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His Detested Wife

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"I hate you! I detest you! Did you hear me?!", I shouted at her but she didn't step back. She was stubborn. And that is why I hated her. Nothing in the world compares to Neil Parker's hatred and disgust towards Akansha Goenka but somehow she is adamant. She loved his more than he can hate her. But will her love ever win over his hatred? NEIL PARKER was nothing less than an arrogant, rich man who wouldn’t mind enjoying his life with any girl except Akansha Goenka. His charm and good looks could make any girl fall for him. He was definitely proud of that. The one person he hated more than anything in the wide world was Akansha Goenka. AKANSHA GOENKA was the kind of girl every man would want. Beautiful, smart and caring. Her love for Neil was true but to him she was nothing more than just a disgusting person who he hated more than anything. But for her, he was everything. When Neil is forced to marry Akansha he is all set to be her ruin but could his detestment towards her ever win over her true love for him? Epigraph: “She loved him... He detested her.. Until he realised what her love meant to him..” Playlist : Thousand Years | Christina Perry Love Story | Taylor Swift Can’t Help Falling In Love | Elvis Presley Wrecking Ball | Miley Cyrus Steal My Girl | One Direction Girls Like You | Maroon 5

Romance / Humor
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The Ball

'Stop walking like that Neil! People will laugh at you!', I yelled at myself mentally as I walked up to the center of the hall hand in hand with the Girl I detested the most. Nevertheless, I must look good!

We took our positions and I had to look towards her eyes ( because we were doing waltz). I never liked her, she was just disgusting! People thought she was the best creation of God!

Just a theory though because even God would not disagree that I was his best piece of work with the most enchanting personality in London Except that great enchanting personality, I was tall, dark and definitely handsome.

And she, Akansha Goenka, daughter of a rich man with so - called beautiful eyes, fair complexion, wonderful voice and an amazing dancer was good enough for any Prince Charming but definitely not for me. I hated her from the very start and I still do and I am sure I'll continue.

I, Neil Parker was compelled to dance in the Christmas eve with her because my father though she would make a great daughter in law for him. My father was an administrative worker for the British Monarchy and her father seem to be very close to the Queen (so now you know why she would make a 'great daughter in law for my father)

Mr. Jaydrath Goenka, unlike the great freedom fighters of India, kind of liked the British and after the India's independence shifted to Britain with his family and now, after sixty years I was suffering with this girl, all thanks to him.

Soon the music stopped and we walked away from the centre with a huge round of applause (which was well deserved I must say, for dancing with such grace with a girl I detested).

I could see my dad, