Going Rogue (MxM)

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Chapter 14


“What’s his favorite color?” Mia asked. She sat snug on Drew’s side, showing Drew her favorite book, The Velveteen Rabbit, even though he was still asleep.

She had deemed it pajama day, so she wiggled her bunny slippers as she spoke, still snug inside her small purple robe on top of her striped pajamas. She gave me Liam’s forest green robe to wear. I sat on the armchair beside her, crossing my arms and staring at them.

Grace laid on the couch, doing a cross stitch that said “Coffee First”. She smiled, humming along to an old record playing Bessie Smith. Her curls were contained by another floral wrap, which matched her silk pajamas covered in butterflies. Even Ryan joined us on the floor, busy working on his school work. He attended the local community college, undeclared.

“His favorite color is...” I squinted at her, really trying to remember. “I think it’s blue. Maybe a dark one.”

“And his favorite food?” She asked, turning her page.

“Easy,” I grinned and nudged her slippers with mine, until we were in a foot fight and Mia giggled. “Grilled cheese.”

“Oh, that sounds good,” Ryan moaned, slapping his work book shut. He bounced up to his feet. “I’ll go make us some-”

“Nice try,” Grace grabbed the back of his sweater and yanked him backwards. “You’ve got homework to do. Sit,” she said, yanking again and even though he pouted, he lowered back to the floor. She shouted, “LIAM! WE WANT GRILLED CHEESE!” Thankfully Emily already had her nap today. She winked at us and we all chuckled a little. I nudged Mia.

“Okay and um, what’s his favorite um,” she spoke up, searching the room until she lifted her book up. “Uh, book!”

I smiled. This was the perfect Drew question. “Drew would say that’s an impossible question, but if he had to choose... God, he could go on for hours talking about books. If it’s not one of the Harry Potter books, he really loved The Phantom Tollbooth when he was younger and it’s hard to switch from the book you loved as a kid.”

Knocking on the side of the door, Dominic appeared. He sported a different backwards hat, but the same safety pen necklace. Today, he actually wore a sweatshirt and jeans without holes. Actual winter appropriate clothes, instead of stuff from the Abrecrombie Summer catalog. Dead behind the eyes, Dominic scowled at Grace. “Liam told me to tell you not to scream in the Inn, it upsets the guests and that the kitchen is officially closed. Some of us have actual work to do. And I’m here to tell you, I didn’t sign up to be anyone’s messenger.”

“Dom,” Grace grinned as if she was angelic and innocent. She pursed her lips with big puppy dog eyes. “Be a dear and make us some grilled cheese.”

Dominic’s brows just lowered. “The kitchen is closed.”

“I’ll do it,” I raised my hand. “I don’t want to brag, but they’re Drew’s favorite because of my skills.” I winked at Ryan, which earned me a giggle from Mia, an eye roll from Grace and a blush from Ryan.

Dominic dropped his arms, staring at Ryan’s face in disbelief. Not that Ryan noticed. He just buried his head in his books and muttered, “thanks, Jess.”

“Forget it,” Dominic raised his hand at me before I could get off the bed. “I’ll do it.”

“Really?” Ryan blinked, turning his head up and Dominic puffed out his chest.

“Yes,” he spoke through clenched teeth, glaring at me while he stomped out of the room. He roared behind him, “But I’m not cutting the crust off!” The house shuttered as he stomped down the stairs.

“That’s not nice to tease poor Dom,” Grace said mindfully to me.

“I’m not nice,” I reminded her.

“Does Drew have a favorite animal?” Mia raised her voice to get my attention back, pulling on my robe.

Grace chuckled and shook her head. “Mia, baby why do you want to know?”

“I want to be ready for when he wakes up,” she said. “I want him to like me.”

“Like you?” I quirked my brow and tickled her sides until she squealed. “He’ll love you. He loves bossy wolves.”

“Hm?” Ryan titled his head.

I suddenly remembered he was human and quickly added, “His favorite animal.”


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