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Chapter 3

“So where’s your dance partner?” Maisy asked me

“he’s getting us a few drinks” I responded with a smile.

We learned the guys’ names while we waited for hunter to get back. There was Jo, Travis, Chase, and of course Hunter. And we also introduced ourselves.

Looking around I noticed that Heather was chatting with Travis and she seemed to be scooting a little bit closer to him so I smiled at her and winked letting her know how I approve. She smiled back and returned to her conversation

When Hunter got back to the table he had a bottle of Jack Daniels and some shot glasses for everybody.

“ I could have helped you with that” I stated as I giggled.

“No I got it sweet thing.” He smiled at me. His deep voice and gentleman like behavior had me wetting my panties

“SHOTS!!” Both Maisy And Heather shouted in unison causing me to burst into laughter.


I couldn’t help but to watch her as she laughed at her crazy friends.

When I first heard her sweet voice from one table over I had to look and boy am I glad I did.

The first thing that I noticed about her are those gorgeous green eyes that look so soft but have an obvious fire burning in them. I couldn’t look away.

When she got up to dance I couldn’t help but to watch how she moved her perfect body. I knew that I had to make my move. All the men were watching her so I had to make it fast.

I was taking a big risk when I put my hand around her hip to turned her towards me. I was half expecting her to yell at me or hell even hit me but what I got in return surprise me.. She smiled with that angel face of hers.

This woman captivated me. Every time I spun her around I could smell the sweet smell of honeysuckle. My heart almost beat out of my chest when she hugged me after our dance. And when I asked if she wanted a drink I swear I felt her body go limp for a moment then she responded with a yes and a smile as she bit her perfect lip.

I knew when I got back with the drinks that her and her friends would be talking to mine.

I set the bottle and glasses down on the table and she giggled saying how she would have helped.

Man that giggle of hers is to die for.

I could never ask her to lift a finger for me. But it sure was sweet of her to offer.


“Here let me poor.” I said grabbing the bottle and cracking it open.

I handed everyone a drink and we all held our glasses up high.

“To new friends.” Maisy said

“Oh we’re gunna be more than that..” I almost whispered as I pressed the glass to my lips and drank the hot liquid.

I didn’t think he heard me since I mumbled it so low and the music was so loud. But that was until he leaned in closer to me and said..

“Definitely more than friends sweet thing.”

I couldn’t help but to cover my red face. I was a bit embarrassed that he heard me but at the same time I’m really glad he did.

We all had a blast dancing, drinking, and talking all night. Us ladies eventually learned that all the men were from town which we knew because we saw them every once in a while when we were here at the bar. The place is just so big we didn’t really run into each other so often. Plus they were all about 5-6 years older than us which isn’t much but we usually flock to the people we went to school with or the people we see in town daily.

I paid close attention when they said Hunter was the only one who left after high school to work on a ranch but came back to help with his grandad. They seemed to change the subject pretty quickly but it was fine. I’ll get to know him on a deeper level if he wants me to.

We were there for hours but when it was time for closing us girls were in no shape to drive.

“I’ll call my dad or Trish to come get us.” I said to the girls as I stumbled from my seat.

We all walked out front and I was about to dial my dads number until one of the guys spoke up.

“We can drive you ladies home” Travis said smiling at Heather.

“She’s coming to my place” Maisy barely got out because she was so drunk and pointed at Heather. “And what about you Dal?..” Heather asked more coherently than poor Maisy.

“I gotta get home. I’m helping mama in the barn tomorrow. Then daddy needs help with the tractor.” I was definitely drunk but not too drunk because I knew I had things to do in the morning.

“Ugh fine. But next time you’re staying with us!” Maisy waved her fingers at me.

“Okay okay.” I laughed.

“I’ll take you home.. if you’d like.” Hunter said to me rubbing the back of his neck

“Sure. That’ll be great.” I responded

Just before we parted ways I leaned over to Travis and said.

“You hurt them and I’ll come after you and cut your balls off. You’ve been warned.” I smiled at him and scampered off towards Hunter.

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