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There were few things in the world I loved. I could count them on my one hand. The first was my beautiful Bell, the second my little brother, the third was my parents and finally the portrait I painted of my beloved. One may ask why the painting? And up until two months ago it wouldn’t have meant anything to me. Just me indulging in a hobby, perhaps. But it had become very special to me. The

moments I shared with her during the many nights had made the painting almost as important as Bell.I couldn’t part with it. It was a talisman of our love, a totem of sorts.

As much as I loved these four, they were also my greatest weakness. The mere thought of their death sent me over the edge. Seeing Alex on the deathbed a few weeks ago was a wake-up call. My family needed my help, Tsar was using them to bait me. And I was getting baited.

I looked at the painting in front of me. My beautiful Bell, with her glorious curls in disarray as she stared at the moon. Her beautiful eyes glimmering with innocence, mischief and love. My wholesome girl. The dark night made her look all the more glorious. The white sheet barely covering her pert bum, her nudity only made the painting more beautiful. I could never let anyone else see this portrait. One look at it and a man would fall head over heel

for my girl. The raw seduction and uninhibited sensuality, the painting was sex on an easel.

I heard the faint clicking of heels and a smile appeared on my face. Bell was magical. She had turned me into a romantic sap. I just couldn’t getenough of her. I turned towards the door of my bedroom’s balcony. I was wearing a shirt with the top few buttons open. My hair was still wet, making the shirt slightly damp.

But Bell was all delicate and proper. She looked beautiful in the short red velvet dress she wore and the sheer wrap around her shoulder. Her kitten heels were black, and she looked like a little cupcake. But it was her lips, painted the richest red. My girl looked so edgy today.

“You have taken my breath away,” I admit.

Bell giggles and comes close to me. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her on my lap. She is a perfect fit,

this is her throne from where she rules my heart. I lead her lips to mine and place a long and passionate kiss. Her fingers are playing with my hair, and my lips are trailing kisses on her milky skin. What did I do to deserve this girl? I am so lucky. I close my eyes.

“Promise to return back to me in one piece after this entire fiasco is over,”

My kisses stop. Will I be returning to her at all? Tsar was out there,

planning for so many years. He was prepared, he had a plan. I had nothing. I was losing this battle already. My arms tightened around Bell. I couldn’t be weak. What would happen to Bell? What if Tsar swooped in and took her away? What if Victor took her away?

I couldn’t let that happen. Bell was mine and only mine. She wasn’t meant to be anyone else’s. And no one could take care of her like I did. No, I had to step up.

“What happened?” Bell asked. I stared into her azure pools.

“I promise I will come back to you in one piece.”

I see the azure eyes feel up with tears. A trembling smile appears on her face, and I see a tear roll down her cheek. I wipe it away.

“My promises to you mean a lot to me. I don’t want to ever break one. I won’t be able to live with myself,”

“Oh, Ambrose. You are a good man,” Bell whispered.

“You make me a good man, Bell. I was a lonely asshole before this. I was the worst man ever,” I lamented. It was, indeed, the truth. All my life, I had been trained to be a ruthless and cold-hearted killer. My heart was just a piece of mass, I never knew it could beat or have any feelings. “There wasa part of me that craved you. But I didn’t know you were real.”

A beautiful blush spread across Bell’s cheeks. I caressed my fingers against it. Bell was a blessing in my life that I

didn’t know I needed. I loved her to the core of my being, and I knew I possessed energy so strong, it could kill any man having evil thoughts about my girl.

“Now, the special gift of the night,” I said and helped her get off my lap.

“I am so excited!” Bell squealed.

I took her hand, walked to the easel. I had asked one of the maids in the house to light a few candles around it, illuminating the portrait.

“There it is,” I whispered to her, “Ambrose’s Muse.

Bell gasped, bringing her hands to cover her mouth. Her eyes were wide, and her form trembled. Slowly, she brought her beautiful eyes to mine, and I saw them full of tears.

“You are making me cry,” Bell sobbed, “I didn’t want to cry.”

“How is the portrait, Bell?”

“Oh, Ambrose. It is so beautiful. You are indeed so skilled, you’ve made me look so beautiful in this portrait,

Ambrose. God, I love you so much!” Bell sobbed and hugged me.

“I didn’t make you look beautiful, you already are. And you are the best muse that I could’ve asked for.”

“I love this,” Bell whispered again.

“It will go into my private collection, it is not meant for anyone’s eyes but mine.”

“Thank god, I don’t want anyone seeing me in a variety of undress,”

I grinned and placed an affectionate kiss on her forehead. My Bell.

