Eclipse and Her Beast

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i woke up to the sound of screaming, booms echoing in the castle. i froze as i laid in bed. I hear a massive roar outside my window. I screamed. Eclipse Talios is a runt silver dragon and a sixteen year old albino girl, third daughter to King and Queen Talios of the Dragons, the last of her kind. her father and mother are golden dragons while her siblings range from red to gold to black, so why did she get a silver dragon that is a tiny one at that? who blessed her? why? what if she's more than just a dragonshifter? and why bless her family and Rinelle with being big cat shifters like her panther? when her home in Torpentilla was attacked, she was forced to leave her world to the NEW WORLD with her escort, Rinelle (Rah-n-elle) and Austin. they stumbled unto the Beast's territory, also known as the Rogue King. how would she fair to know that this beastly king was her mate? and Austin's mate is the beta? can he, Damien Black, the twenty-five year old that gave up on a mate at age twenty handle that his mate isn't a werewolf and is fragile that makes him want to protect her even though he isn't used to love or being loved? how will he handle the news of her being a hybrid when he realizes who blessed her and why she paired them together? or will he break her? can she handle the beastly king's dominance and possessiveness?

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Why? Part 1

Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.-unknown

i woke up to the sound of screaming, booms echoing in the castle. i froze as i laid in my bed, my terror and pounding heart in sync with each other. i looked around and slipped on my white spaghetti strapped dress and my sandals before my coat, grabbing my dagger from my sand next to me for protection. let us out! something is happening! Silver suggested before screaming at the danger i was in.

i shook my head stubbornly and Midnight growled at that with amusement and fear.not only do i know want my stuff broken in here Silver because you may be a runt like me, but your still a good size. i also need to know the danger first. i thought to them firmly, yet shaking with fear. Silver rolled her eyes at me. you'll be dead before you realize what the danger is Eclipse! roared Midnight, furious that i'm fearful. i cringed. she whimpered in my head. it's okay. i soothed her. let's contact mom. i suggested. she perked up. good idea. Silver said and i beamed with happiness, not even noticing the sky a brown dust and dark like it was late afternoon when it was early morning.

mom? i thought out in the mind-link. nothing. dad? again, nothing. Brian! i shouted in my head to hear a massive roar outside my window. i screamed and ran from it to hear the glass breaking, pieces of it embedded in my skin before i could move away in time. i looked over to realize it was Rinelle, who was now wearing his clothes and spattered in blood, the green dragon laying dead next to him, its head the size of my bedroom, which the room is a little bigger than my dragon in size and height, but not big enough. she can break things in my room, which have old memories of my childhood. plus, i still don't know what is going on, but i have a good guess.

he was wearing his royal outfit, his black tunic with cut off sleeves to the shoulders for fighting and too cool him off, along with his black pants and combat boots. didn't look fancy enough to others but for him and myself it was a great outfit. not to classy but fighting material. too many soldiers around here are too afraid to get their outfit dirty. like Charlie. i laughed in my head, seeing his dimples, rounded face, long shaggy blonde hair and baby blue eyes. his smile that could make any girl swoon but for me it was normal.

what's going on Rinelle? i asked, relieved to see him here. he smiled his dimple smile, his height towering over mine as he grabbed a bag and began packing my things. his green eyes are fierce and comforting to me. now i was worried. i always packed and unpacked things and he would never give me that expression unless we were in public or had guests. if he's doing it, something's wrong. are we under attack? i asked when he didn't respond. he flinched. realization hit me. we are! i gasped, horror sinking in as my tears fell out of my eyes and down my face. Rinelle immediately pulled me into a hug. w-w-w-why? i stuttered, shaking and looking up at Rinelle who looked down at me with his stone cold expression, shielding me from his emotions so i wouldn't be scared. but his expression still terrifies me to this day. and I've only seen it three times outside of his duties. all ended badly.

we need to get you and Austin to safety! he gasped, spinning around and handing me my things. i slipped my dagger into the bag and connected my small bow and arrows to the pack before slipping it on. where are we going? what about mom and dad? and Brian and Maria? i asked as we spun out of the room to see a massive hole by my door and Austin's door. away. Rinelle answered simply, his accent calming and loving. he ignored my other questions and that scared me.

are they okay? are they alive? don't think like that! Silver cried and Midnight growled in rage at our childhood home and family being torn apart before our eyes. i was trembling with terror. i wanted to be strong to help out, but i couldn't. i was too weak, and now i was being led away to safety when Rinelle could save my family. i hung my head. i'm pathetic. i thought and Silver and Midnight growled in unison at that. a boom shook our castle and i cringed, looking at Rinelle who now held my hand and held his sword in the other, hoping to calm me down. it worked. Rinelle was a brother to me. and my protector. he opened the door and Austin was already gone, flying outside and fighting along with our royal guard and soldiers. i was horrified at the bloody, gory, and broken bodies that lay scattered around outside the hole and on the ground. i wanted to puke.

