Of Nerdy and Emo

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‘Ah, yes, homeroom. What a delightful time to sit at a desk and do nothing.' This is just a simple story of High school student Lilly Datser. She always sat in the back listening to her music, but one day that all changed. A new kid named Creed Cornwall comes to Lilly's school and tries to befriend her. Will she befriend him back? Will they develop stronger feelings than that of a friend? What else will happen between these two teens? Find out in my first actual book, Of Nerdy and Emo.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: New "Friend"

I sat in my room reading one of my favorite books. My long brown hair flowed into my crystal blue eyes while my head was bent down, trying to read the text. My room wasn’t all fancy like everybody else’s, but I really could care less of what everybody else thought of my room. Along the walls of the room were posters from my favorite anime, bands, and movies; pieces of clothing were strung around the room and messy bookcases were everywhere. The bed was along the wall closest to the bathroom for easy access. It had six pillows, a black comforter, and sheets. I finally got off my bed and went downstairs. Today was the first day of school. What a dreary time for high schools across America and the whole world.

To be honest, I absolutely hated school. Not because of the students or the kids that threw horrible insults at her, it was because of the teachers just nagging on about stupid shit that we won’t use in the future, ever. I slowly trudged down the long staircase to the kitchen. Once in there, I found my parents and little brother, Tobi.

“Good morning, ready for the first day of your sophomore year?” My mother asked with her usual smile plastered on her face.

“No,” I stated as I grabbed my backpack and got ready to go out the door.

“Why not, I thought you loved school.” My mother asked.

“I use to love school back when I gave a shit what happened in my life,” I said in a monotone voice and a blank express on my face.

“Language!” Dad said while drinking his tea and continues the game he was playing with Tobi.

“Whatever, I guess I will go to school. Bye.” I responded while turning around to exit the house.

“Love you, sweetie. Don’t do anything stupid.” Mom and dad said in sync.

I walked out of the house and started down the long and treacherous walk to high school. Well, I don’t call it that, I like to call it hell or prison. The reason for that is because you can’t go outside. Whenever you try, alarms will sound and you will most likely get detention. I have no friends so I just walk to school by myself. I use to have friends but they either moved or became popular and left me for a better life. I didn’t mind the silence that much or better yet, the music that came from my earbuds.

As of right now, I have the earbuds in listening to one of the best songs ever, My Demons by STARSET. When I first heard the band, I was watching a random AMV and heard the song. I then fell in love with both the song and the band. After ten long minutes, I arrived at Hell. I walk in taking my earbuds out and started toward homeroom.

‘Ah, yes, homeroom. What a delightful time to sit at a desk and do nothing because of 1. I don’t have friends and, 2. My homeroom is full of a bunch of idiots.’ I think as I take my seat in the middle of Ms. Lancaster’s homeroom.

For the first few minutes of homeroom, Ms. Lancaster talked about the stupid packets that our parents must sign and return EVERY YEAR! Finally, after her long spew, she let them talk and hang out. I just stuck my earbuds back in my ears and pushed the play button.

While in the middle of Rising by Skillet, the bell rung for the 1st period to start. Just saying the hallways were crowded as fuck! There were people making out with their girlfriend/boyfriend like they won’t see each other in their next class period, people just standing in the way, and people at their lockers. I just shoved through the crowded hallway to my 1st period, Health.

I finally made it to the classroom after shoving my way through the people that were making out right in front of the Health room.

“Hey you, say excuse me next time, ’kay?” said the boy that was just making out with his girlfriend.

“Maybe you should go make-out with your girl somewhere else besides in front of the Health room,” I yelled back at the said boy.

He just glared daggers at me, said something to the girl and walked off. I just shrugged and went to an open seat. I plopped down and turned to the desk at the front of the classroom. On the desk, there was a nameplate with the name ‘Mr. Moon’ on it.

