The girl, who didn't look down

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Bad girl up with a bad boy. What will happen, when things get in heat? Who can make it? Or who will surrender? Read the story and find out. This is a story of an Indian girl, who lives in Chicago. She is quite a bad girl. She was trying to quite it but looks like the situation is not letting her. So far she is just kind and nice from her heart, well, if anyone can really reach it. Anyway, she is quite a bossy and complete authority in herself. She has some really dangerous secrets, secrets which can even cost many lives. But what will happen if the boss of the very dangerous gang, aka university's most hot and bad boy, will have something against her? Can she really protect herself and her secret from him and others? What are her secrets anyway? This completely is a love story of a bad boy and bad girl. In this story, things are a bit heated. Love of another level can be found in this story. Just give a chance you'll never regret it.

Romance / Mystery
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Bran and his gang

Aisha’s Pov


I loudly dashed the alarm clock on the ground and rolled to my left side getting more comfortable. As I was about to sleep again, I noticed that my sister hasn’t come here to wake me up. Well, that’s surprising now, because not a single day would have gone when she wouldn’t wake me up, by saying out loud “Wake your lazy ass, before I tear it apart.”

And then I realized that I have shifted to my new home. I sighed and rubbing, opened my eyes. Even though all the curtains were closed, but still, one can see that the room was brightening by sunlight. I sat up on the bed and started to remember things from before.

My father brought me this eight bedroom, two stories house. Now you will think that it’s too much, right? Well, no, not for my parents. I have arrived here just tomorrow night and haven’t got a chance to look around.

I groaned getting up and went to a door attaching to this room assuming it would be the bathroom. Yep, I haven’t even decided my room yet. When I opened it, I sighed in relief. It was bathroom indeed. I noticed everything was in their place, means father have made everything done in advance.

I started to brush my teeth and looked myself into the mirror. ’My god, you look like a soldier, who has back directly from the battlefield’ I said to myself.

I thought I should take a shower first and then go to university. I chuckled at the thought that I have finally finished my school in India and now I am here in the US for higher studies.

You guys guessed it right, I am here in Chicago, just to study and I live here, alone. I took a quick shower and went to my suitcase, back in the room. I started to look for a perfect outfit.

I am not a girly girl neither a tomboy or emo. I am just me, so I get dressed in the most comfortable way. That is a white oversized hoodie and short shorts. I looked myself in the mirror and started to doubt myself.

I don’t want anyone to think I am crazy or a weirdo or something like that so I think I shouldn’t go with my style. But then again I can’t be comfortable without my style.

I sighed and looked outside the window observing my neighbors and a thought popped up in my mind saying ′This is America, you can get dressed any way you like.’ And with that, I smiled to myself. I took my phone and my backpack. I picked a pair of white shoes which match my hoodie very well and went out of the house with my car keys.

When I entered the car, I came to know I don’t know where my university is. ′Ahh...this is gonna be a long day.′ I said to myself.

------At university----

I hold my schedule in my hands and sighed. ′Great, just great Aisha, you get lost on your first day and also late for the first class. What a great person you are’ I cursed myself internally.

I kept walking, through up and down from floor to floor. ′Why this university has to be this big?′ I asked myself. All the hallways were empty since most of would be in their classes expect me, who has been lost. The lady at the office has told me that someone would come to take me on a round of the area, no one ever did.

After like more of fifteen minutes walking I stopped and finally gave up. Maybe I could wait until all the classes end and with that thought started to look around the place. As I was walking through a hallway, I suddenly heard a crying. I frowned, I thought everyone would be in classes.′ I thought to myself. But it could be someone who needs help and I can’t help but follow the sound.

I followed the noise and end up outside the boy’s washroom. I frowned and thought that even if someone is in there, they must be having someone to help.

Actually, I don’t want to in a boy’s toilet. Why would I? If some see me, they would think I am a pervert creep and I don’t want to destroy my reputation, on the very first day, which I know won’t be lasting long if somehow my secret came out. But I would never let it though. With that thought, I started to walk away.


I heard and that was it for me. Forgetting everything from before, I burst open the door with a great Bang! sound and what I saw was out of my imagination.

There was laying, on the floor, a pink-haired boy. His mouth was spitting blood. He was clenching his stomach and was looking at me with painful eyes. Around his, stood three really Macho (muscled) boys. I didn’t even have time to look at them as I lunged towards the smaller boy, who was now half sitting.

I quickly pulled him in my arms and he clung on to me, for his dear life. He buried his head in my neck like his all problems would disappear by that.

Then I heard “Listen, little girl, you don’t need to come between us or you would end up like him.” I looked up to those bastards.

A blond with blue eyes, who was tall of all, said “Didn’t hear what I say? Move!” He yelled at the last part, making the boy flinch in my arms.

'Oh man! This is just making me angrier.' I said to myself. As I was about to say something another grey eye and raven-haired one said “Why? Why are you ruining our fun, Bran? With this little chick, it could be more fun.”

Then another with slightly long hair and brown-blond haired said: “What are you talking, man?”

I sighed to my confusion and said, “Listen, um...guys...whatever you are wrong and you should not bully anyone.” For a moment there was a pin-drop silence, then they burst into fits of laughter.

'please stay calm for the boy in my arms' I told myself. After a long laugh, they calmed enough to talk and Bran, as I assume the brown-haired have pointed him, said: “It’s enough little girl, now, let us finish our work.”

With that, he approached for the boy and I moved to my back and whispered in boy’s ears “No matter what happens just close your eyes and listen to music.” I handed him my headphones which were in the pocket.

The boy said “B-but...” But I interrupted him with “please.”

But before I could say another word, I was dragged by Bran’s arm. He made me face him and said: “Now, now, now, you’ll pay for wasting our time.” I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want poor boy to be afraid of me, I peeked at my back to only find the boy with my headphones on his ears and eyes closed.

I smirked and moved towards Bran and his gang. I said “Let the fun begin...

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