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Chapter 4

I couldn’t help that I stumbled a bit as we walked to Hunters truck. I mean I was drunk but not too drunk. I knew I would still be able to remember everything that happened tonight which was great but I definitely would fail a sobriety test.

When Hunter noticed I was swaying a bit he got closer to steady me. I let out a small giggle when he wrapped his arm around my waist and I felt my face get red. I don’t know what it is about him but he has me so nervous but in all the right ways.

The way he had his arm wrapped around me to keep me steady gave me tingles.

“Thank you for driving me home.” I said looking up at him with a sincere smile.

“It’s not a problem darlin’. “ He responded with an even bigger smile.

When we got into his truck I noticed how it smelled like his cologne and it made me smile even more. I swear my face might just get stuck like this. But that’s ok with me.

When he started up his truck he asked where we were going to so I gave him the directions to my parents home. It wasn’t far. Maybe a ten minute drive from the bar.

His radio was on but it was low so we could still talk.

“So how long are you back for?” I ask

“For good.” He responded keeping his eyes on the road.

“Oh.. good. So that means I’ll get to see you around then?”

“Would you like that?” He smiled looking at me for a moment.

“I would.” I paused “You don’t talk much do you?” I questioned.

Before he could answer my question one of my favorite song came on the radio.

“OH I LOVE THIS SONG!” I shout as I turn the radio up super loud.


God this woman is perfect. I’m sure she thinks I can’t hear her singing over the loud radio but she’s wrong. That seems to be the only thing I can hear.

Everything else drowns out as she sings along.

I honestly don’t want the song to end because her voice is so sweet and perfect.

The way the moonlight hits her face has my nerves on fire. I wish I could just kiss her. But I don’t want to do that when she’s been drinking. I want her to have a clear mind when she allows me to have those perfect lips.

And I say when because I know I eventually will. And hopefully it’ll be soon.

When her song ends she turns the radio down and I let out a laugh.

“Are you laughing at me?? I can’t help it I love that song.”She says with a fake sour face on.

“No I really enjoyed it.” I laugh.

“Well good. Because if we hang out again you’re bound to hear me sing plenty of times.”

“You mean when we hang out.”

“Oh.. so you’re confident that you’ll be seeing me again?” She says raising her eyebrow as we pull onto a dirt road leading to a farmhouse.

“I’ll definitely be seeing you again. If you’ll let me that is.” I say as I park my truck and get out to walk her to the front door.

“I’d actually like that.” She says as we walk to her steps. “Actually, us girls are supposed to go to a bonfire tomorrow night. It’s down by the waterhole if you guys would like to meet up with us that’ll be nice.”

“Yea I’ll talk to the guys. I’m sure they’ll want to. What time should we be there?” I ask

“Here.” She says grabbing her phone from her back pocket. “Put your number in and I’ll text you the details when we sort them out.”

I grabbed her phone and put my cell number in.

“I’ll be waiting for the text.” ‘I wish she’d call so I could hear her beautiful voice.’ I thought to myself.

“Okay.” She smiled at me.

“Goodnight Dallas.” I say after hugging her then I walk towards my truck.

If I don’t walk away now I might just pull her in for that kiss.


I could watch him walk away in those jeans for the rest of my life. Although I’d rather watch him walking towards me.

I walked up the steps and heard his truck door open then close behind me. When I opened the front door I looked back and saw him watching me. I’m not sure if he was making sure I got in ok or if he was checking me out. Either way he gave me butterflies.

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