The Deepest Darkest Secret

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Craved by their sexual desires and passion, Natasha and Sheryl or Crown have deep dark secrets. Natasha and Crown are best friends since third grade and they have been inseparable for more than 11 years. Crown and Natasha both have always been in love with each other but both hide their feelings, Due to misunderstandings Crown believes Natasha loves girls and Natasha believes Crown can never love her until Sherl comes into their lives. Will Crown and Natasha be together, or will Sheryl fall in love with either of them?

Romance / Mystery
Pamella liza
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Help me !! please as Sheryl shouts for help but no one came to her rescue. Saded by her lack of social life. Sheryl remembers all the humiliation she has been through her life, trying to get away from the pain of being not loved or trusted.

Living a beautiful city of Los Angeles, Sheryl Wilson was beautiful but lacked friends or a social group. Every bad mistake that happened in School was always her fault and the teachers could not find out if it was true. Challenged by her pain, Sheryl decides to end her life and forget about all the pain, she has endured until now.

After falling in water, she wished if someone could save her and protect her from her own self because was not strong enough. she remembered her beautiful family that no matter the pain she endured in School her Mother, father and brother was always at her.

Sheryl kept on thinking as the wind blow her away towards a big forest as she was struggling with holding her breath and also tried to out again but she was too weak to manage to call for help. She continued remembering the beautiful family she had back home and how they are going to feel when they find out that their little girl, did not go to a party but she went to commit suicide in the river near the forest.

As Sheryl struggled to pull herself up; a magical power kept on pushing her down into the river to suffocate but strangely enough, She felt like it also helped her to not die.

You will not die; said a woman’s voice, You were destined to be two and one of you will keep you alive. she was trapped with her brother in the same body, although the brother has the argue of being a woman, he does not know that he is one with two souls that have two sexual identities.

Your purpose to help separate the two will give you a new goal in life and you will not die but live life the way you choose. Although you will not remember as long as your Cheryl in your body. As the voice continued, Sheryl wondered if she was already dead and she was hearing fellow dead people like.

Sheryl Sheryl; shouted the voice, are you hearing me. there is a secret and deep path that two young children like you are bonded to take but in order to take the path and pass it. Cheryl has to come to life and cause a division between those two people. When the mission is done, you will be given back to your body and will go back to your family and friends.

Sheryl continued suffocating until she thought its a good deal if I am alive but am dead, I will not benefit but she had no option but agree with the condition that was played before her in order to repent for her stupid mistake of trying to commit suicide.

After a period of 2 hours, Sheryl has Saved from the water, she was taken a beautiful house near the forest. it was a small house but with a beautiful garden, the garden has white and red flowers around it and it was colored in white paint and brown, I was all built with wounded doors and glass windows. it has a backyard that is filled with different kinds of pots and different dolls for both men and women.

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