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The first rays of sunshine hit Ambrose’s naked body. There was a dull headache, but he still woke up fresh and with a big smile on his face. He didn’t have to be sober the night before to have remembered how it progressed. He had the memory etched to his brain; her beautiful moans still echoed in his ears.

Wasn’t Ambrose Vasilakis the happiest man on this planet!

How he wanted to rewind back to last night and repeat it again and again.

Ambrose turned to the other side, ready to wrap his arm around Bell when all he found was crumpled sheets and absolutely no sign of Bell. He frowned and sat upon his bed, where was Bell? Maybe in the bathroom? He got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Knocking once.

“Bell,” Ambrose asked, “Bell, my kitten, are you inside?”

There was no response. Ambrose knocked again.


When she didn’t respond, Ambrose pushed the door open and walked inside. The bathroom was clean and pristine with no one. Even the toilet area was empty. Ambrose walked out and quickly put on his pyjamas and silk robe. He ran his hand through his hair and left the bedroom and marched towards Bell’s room. There was a lot of confusion in his mind.

Why wasn’t Bell beside him?

When did she leave him? He remembered being wrapped around her.

Ambrose just hoped she hadn’t taken a bath, he wanted to shower with her. Or would that be too soon? His associates nodded at him, some evengreeted including Charlotte’s father. He was a stern guy, and so was his wife. What made Charlotte so naughty?

Ambrose was just happy that he would get to see the little girl again.

He reached Bell’s wing and knocked on her door before just walking in. He had to make Bell move to his room, things were official now.

“Bell...” Ambrose called her before stopping mid-sentence.

Bell was standing but the window, looking outside at the vast estate. The room was absolutely quiet. It was almost uncomfortable. Ambrose rolled his shoulder and walked closer

to her. He placed a hand on her shoulder, Bell jerked and turned around.

Ambrose’s eyes widened.

Bell had obviously bathed without him; she was wearing a loose sweater and pants. Her hair was wet, and her face pink with big tears streaming down. Her lips were wobbling and eyes red. She looked like a mess and very ill.

Ambrose kneeled down in front of her.

“Bell, what’s wrong?” Ambrose whispered. He somehow had a vague idea of where this would go, but it still didn’t prepare him for the truth.

“A-Ambrose...” Bell hiccupped, “last night... it was a... I can’t imagine,”

“Bell, what are you saying?”

“I am s-saying that I c-cheated on my L-Lex,” Bell cried.

Ambrose’s heart sank.

My Lex.

“Bell, it was never meant to be. You cannot beat yourself up about it,”

“No!” Bell screamed, “I am a cheater. I am a horrible girl. I don’t deserve him. What did I do?”

“Bell, please....”

“And how could you? You always knew...”

“Knew what?”

“No, I am sorry. This is isn’t your fault. It is all mine; we were both drunk, but I was the one who was in a relationship. I should have been

aware of it, or maybe I was, and I didn’t think it was as important as a good fuck.”

Ambrose flinched. No, Bell shouldn’t be using that word. They might have been drunk, but their intimacy wasn’t a ‘fuck’. It wasn’t crude like thatword; it was pure and beautiful.

“What happened between us last night was an act of love, and I am not a romantic sap here. I am speaking the truth; I am describing our actions in terms they deserve. A good fuck

would’ve been your head buried in a pillow and me ploughing into you without any regard to your feelings,” Ambrose explained her.

“I am only in love with Lex. He was the only man for me, I was supposed to spend my first time with him. Why didn’t you understand that, Ambrose?”

“Because your engagement is a sham. It is based on lies and deceptions,”

“How dare you?”

“Oh yeah? Why didn’t you tell him about your sister’s condition? Why didn’t you ask him for the money? Why did you have to sell yourself through a Madame? Where was Lex? And why haven’t you had sex when the two of you have been together for two years? Also, I have seen you talking to him only once. Why don’t you talk to him? Why doesn’t he call you? And why the fuck is he okay with you being a naked muse for an artist?” Ambrose roared, “you are in

love with the idea of a perfect relationship. This Lex guy must fit into your definition of a perfect man: clean, soft, independent and not at alldangerous. You don’t love him. You love him as an example of the things that you love.”

Bell gulped but didn’t stop staring into his eyes.

“Or maybe you aren’t even in love. Because I remember what happened last night. You love me. You hate to love me, but you do. I am an anti-

hero. I am a villain. I am everything you never wanted, but the more you resist something, the more you get it. And now you are in love with a criminal who can make your toes curl,” Ambrose whispered and leaned into her.

Bell looked shocked, but her eyes narrowed with resolution.

“I may love you, but I am committed to my relationship with Lex. When I meet him, I am going to tell him the truth. If he wants to be with me, then

he can, but I am not going to keep this from him,”

Ambrose narrowed his eyes at her. A raging monster had woken up in him, old passions and flames that had cooled down roared in him. It was like he was the old Ambrose again. He took what he liked. There was no other way.

