Burning Touch

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"You must be Isabelle." André said with his signature smirk plastered on his face. "And you must be leaving." Isabelle - Izzy - is a full-time dancer making her way to the top as a professional one. She volunteers in hospitals and small communities where her skills in physiotherapy is needed. André - Drey - a business man on vacation whose path ends of getting tangled with Isabelle's takes a liking to her and sees she's more than just the dancer that's blowing up on Instagram, she's way more than that. Will she let Drey into her life only to lose her once in a life time opportunity in the dance industry?

Romance / Drama
Jane Lanett
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They were locked in a tight embrace, neither one wanting to let go. They both wanted to stay where they were forever but they knew they’d have to part for good.

When they pulled apart, they looked at each other with tears gleaming in their eyes, both of them going back to the same day they had to say goodbye to one of their own - Mia. Now, another one was leaving.

“Call me every day. I don’t care about the time difference. Make sure you check up and give Mia a tight hug once you see her, tell her I love her.” Josie blurted as she squeezed Isabelle’s hands in hers.

Isabelle smiled
“I promise.” She said “Take care of yourself.”

“You too.” Josie pulled her in for a final hug “You know how much I love you right?”

“Just as much as I do.” Isabelle replied

“Time to go Izzy.” Isabelle’s sister - Tara - called for her as she held the taxi’s door open.

Izzy sighed and pulled away
“Talk to you soon?”

Josie nodded
“Talk to you soon.”

Izzy walked towards the taxi and got in. She turned in her seat to gaze back at her best friend. She was leaving one and was going to meet the other. Izzy watched Josie in the pedway, a sad smile on her lips as she waved her away.

This was the last time she’d see her. She turned in her seat when Josie was out of sight, sighing.

Seven months ago, she and Josie had seen their best friend off to the airport and had both texted each other ever since she left. Now she was leaving Josie and joining her mum in the UK with her sister where Mia was currently with her mum.

Leaving one joining one. She was both sad and excited. She just hoped Josie would join them soon. But till then, she’d enjoy her time with Mia and chat Josie up every spare time she got. She and Mia would have a lot of catching up to do.

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