The said man was sitting at his desk messing with his cell phone, most likely playing Pokémon GO. Why Pokémon Go you may ask because he looks like a nerd. For starters, he was wearing a Pokémon t-shirt, secondly, he had thick glasses, shaggy blonde hair, and dull black-brown eyes and lastly, he looked like he just came back from a long jog.

“Hello, students. Sorry for the messy appearance, I just got back from catching a Charizard down at the gas station,” he said as he got off his chair and started to walk around the classroom.

‘I knew it he is a nerd!’ I thought as Mr. Moon started class.

The phone started to go off in the middle of class. Mr. Moon abruptly paused class to answer the phone.

“Hello. Ah, yes. Please send him down. Okay. Okay. I’ll send someone. Okay. Bye.” He hung up the phone and scanned the class.

“You!” he said while pointing straight at me. “Can you go down to the office and show the new kid around?” he asks me.

“Sure, whatever teacher man.” I got up, grabbed my bag, and plugged in the earbuds. I walked the halls to the front of the building to where the office was. I opened the door to the office to find the secretary, the principal, and a weird looking kid.

The kid had blonde hair, baby blue eyes, rounded glasses and was wearing black skinny jeans along with a black jacket and Spiderman t-shirt. He honestly looked like your average day nerd and/or emo, but mostly nerd.

“Hello, Ms. Daster. I didn’t think your teacher would pick you for this job. Anyway, this is our new student, Creed Cornwall. He moved here from New York and is looking to find new friends here in West Virginia.” The secretary just smiles after she finishes her introduction of the new kid. The new kid looked kind of awkward standing there while the principal, the secretary, and I stared at him.

“Well, Ms. Daster, please show Mr. Cornwall around the school and please don’t play the god-awful music of yours. I don’t want you to corrupt our new student.” She looked me dead in the eye.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said as I saluted the secretary. I then took my arm with Creed’s and started to march towards our next destination, the cafeteria.

“This my friend is the cafeteria or what we call, hell’s den. You may be asking yourself ‘Why do they call it hell’s den?’, well, this is where most people hang out and plus we call this loveable school, Hell.” I told Creed with hand motions and everything.

“Why exactly do you call it Hell? So far I like it here.” Creed said as we started to walk again.

I turned around and glared at Creed. “How can you like this place? The food sucks, all the kids here are snobby and make fun of the weaker, and the teachers don’t give a damn about anybody else but the popular kids.” I turned around and stalked off to my classroom leaving Creed to fend for himself.

I marched all the way to her second-period class and plopped down in my assigned seat. No one said or did anything, they just went on with class. After what felt like hours, the bell rang and I walked to my next class.

When I got there, I saw just the person I didn’t want to see at that moment, Jim Markson. He was the top dog at school. He was the bully, the best player on the football and basketball team, and an overall asshat. We used to be childhood friends until elementary school started.

I sat in my seat and waited for the teacher to begin the stupid lecture, but before the teacher could open her mouth, a student walked in. I realized that it was the new kid I was supposed to show around the school.

“Excuse me, where I am supposed to sit?” he asked the teacher. The teacher scanned the room looking for an empty seat. Her eyes stopped right in front of me.


“You may sit there, Mr...?” the teacher said while pointing right where her eyes were.

“Oh, sorry for being so rude. My name is Creed Cornwall. I’m from New York City, New York.” He said with an awkward smile. All I could hear were whispers throughout the entire classroom.

Most of the people in West Virginia never leave the comfort of their own home let alone a different state. He slowly made his way to his new seat. Creed looked where I was sitting and tried to say hello, but I just ignored him.

“Alright students, it’s time for class to start. Today we will be talking about MATH!!” said the teacher as she clapped her hands to together and started to pass out packets the size of textbooks.

“You will have the rest of this class period to finish this packet. Your time starts NOW!”

I flipped open the packet and just looked at it.

Question 1:

If tickets to the newest STARSET concert cost $13.50 with 50% off every 3 tickets, then how many could you buy with $240?

’I have a feeling I will like this teacher,′ I think to myself as I start on the problem.

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