Somewhere (MxM)

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Sam hasn't seen Cooper Blackwood in five years. Not since the "incident". And now that he's back, Sam wants answers and he doesn't plan to let him get away this time. However, the truth could land him in the middle of a blood feud. Welcome to Somewhere! A quiet small town in the middle of nowhere. It's also home to a strong werewolf community, but this perfect town is threatened by hordes of wolves coming to claim their place as Alpha over Somewhere. And one of them is responsible for the bodies piling up in the streets.

Romance / Mystery
Miss Bonnett
5.0 10 reviews
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So, you want a story?

My story?

Well, this story isn’t about childhood friends. It’s not about magic. Not about wolves or blood. Is it a love story? God, I hope so, or I guess, I really am an idiot. Just like they all said.

If I could pick a moment, remember me in every slow song. Remember me as Band-Aids and as coffee, the lame sugary kind that you hate. I hope you’ll never be able to drink it black again.

Remember me as I was at the start, in the middle and just before the very end.

Not like this.

Goodbye Coop.

I’ve loved my whole life loving you.

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