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Chapter 5

The next day was full of hard work on the farm. I had to help mama clean the stable in the barn, feed the animals, and the horses had to be groomed.

When I was done with mama I went to help dad fix one of our tractors. He’s been needing my help around the farm more and more lately which is perfectly fine with me because I love spending my time with him and mama.

I keep asking them if dad’s ok because he can’t seem to keep his strength up but they keep pushing my questions aside. It’s really has me worried but I don’t show them that it effects me.

“So how was your night with the girls Dal?” He asks

“It was great. Met some new people. Well not new to town just new to us.”

“Was one of them by chance the young man that dropped you off last night?”

“You saw that? I thought you and mama were in bed? It was so late.”

“I can never sleep when you’re out late. You know that honey.” He smiled and wiped his hands of the grease.

Just as I smiled back at him I heard a truck rumbling down the road so I looked and noticed it was Heathers.

Daddy nodded his head at me as in telling me go ahead.

“You sure pa?”

“Yea were done here. You got her workin just fine. Thanks for the help honey.” He said hugging me.

“You know I love doing my part around here. Especially since I moved back in.” I smiled innocently.

I grabbed a rag and walked towards Heathers truck and noticed someone was in it with her.

The passenger window rolled down and I could see it was Travis.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” I joked with him.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“ I would shake your hand but..” I held up my grease covered hands that I was currently trying to wipe down with my rag.

“You helping your dad with that damn tractor again?” Heather asked leaning over Travis.

“Yea. I keep telling him we should get a new one but you know him. ‘If it breaks just fix it’.” I laugh.

“Well we just came by to ask about tonight. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“Yea that’ll be great. Then I won’t have to drive home so I can drink.” I laughed. “What about Maisy?” I ask.

“I just dropped her back off at the bar so she could get her truck. We all stayed at my place last night.” She looks at Travis and smiles. “She has a few things to do today so she said she’ll meet us there.”

“Okay cool sounds like a plan. What time will you be back here?”

“Seven.” She responds.

“Alright I’ll see you then.” I say then wave her off.

Of course in true Heather fashion she honks the horn like a mad woman and yells bye to me then to my father who’s cleaning up the mess of tools by the barn.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at how crazy she acts.

After finding out the details of the night I send a quick text to Hunter.

Hey it’s Dallas. Just letting you know we should be at the waterhole by 7:20ish. Hope to see you there. XoXo


After showering off today’s work day I started to get ready. I had about an hour to get dressed and throw on some light makeup.

I decided to straighten my long brown hair and let it flow down my back.

For makeup I kept it simple with a small winged liner and waterproof mascara. I opted for the waterproof because us girls usually get a few drinks in us and jump in for a swim.

Of course I chose some shorts since it’s still hot out even at night. But this time I wore a plain white shirt and some converse. I looked cute but also comfortable.

I walked out of my room and noticed my parents were sitting on the front porch swing.

I loved seeing them out there swinging as they watch the fireflies flicker. Mama usually has her head on Pa’s shoulder.

Watching the moments like this make me want some kind of real love like they have.

Snapping myself out of my thoughts I walked onto the porch catching their attention.

“Where you off to sissy?” Mama asked

“Waterhole with the girls and the folks we met last night.”

“You be careful with those men Dal. We don’t know them.”

“Always mama.” I say pulling out the pepper spray daddy bought me when I broke things off with Tommy.

He’s always been worried he’d come back and hurt me again. He actually told me to carry one of our guns around but I can defend myself against that prick without a firearm. He doesn’t put up much of a fight. In fact I can kick his ass if I really try.

As we all laughed I noticed a familiar truck coming down the dirt road. But it wasn’t one of the girls trucks..

It was Hunters...

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