The housekeeper brought in the food. Bell and I dug in, it wasn’t anything fancy, but it was most definitely decadent and hearty. A dish full of cheesy pasta and the best red wine. The herbs and the cheese felt so good in my mouth, it was the best thing ever. Bell simply moaned, and I grinned at the utter pleasure featured on her face.

“This is so good,” Bell said with pasta still in her mouth.

“I know I haven’t had anything so hearty in a long time!”

We had our dinner in utter silence. The night was young, and the gentle breeze only lifted my spirits. I felt complete, finally. I had my beloved with me, and I was grateful to the almighty for that.

After the dessert, Bell turned to me. I stared into her beautiful eyes, they were slightly lowered and hesitant. She wanted to say something.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I have something to say to you,” Bell whispered.

“Feel free, my sweet. You don’t have to hesitate in front of me.”

“I know. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt you, that is never my intention.”

“Bell, please say it,”

“We just have a little while left. My contract is coming to an end.”

The air whooshed out of my lungs, and I stared at her. She wanted to leave after everything that had happened between us. We were

together, why was she thinking of leaving me?

“I know what is going on in your mind, Ambrose. Please let me explain.”

“Explain fast, Bell. Because what I am thinking, it is not good at all.”

“Ambrose, we are together. I know that. It’s just that I have a job too. I am going to be a ballerina, and I need to join my company for that. I am not leaving you, but I have my job too.”

“Take a job here,”

“I am joining the New York City Ballet, Ambrose. It is the foremost dance companies in the world,nothing can compare to it,” Bell protested.

I sighed and rubbed my face, I understood Bell’s dreams. I understood her commitment to her dance and art, and I was no one to stop her. She has been practising Ballet since a very young age, and Ididn’t want to shatter those dreams.

My Bell deserved this position, she had worked so hard.

“Bell, your job is in New York. You know how dangerous things are over there.”

“No one knows me, Ambrose. I am going to be alright, please try understanding that.”

“I have kept you very sheltered here,”

“Yes, no one has seen me with you. C’ mon, Ambrose.”

“Bell, this is so difficult for me, I don’t want to stay away from you.”

“And you won’t, come with me to New York,”

“You know I cannot. I am banished from entering the city,”

“We can call each other, there is always FaceTime, I promise to FaceTime you every day and call you at least twice. Also, you can tighten the security around me if you are worried,”

“Oh, you are going to have an army surrounding you, Bell. In fact, I will be sending Alexander and Malcolm,

they will be your personal bodyguards at all times. In the meantime, I will try to find a way into the city,”

“I am sure you will find a way in, Ambrose. And please focus on the mission in hand, don’t worry about me,”

“That is an impossible task. You are always on my mind.”

Bell smiled and placed another kiss on my lips. We walked inside, and I helped her out of her pretty dress. All

I wanted was to live my life with Bell and spoil her silly with gifts. She deserved all the jewellery and finery in the world. There was so much left for us to experience. I want to travel the world with her, show her places she has never been to before. Marry on a beautiful cliff overlooking the bluest of the seas, having a small and cosy family. I have dreamt of so much with Bell.

My eyes darken when I take in her lingerie. She is always dressed so well

for me. I love that. I wrap my arms around and bring her on the bed. She wraps her arms around my neck and smashes her lips against mine. I unclasp her bra and let it fall on the ground, my hands take in her small breasts, playing with the nipples as she kisses my jaw and then my neck.

Bell too starts to unbutton my shirt and soon I am throwing it on the ground.

Our movements are frenzied. We just want to be with each other, skin to

skin. Absolutely no barriers between us. My trouser falls to the ground, and I jump on the bed, hovering over my pretty ballerina.

I am quick to enter her wetness. A small hiss leaves her lips, and she wraps her toned legs around my waist. Bell looks like a goddess, her fair and milky body naked and writhing on my midnight blue satin sheets. Something primal and feral wakes up in me, and I thrust into her with full force.

A melodic moan leaves her. “You are mine, Bell. Only mine.”

Bell bit her lip and nodded. My thrusts are now rhythmic and quick. My movements are like that of a well- oiled machine. Bell too matches each thrust with equal vigour. Soon my seed fills her up, and she looks at me with those drunken eyes. I lie down beside her, and she rolls on top of me. Our breathing is erratic, and everything feels so good.

“I love you so much,” Bell whispers in my ear.

I grin, my heart satisfied.

“I love you the most, Bell. I love you more than anything else in this world.”

We sleep, entwined into each other. I wish this moment would never go.

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