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She’s wild. He’s sweet And their protective over what’s theirs. Dallas is a wild, strong, and untamable woman who just got out of an abusive dead end relationship. Hunter just got back from working on a ranch in Tennessee and lives with his heart on his sleeve. Will they find love in each other or will the past stop them from finding their happiness?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I’ve always been the wild child that no one has ever been able to tame. I’m Dallas Harper a 22 year old southern girl from Blue Ridge Georgia. I have long brunette hair, green eyes, long legs and a wild heart of gold.

Tonight is another night of going out with my girlfriends Maisy and Heather but now as a newly single woman. I was throwing on my short shorts paired with a lace croptop and cowgirl boots when I heard the rumble of my friends Chevy truck coming down the road.

“Let’s go Dal!!” Heather calls out as Maisy laid down on the horn while speeding down the dirt road to the front of my folks home. I slapped on my red lipstick and grabbed an extra hair tie knowing I’ll be needing it later when one of us girls is puking up our whisky.

“Don’t you girls be getting into any kind of trouble tonight!” My step mom Trisha calls out with a smile as I whiz past them towards the front door.

“We won’t mama. Promise” I say holding up my crossed fingers and smiling. My birth mother left me and my dad when I was just a baby and Trish came into my life not to much longer after that. Of course I can’t remember it because I was so young but it’s still a sore subject for me and dad.

“Oh you leave them girls alone honey.” My father Walter says while smiling at me followed by a wink when my mama looks away from him.

I stop from opening the screen door as my girlfriends howl at me like a bunch of crazy women, so I can give both my loving parents kisses on the cheeks then fly out the door ready for what the night has to hold for us ladies.

As soon as I jump in the car Heather cranks up the radio playing some Tim McGraw. He’s always our go to when us girls are out running around.

“I’m so glad we’re going out tonight. That Tommy guy you were with had to go Dal.” Heather says followed by an agreeance by Maisy.

“Yea, he really did. He was too controlling.”

“Let’s not forget how abusive he was. Imagine what would have happened to you if you did fight back.” Maisy added talking about our last and most recent fight.

“Well we’re out celebrating the breakup that should have happened a while ago. Here’s to closing old doors and opening new ones.. preferably with bigger di..” Heather started but was stopped by Maisy. Making us burst into laughter. “What it’s not my fault Dallas told us of his misfortunes. I just don’t see how you could be with him for so long. Senior year of high school and the few years after that was wasted away on that cheating abusive prick.”

“I get it Heather. And I’m done with him. You don’t have to worry anymore” I smiled reassuring her it was really over this time.

I’ve always been a strong woman especially when it came to Tommy and he hated it. I use to have to sneak around and lie just to hang out with my bestfriends because it would always turn into a never ending argument that usually turned physical. But I refuse to let anyone tell me what I can and can’t do.

“Good.” She smiles and gives me a quick hug.

Just as we started to chat about other things we pulled up to the best bar in town Blue Sage. It’s where everyone was on the weekends.

Putting on our best smiles we hopped out of the truck and made our way to the front doors ready to let loose.

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