Of Nerdy and Emo

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Chapter 2: The Cornwalls

After the long packet of math problems, I got up and turned in the packet to the teacher’s desk. I was the first and probably the only one who will finish the whole entire packet.

“What else would you like me to do, Mrs. Teach?” I asked with a hint of childishness in my voice.

“You can just sit back in your seat and do whatever you like if it doesn’t disturb the other students. Oh, and please address me as a teacher and not one of your friends.” The teacher told me with an unamused look on her face.

I nodded my head and walked back to my seat. I sat down and took out my phone to listen to music and check the time. ′It is seriously only 9:00? How is this possible? I still have 30 minutes in this class!′ I thought as I checked the time on the phone.

I went to the music app and clicked on a song. The lyrics started to flow into my ears via earbuds. It was one of Downplay’s songs titled Won’t Let Go. My choice in music mostly revolved around STARSET and Skillet. Those were my two favorite bands of all time.

I have been in love with music ever since I was little. It was basically my safe haven. Whenever I was sad, angry, or scared, I would just stick in my earbuds and listen to music until I felt better.

After a few minutes, Creed stood up and went to turn in his packet. ′How in the world can he be done?!?! I’m usually the only one that ever finishes it!!′ I thought as Creed comes back to his seat. He just smiles and waves his hand at me. I just ignored him and pulled up Wattpad. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Creed turn back around and pull out his phone.

You shouldn’t have been so rude to him, Lilly!′ I thought to myself as I flipped through all the new fanfics of Bleach. I chose a random one and started to read it. Once in awhile, I found myself glancing over to see what Creed was doing with his free time. He had put down his phone and now was drumming out random beats on the desk.

Dear god!! I can hear it through my earbuds!! My volume is all the way up, too!!!′ I thought as I finished up the story on my phone.

The bell rang, all of the students got up and left the classroom. I stormed off to my next class. It went on for the rest of the day. In all my classes they gave them packets, Creed came in late, and I finished all my school work. I had every class with this annoying kid. I couldn’t stand him!! He was just so nice and shy! How can anyone be so nice!?

I finally got out of Hell around 3:45. I had stayed a little bit longer to talk to one of my former teachers, Mr. Howard. I had run into him while leaving the school and started up a conversation. Mr. Howard was the only teacher (so far) that I could trust and talk to. I missed having him as a teacher, whenever I had a problem, he would listen to me and give me some advice.

When I got home, I was greeted by Creed, an older looking version of Creed, and a little girl. They all sat in the living room along with my parents and little brother.

“Hello, Lilly. I’m glad you are home. I would like you to meet our new neighbors,” Mom said as she walked up to me.

“What are they doing here?!” I yelled looking Creed dead in the eye. He kind of looked scared for a little bit, but then calmed down.

“They came over because we invited them. That is Pete Cornwall. The other two are his kids, Creed and Rose. Creed is in your grade and Rose is in 5th grade.” Mom informed me.

“Okay. Hello, my name is Lilly Daster. It is nice to meet you,” I said with a fake smile plastered on my face. The Cornwall family waved back.

“Let’s eat. The food should be ready by now.” Mom said as she walked into the kitchen.

Everybody followed her into the kitchen. Tobi and I started to set the table for seven people. Our mother and father started to place the food on the table and then sat down beside each other.

The Cornwalls followed suit. The seating arrangement went like this; at the head was my dad, to his right was my mom, Pete, and Rose. To her father’s left was Tobi, me, and finally, Creed. Let’s just say it was very awkward between Creed and me.

After what happened at school today, I never wanted to see his face. Even though the reason for not wanting to speak or see him was petty, I still couldn’t stand him. He was just too nice and kind. He would easily be stomped on by the bullies of Hell. I used to be that way too until I hit middle school. That’s when everything happened. But that’s a different story.

The conversation between the adults was politics. ′Ugh!! Politics are so stupid!! Who cares what party you are a part of?!′ I thought as the conversation kept dragging on. ′Maybe I should start to talk to Creed.

“Hey,” I said it so quietly that he didn’t even hear me. ′Abort mission! Abort mission!′ I decided just to keep quiet and listen to the conversation. I found myself looking at Creed. He sat there doing nothing. He didn’t eat, talk, move, hell I wasn’t sure if he was breathing!

After everybody was finished, they moved the conversation to the living room. They talked for another hour. Tobi, Rose, and I started to play a game of Uno. The game went on forever! Creed didn’t do anything, he sat and listened.

“Hey, big brother. Do you want to play with us? We’re starting another round.” Rose asked her brother.

“Hmm. I guess.” He stated and got on the floor with the rest of us. At the end of the evening, Creed ended up winning. I felt really awkward around him, during that Uno game, I felt that I could at least speak to him during school.

The Cornwalls left after the game was over. I marched up to my room to go to bed. I was mentally and physically tired and only wanted to go to bed. As I closed my eyes, I thought of what school would hold for me tomorrow. For the first time in forever, I wanted to go to school.

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