Guns and Roses

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"You can't love me no one can," I say when I look at him. "I can love and I am going to love those kids like they are mine," King said. "I love you" Queen Becker is a funny bad girl that has a bad pasted that she is trying to get away from. So she and her best friends and kids movie too and a new town to have a better life after she was kicked out of her house. King Parker is a gang leader of the Guns and Roses the most badest gang in the world. He also has a bad past he trying to get away from but he did it by drinking or kill people. What happens when these two people meet? What happens when There past started to catch up to them? Will they stay and help each other or hurt each really bad?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I woke up to the soon to Michael yelling at me. “Get Down Here You Worthless Bitch”. I overslept, I forgot to make these pigs food. I got out of bed knowing if I don’t they are going to come to get me an hurt me more. So I got a dress. Then go downstairs to see no one there. So I go back upstairs to wake up my kids, yes I said, kids. “Wake up Mai and AJ,” I said when I walk into my 4 years old’s room. I see them roll over when I walk into there room.

“Do I have to mommy” I hear heard AJ say when I see Mai set up.

“Yes, you have to AJ. You have to get ready for school”. So it took me an hour to get AJ out of bed and when I did that I had seen Mai all dress and ready for me to do her hair. So I got AJ dress too.

Then I sent them downstairs and made my way to my 2-year-old room. BTW if you are wondering where their dad is well he is the one the only Michael and yes he raped me because he said it was fun. But anyway back to my baby girl Starlight when I walk in she is playing with her toys.

" Hey, baby how you doing ” I got her dress and ready for the day because both of us have a lot of things to do today.

I go downstairs to see my best friends cooking for the kids and me. Don’t you just love your best friends? Anyway, their names are Lucas and Marcus and they are handsome but they are gay and have boyfriends but I never meet them.

" Hey guys,” I said when I walk in the kitchen and set my baby girl by her brother and sister.

“Hey Queen,” the twins said at the same time which scared the hell out of me all the time.

“What are you guys still doing here? Don’t you guys have to be at school.” I ask when I sat down at the table.

“Yeah but we wanted to be here for our best friends birthday and spend the rest of the day with her” I hear Lucas say and Marcus nods his head.

“Okay, so where are we going today,” I ask when I finished eating and look at them.

“We are going to get you the hell out of this place. So you and the kids can have a better life” Lucas said but pretty much yelled at me. But already know what I am going to say because I gave them the look. You know that look when the person says something wrong and you give them that look. Yeah, that’s the look I gave him.

“We know we know it is not going to work this time and will never happen” I hear Marcus say in a girl voice which sounds really bad. That made the kids laugh and I smile.

----------------------------3 hours later--------------------------

So the guys said that they were going to come with me today and go out with the kids. We went out and had fun. But when I look at the time I had to go and make dinner Michael party and hang up all the lights.

“Guy’s we got to go,” I say while picking up a sleeping Starlight and getting the kids into the twin’s car. I know it may look like I am overreacting but last time I was late to do anything for Michael he did something to Mai and I am not letting that happen aging because my baby doesn’t even talk anymore. She only talks to AJ because he was the only one there at the time and when I found out that was the lasted time I was ever going to be late for something that involves him.

" We have time Queen we have 6 more hours till the party” I hear the twins say at the same time which scared me aging. But when they say that I gave them a look that made the, get butts in the car and stay quiet the whole ride to the house where the party was. Okay, today is my birthday too but they won’t care at all. They never do.

So happy birthday to me ._. ........................ I guess

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