“And I bet your Lex will forgive and forget because he is a little bitch, is he not?” Ambrose spat.

Bell slapped him, but Ambrose didn’t even flinch. Bell could kill him, and he wouldn’t blink an eye. She had that right on him. And not even his parents or Alexander had that right. Bell was essential to his existence, every cell in his body was committed to him.

“I regret everything about last night. I regret everything about this deal. I wish I would’ve never accepted it! But I am disadvantaged, I need the money and not for myself. I can be

homeless and hungry, but I want the best for my sister. And she is why I am here. We just have twenty-one days more, and from now on, I want nothing but a professional relationship.”


“Come to me only for the painting, nothing else. I want this to get over as soon as possible and get out of this place and on with my life,” Bell cried, “I don’t want to be here!”

“Why are you saying this?”

“I am sorry you are not at fault. Please, do not take it on yourself, it is all me and my decisions.”

“Don’t ask for forgiveness, Bell,”

“Please leave, Ambrose.” Bell wiped her tears away, but they continued to pour down her cheeks. “I want to be alone for a few moments and if you really respect me, then keep it professional.”

Ambrose sighed.

“I don’t understand why you have to complicate everything. We love each

other. It is as simple as that. Nothing else should matter.”

“I am not selfish like you, Ambrose. I may not be in love with Lex, but I love him nonetheless. Our relationship might miss the passion, but we will be great friends, still. There will be people getting affected, and I don’t want that to happen.”

“I really don’t...”

“I don’t want to listen to you. Please leave me alone!”

Ambrose nodded and walked out of the room. He was angry, every pore in his body was thrumming with rage and fury. Ambrose wished with all his might for Lex to be out of their lives. He had never wanted someone as much as Bell. She was his drug. Ambrose was also sure that they were soul mates, but apparently his Ballerina wasn’t going to accept that.

Ambrose stepped into his office; Victor was at his desk on the phone.

Ambrose had to be empathetic. He had to try understanding what Spring was going through. It was crucial, even for the long run it was important for Ambrose to be an understanding partner. He was sure she would be his.

Ambrose believed in destiny and Bell was his destination.

“Wait for a second, Malcolm. Yes, Ambrose has just entered the office. I am putting the phone on speaker, please do tell everything. We have

been anxiously waiting for your call,” Victor said.

“What is it?” Ambrose asked distractedly.

“It is Malcolm, he is here with his observations.”

“Put him on speaker,” Ambrose mumbled, not in the mood to work.

Victor put the cordless on the cradle and pressed the speaker button.

“Hello?” Malcolm trailed. His voice reverberated across the room.

“Yes, Malcolm, we can hear you clearly.”

“Good morning, Don,” Malcolm said. “How are you?”

“I am doing well; I am at my residence at the moment.”

“That is good, what do you have for us?”

“Well, I have been scouring the Valentine organisation for quite some time now. And there is a lot that has happened since the shootout at the warehouse.”

“You said they caught hold of someone at the shootout, have they interrogated this man?”

“He is not cracking, not even telling his name but there is something even more important that I have to inform you of,”

“I am listening.”
“Maximus Wagner is dead.”

Ambrose’s head snapped in Victor’s direction. Suddenly, every other thought in his mind ceased to exist.

“Come again,” Victor asked.

“Maximus Wagner is dead. His severed head arrived at your parents’ anniversary,” Malcolm repeated.

“Shit,” Ambrose hissed, “the man was at my place almost a week ago. Fuck, I cannot believe Uncle Maximus is dead. Shit.”

“They know he visited you, everyone, here. The word got out.”

“What do you mean?” Ambrose asked, sharing a confused look with Victor.

“Derek Alfonsi said that one of his associates was always in Seattle, observing every move of yours,”

“Derek Alfonsi? That dreamy little shit?” Victor snapped. Ambrose agreed with his cousin.

“I wouldn’t underestimate him,”

“I cannot believe that I am being watched. When I left, I was promised by each of the family, they would mind their own business. I was promised that.” Ambrose pinched his nose. “It was foolish of me to even

think that they would keep their promise.”

“There is more,” Malcolm said. “Do tell, Malcolm.”

“A not was received along with the head, and that’s what alarmed me and everyone here the most.”

“Don’t riddle, Malcolm!”

“A note was received along with Maximus Wagner’s head. It said ‘Dear parents, this is just the beginning.’”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ambrose whispered.

“Everyone here thinks that it is you. Due to the note.”

“That is bullshit, why would I kill my uncle?”

“Some are speculating that you want to get back into the city, some are saying that you were the one who got the shootout done at the Valentine warehouse. It is a mess, I may not be wrong to say, but there may be eyes

on you, Don. Be careful that is all I can say.”

“Shit,” Ambrose snarled.

“I am going to leave now, but I will try calling again in a few days if there are any developments.”

“Take care, Malcolm,” Victor said and hung up.

“Something is going on, Victor. And I need to get on it. My family is in danger.”

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