Austin! Rinelle shouted in mind-link, pulling my mind from the horrendous sight. Austin immediately flew back over. what's going on Rinelle? he asked and saw me and relief hit his face. thank god! he thought and he landed, his dragon's head knocking some wall down to nuzzle me. i giggled and held unto him, my fear dissipating fora moment just as a boom sounded along with a dragon's roar of pain, reminding me of the situation. that sounded like Charlie? i asked and Rinelle looked pained. Charlie was his best friend along with Brian. is he dead? asked Austin in mind-link and Rinelle sighed. his eyes said it all. i began to cry and Austin whimpered and shifted back to human. i was already looking away and he grabbed some clothes and Rinelle started packing for him to.

why are we leaving?! he fumed at Rinelle. he put two and two together before i did. because your parents told me to. he said. i stared. there alive? i said happily, my smile making Austin smile. yes. there alive. so is your siblings. Rinelle rushed and Austin buckled his sword to his sheath and around his waist like a belt, and bow and arrows to his bag like me. he liked hunting to. we began moving out and towards the stairs after passing all of our room, which were destroyed like everything else.

nothing was left untouched and it broke my heart. i cried more. i was a big baby. Austin held my hand now and held his sword with the other while Rinelle found another sword by a dead soldier, his neck ripped out and his eyes fearful and blank, staring up at the ceiling. Austin couldn't get me to unsee that. he rubbed my back soothing before squeezing my hand. i felt a-little better, but i know i was going to have nightmares. we went into mom and dad's room to see horror.

it was completely destroyed, everything smashed into pieces. i noticed one thing untouched and it was mom's wolf necklace she was going to give me for my sixteenth birthday. she always told me my mate would be werewolf. i smiled at the memory.

flashback: 9 nine years earlier

mommy, who's is that? i asked while climbing into her lap when i couldn't sleep when she was in her room in her chair, pointing to the beautiful silver key with a wolf on it, its color is beautiful and enchanting. i gasped at it. it's yours for when you turn sixteen honey. mom said. i felt sad. why wait? i pouted. she laughed and showed me her dragon necklace. it was like mine but hers had age to it and her dragon's eyes glowed the color of dad's eyes. i was confused. she giggled. at me.

honey, the eye color represents we found our mate. it's the color of his eyes on mine and mine on his. this necklace is your mates. he holds yours which is like mine and gold. it was supposed to be the color of your dragon, but since yours can't be shown, it is gold like ours. and then when your safe, it will turn back to silver. and everyone else's necklaces? i asked. she smiled. yes. Maria doesn't get hers yet until she is sixteen but Brian and Austin won't get there either, but soon. she responded. does everyone have this tradition? how did we get this tradition? did you make this for me? i asked. she smiled at the questions. yes, everyone does. the moon goddess makes each of us a specific necklace with what were mated to. but, how do you know to find this, mate? who's the moon goddess? i asked, still unsure on the mate thing. her eyes lit up like fireworks in the night sky.

she hugged me to her chest tighter and i felt comfort in this. the moon goddess is the one who created the werewolves and mates. she bestowed the gift to our kind and all the other kinds. you'll feel sparks when you touch your mate, and their scent will be irresistible. when you see them, you will see them as flawless and perfect, unable to leave there side again. what if mine doesn't want me? i asked.

she shook her head and her eyes were worried for a second. nonsense. yours will love you for who you are. she said. i smiled. thanks mommy. she put away the necklace and kissed my cheek as she took me down the hall to bed. dad was still in his office working at nine at night. he sometimes has time to tuck me in. sometimes. but i can't be selfish. he is king and can't do that always even though he is my daddy. anytime sweetheart. she whispered and tucked me in before turning the light out and halfway closing the door as i fell into a deep sleep quickly. i want a mate. i thought dreamily.

i don't think i'll get my wish. i thought sadly at the memory to Silver and Midnight. they were saddened at the thought that our mate wouldn't want us. i don't know if you can do that. mom never explained it fully to me because she said he wouldn't. but i need to be prepared. in case... i trailed off and they knew. they wailed in my mind for a moment before gaining control on themselves and focusing on surviving.

Rinelle grabbed my hand as i slipped the necklace on, leading me to the window and next to it where there dresser stood, an old door. i felt the necklace turn cold on my neck and i was confused. why cold when Rinelle touched me? then it came to me. maybe that's how you find your mate besides the bond thing? Rinelle sheathed his sword with a dark gaze at my necklace and broke away from me and hauled the door out of the way as Austin held unto me, his necklace a brown werewolf key. it worked on him like testing for mate and i was confused.

why did it turn cold again? unless she made some mates incest? i shook my head. oh well. as long as their happy as being mates, i'm happy. gender doesn't matter to me either although i prefer a man. i dreamily thought of an alpha my mom would say are ten times worse than dad when it comes to their family, especially mates. i want an alpha. i thought dreamily and Silver and Midnight growled in approval although Silver was hesitant on having a dominant mate over her.

the necklace warmed at the word alpha. was he an alpha? i grew excited. i want my mate... i whimpered and craved for him to hold me in his arms, kiss me passionately, and save me. Austin took it the wrong way and squeezed my hand. i clung to his side like a burr in your hair when Rinelle lit a torch and waved it to show it was a staircase. let's go. he said. i was confused. why can't we fly out? i asked. Austin and Rinelle shook his head.

i was too scared to think. will get killed or hurt if we go out. Austin said. Rinelle nodded. i have to take you to safety. out of here. how far away? i pressed as i stepped in after Austin who positioned the door back in place. out of this world. Rinelle said simply and i gasped in shock and confusion on there being another world and how we can leave ours, and if we would ever come back, the sound of our footsteps the only thing to be heard besides the labored breathing crying. will i ever see my family ever again? i thought and cried as Austin cooed at me with reassurance while deafening to the outside roars of pain as her parents couldn't sense their children anymore, knowing they were safe. or dead. they were praying they weren't dead.

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