces.

It was all an engaging scenario. The young girls were in their bright tutus. There was one as young as two, she was so confused but nevertheless clapped enthusiastically. She wore her diaper under the tutu and was continually giving shy giggles to Ambrose.

“But of course, that is very advanced, and today we will start with basics. There are five feet positions that we must work upon, it is very essential. They may not look as fancy but important, nonetheless.”

All the girls stood up except for the little two-year-old. She started to suck her little thumb, looking around.

“Lotte,” Bell said, “get up, sweet girl.”

Charlotte didn’t get up. She just sat there.

“Ambrose, Lotte is not getting up,” Bell whispered.

“Let me take care of her.” Ambrose got up and picked the little girl in his arms. Charlotte giggled sweetly. “You just wanted to be in my arms, didn’t you?”

Charlotte nodded wildly, her honey-blonde curls bouncing. Ambrose placed a kiss on her head, relishing the baby scent. Charlotte’s older sister, Elizabeth, who was four too was taking the Ballet classes, and their mother had decided to drop both of them. Little Charlotte was very mischievous, and Ambrose was enamoured by how cute the child was.

The two sat on the couch and stared at Bell. Charlotte was absolutely quiet and content sitting in his arms and being a spectator. The different foot forms were taught to girls. Ambrose was happy with this proposal; he could keep Bell closer and really protect her. The beautiful smile on her face was a reward.

Ambrose was falling soon and falling hard. He couldn’t believe the fairy tale that his life had become. Everything was going just the way he wanted, soon Lex would be out of the picture, and she would be entirely his.

It is an hour later when the associates or their wives start to pour in. Ambrose reluctantly passes Charlotte to her mother.

“Capo, I am so sorry, Charlotte is a very naughty girl. I don’t know where she got it from, her father and I are …”

“No worries, I like naughty children, they make the world livelier.”

“Oh, Capo. You are too kind. If there is anything that I can do,”

“Keep sending Charlotte, we love her adorable company,”

Ambrose turned to Bell and took her hand in his, the mothers quickly dispersed.

“That was just a beautiful session,” Bell sighed, “I am not very good with kids.”

“I could see that; you behave like their friend instead of an instructor.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, friends are the best teachers. You treated them like your equals which was what we needed. Kids are aversive to authority, they like to rebel, but that wasn’t the case,”

“I was actually afraid of falling prey to a coup. Children are the hardest, it is difficult to impress them, and I have not one maternal bone in me,” Bell complained.

“This was your first time ever taking a class, Bell. And you did so well! Stop beating yourself up about it!”

“I just want everything to be perfect,” Bell whispered.

Ambrose cupped her cheeks and kissed her nose. Bell blushed. He stared right into her cat-like eyes. Her gorgeous baby blues.

“You are perfect,” Ambrose whispered, “you are perfection. Everything about you is so beautiful. Your movements, your voice, your beautiful body and your chattering. I love it all.”

“You say the sweetest words, Ambrose. Were you a poet in your previous life?” Bell giggled.

“Poet to my Queen Bell Summers,” Ambrose teased.

Bell gently smacked him on the shoulder. God! She was so delicate and cute.

“Thank you for making it happen, I am so happy,” Bell said.

“Anything for you, kitten,” Ambrose said, “I would bring the heavens and hells together if you wanted.”

“So cheesy, should we go home? I am starving!” Bell complained.

“Actually, I have made a reservation at this very up and coming restaurant. Word has it that there is a waiting list of six-months. We are lucky to have got a place,”


“Yes, it is a nice Japanese place, I am sure you will enjoy it.”

“I will! Oh, I love Sushi!”

“There is more to Japanese food than Sushi,”


Bell giggled and licked the ice-cream on Ambrose’s nose. The two had shared an exclusive and intimate dinner and almost emptied a bottle of wine. Bell never knew she was much of drinker but the evening was chilly, and the mood was high, it was the perfect moment to appreciate good wine. Ambrose too had a skip in his body, his mind was slightly fuzzy, was it really bottle, it seemed like three to him.

Ambrose had then dragged her to an upscale ice-cream parlour. They purchased a beautiful tub and shared it amongst each other. Bell was getting out of hand with all that liquor in her small body. She was continually putting ice-cream on his face and licking it.

“Bell, sweet Kitten, can you calm down,” Ambrose tried to sit her down. He was massively turned on by her.

“No,” Bell pouted.

“C’ mon, Bell. Look, everyone is looking at us.”

There were a few people sitting in the ice-cream parlour. They were constantly staring at Bell, she was wearing a cute strapless dress in satin and Ambrose was doing everything in his power to not bash their heads against the walls.

Ambrose couldn’t be violent in front of Bell, she hated that, and he had promised to be a gentleman. Bell was always putting him in a tight spot. Frankly, in his drunken stupor he didn’t think he could throw any powerful punches.

“I don’t care,” Bell announced, “I am just eating my ice-cream!”

