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“Hello, I called this afternoon regarding my niece, Melissa Brooks” Her aunt was talking to the owner of the rehab facility. Melissa Brooks was sent to rehab since she couldn't deal with the loss of her parents and her brother. She would never leave her room; she would just tuck herself away in the corner, barely eating and seeing no reason to live. Christopher Holland worked alongside his mother, Julie Holland, in the rehab facility. He was assigned to a new girl. He had to look over her, make sure she was safe.

Romance / Other
Anahita R
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p r o l o g u e

She moved in with her aunt. She had nowhere else to go. She was twenty-one and was old enough to live by herself but everyone knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

She never left her room. Every hour her aunt would knock, asking if everything was okay but she would never respond.

She blocked out the whole world, not letting anyone break the barriers she put up for herself.

She was never the same after she lost her family.

She never talked, barely ate and rarely left her room. She was alone.

Her family wasn’t rich, nor poor. They had everything they needed to live a happy life, until one day, there was nothing.

She was nothing.

She was broken.

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