Smirk Of A Jerk

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"I have no idea about what you are talking about," my voice was as calm as his. "Then you leave me no other choice. Run kitty run, you will wish you hadn't ruffled my feathers." All I could imagine was the smirk of his while he said that, boiling the already burning rage inside. "Screw you!" I hissed through my teeth at which he left out a melodic laugh and retorted with, "gladly." _________________________________ They were five. They were hot, tall, dashing, charming, handsome and... they had a dark secret, to protect which they would go to any extent. What happens when the file containing their biggest secret accidentally slips away with Natasha, who was just fired by the second eldest Raivardhan, Vikrant? With the potential love interests entering the Raivardhan brothers' lives, and a new threat to Neel's life, to what extent will the brothers go? They aren't just the ordinary guys, they are the Raivardhans. Book 2 of Raivardhan series The Raivardhans © Victoria 2019

Romance / Action
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*Unedited sample*

Don't look down. Don't look down. Just continue what you are doing. Just don't look down.

For the second time in the day my mind was freaking out. Perhaps for the second time in my life.

The sound of door bursting open caught my attention making my spine to stiffen.

Oh god! Let them be dumb and blind enough to not see my life support at the moment.

But then the words of that stupid gypsy about my inauspicious star came back haunting my mind. Not that I believed her nor was I going to believe her because everything was utterly nonsense! Only science and logic made sense, not some Raahukaal and shani something.

It was just my stupid mind holding back the words on encountering some coincidence with the said words.

"Oh shit!"

I looked up to find three shocked faces pushed out of the window.

Guess it was my inauspicious star. I rolled my eyes.

I held onto my makeshift rope tightly as I started to speed up my descend.

"Go down!" Vikrant commanded as he narrowed his eyes into slits at me.

Okay, if that's what he wanted. I smirked sliding down a little before halting as it burned my hands a bit.

"Not you!" He growled before looking at his surgeon brother who stood frozen beside him and called out, "Daksh!"

And immediately, he came back to his senses and disappeared out of sight. Definitely running down the corridors and stairs to make it down there on time.

In the ruckus caused by these idiots, I had failed to notice the light burning out of the window on the ground floor, oblivious to the fact that Neel, who had been studying on some case he was handling in his bedroom, had noticed the bed sheet escape rope but hadn't realized what it really was. He had come out to inspect the item, baffled, when he looked up and spot me dangling in the middle of nowhere.

"What the hell!?!" He exclaimed in surprise right when Dask had skidded to stop beside him.

Now, I could neither go up nor down. Good Lord!

"Have you lost it?" I looked back up to find Aaryan holding Vikrant back as he stared at him like he had really lost it. He continued, "that's a bed sheet not stainless steel to hold both of your weights!"

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