“Yes, sweet girl. But we can eat ice-cream in our car. What do you think about that?” Ambrose slurred.

“No, I want to roam around! I am always sitting at home.”

And with that, Bell got up and walked out of the parlour. Ambrose immediately followed her. He couldn’t afford to risk her safety, his Bell was everything to him. He gently picked her up in his arms and stared down at her.

“Bell, my kitten, you are so mischievous,”

Bell giggled.

“And your giggles are the most precious things ever!”

They sat in the car and Ambrose placed Bell on his lap. She smashed her lips against his. Ambrose groaned, the surprise subsided, and he pushed his tongue inside. She tasted of strawberry ice-cream. Her lips were soft and plush, Ambrose had never experienced a kiss like this before, and he had been with many women. Bell was sweet and addictive. Her scent was like spring flowers in full bloom. The way her tiny hands gripped his thick curls had him swooning. He wished the time would stop here. This moment was precious, incomparable.

Ambrose had thought of this moment many times before. To just smash his lips against hers and ravage her till the next morning.

It was finally happening.

“Oh, Ambrose,” Bell moaned and looked into his dark eyes.

Ambrose groaned, her pretty blue eyes were glimmering with adoration and love.

“Baby, I have wanted this for so long,” Ambrose crooned.

Their tongues fought for dominance before Ambrose won. There was just so much of energy and vigour in him. He wanted to please his beautiful Bell. She was all his. Lex was out, after tonight she wouldn’t even remember his name. They would be together forever.

“Drive,” Ambrose says to the driver.

The ride from the parlour to the mansion was full of tension. Ambrose’s hands were trembling, he wanted that cute little dress off his sweet ballerina. He wanted her naked, just for him. They would be one tonight. And he would be present, he would try to remember each and every moment of tonight. Despite his drunken stupor he would try to be aware.

“God, my kitten, you will be mine,” Ambrose groaned in her ear.

“Yes, Ambrose,” his sweet Ballerina sings in his ears.

“I have been waiting for this. I have been waiting to bury myself in you. Do you know how much I love you, I cannot fathom the depth, my Ballerina, my sweet kitten. You are like a beautiful flower, in my garden full of thorns. You are forbidden but look at me. I am such a devil; I want you for myself.”

“I love you too, Ambrose. I wanted you the moment I laid my eyes on you. Please, just take me,” Bell begged.

Ambrose didn’t like her begging. She was his princess, she should be commanding and not begging. Being the princess of the world’s most dangerous man, the thought alone brought a shiver to his body.

He couldn’t wait to reach home and ravish Bell. God knew he lost all his sensibilities when it came to Bell. He was irrevocably in love with her. There couldn’t be anyone else for him. Bell was the ray of sunshine in his lonely and hopeless life. He pulled her to him, smashing his hungry lips against Bell’s.

Could he ever get enough?

“Bell, you are my ambrosia. Baby, I love you so much,”

They reached the mansion. Ambrose wrapped Bell’s legs around his body, never breaking the kiss. He rushed inside the mansion. He couldn’t wait to be in her. At this moment, Ambrose didn’t think of anything else, not the associates who watched them with raised eyebrows. Not the consequences of the next day.

This was the first time Bell would be coming to his room. The room was clean and clinical with very minimal décor. Ambrose didn’t like complications in his life, which was why he was very early to realise his love for Bell.

Why twist your emotions and waste time when you could enjoy them?

Ambrose loved Bell. Period.

Ambrose laid Bell out on the bed. She giggled sweetly and pulled Ambrose on the bed. He was putty in her hands. Bell helped him out of his jacket and started to pepper kisses down his neck and then chest. Ambrose groaned and met Bell’s lips again.

Ambrose slowly started to pull the dress off her, He stared at her creamy skin, so soft and luscious. Her breasts were clad in a peachy little bra.

“Bell,” Ambrose crooned.

Ambrose gently brought his hands to the bra buckle and in one smooth movement and opened it. The bra fell, and Ambrose pulled Bell under him, he kissed the valley between her breast. His hands closed around her breast.

Bell moaned.

Ambrose didn’t stop kissing but did bring his hands to his pants and unbuttoned them.

It was all happening so fast, Ambrose couldn’t believe his luck. Soon, she will be completely his. And he, hers. They would live their lives in each other’s arms. He could imagine a future where he was painting, and she was teaching ballet.

So idyllic and beautiful.

Ambrose positioned herself at Bell’s opening and stared at her with so much love, promising her a forever. Bell bit her lips in anticipation, Ambrose gently moved inside. He didn’t want to shock Bell with his size, it was her first time, and he wanted to be very sensitive to her fears and apprehensions.

“Baby, it is going to sting a little,” Ambrose said, moving further inside.

Half an hour later, Ambrose flopped beside her, he immediately wrapped his arms around Bell who was already fast asleep. He let a smile come on his face, they were finally each others’. He loved her so much, and she was too. Could this be the happiest night of his life?

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