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Chapter 2

We entered the bar and were greeted with loud country music, the smell of alcohol, and the hellos from the town regulars. Everyone we knew was there having a great time so we were excited.

“I’ll go get us some drinks. You two go get us a table” Heather said then took off into the crowd towards the busy bar. Maisy and I know Heather has the hots for the bartender so we never fight her when she insists on getting the drinks.

Maisy and I worked our way through the huge bar looking for somewhere to settle in quickly finding a tall table. Not too long after sitting Heather found us and placed six shots of whisky down.

“Two each ladies. Let the party begin.”

“To Dallas being a single woman and not puttin up with anymore shit! Now let’s get you laid tonight!” Maisy all but shouted as we held our glasses up to cheers. The table of older women next to us smiled while shouting and cheering as we all downed our drinks.

About three shots later us girls were feeling the alcohol when Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain came on so we decided to get up and go dance.

Us ladies really let loose when it came to dancing by twirling, stepping and making our rounds with everyone else on the floor. It’s always been a blast.

A few songs later we needed more alcohol in our systems so of course Heather went to gather the brown liquid as Maisy and I went back to the table.

We were laughing at how crazy we are when we heard the table next to us that was previously occupying the older woman and noticed it was now full of handsome country men cheersing one of their buddies.

“To Hunters return! It’s good to have you back man.” One guy said.

“Yea Hunt it’s good seeing you again buddy.” Another added.

As they were throwing cheers around for this sexy man, Heather came back with our drinks.

“To Hunter!” I shout from our table holding up my shot glass being followed by the girls. We all laughed as the table of guys smiled and held their glasses up to us and we all threw back our drinks like they were water.

I made eye contact with the Hunter fellow and couldn’t look away. His light brown eyes had me hooked. I took in his appearance and how he had his blue jeans on with a plain white shirt that showed off his perfect muscles, square toe cowboy boots, and a worn out ball cap.. he was absolutely perfect.

“Hellooo.. Dallas..” Maisy said snapping her fingers at me to get my attention. But before I looked away from this gorgeous man I sent a wink his way and got a smile back that showed his perfect pearly whites.

“Yea what’s up?” I ask looking back at the girls. They both had smiles and and I could see heather looking back and forth between me and the guy.

“Heather don’t.” I smiled getting up from my seat. “I’m going to dance.”

As I hit the floor Daddy’s Money by Ricochet came on and I was tethered into a dance with a bar local that we always saw all over town. He’s always been a nice older man. We innocently danced for a little while until I went solo throwing my arms up and stomped around catching myself into a frenzy of laughter.

As the dance floor continued to go crazy shouting and laughing I felt a strong arm wrap around my hip twirling me towards the mystery person and to my satisfaction it was Hunter. I really thought I was going to have to punch someone for touching me. But I was happy to see it was him.

We quickly started to dance and laugh for the rest of the song. As it ended I gave him a small hug. I was really feeling the alcohol at this point. As he bent down to hug me back he spoke into my ear offering me a drink.

Of course I said yes so he went to the bar and I went back to the table where the girls were now talking to the other men that Hunter was with. Maisy gave me a smile and I clouldn’t help but to blush.

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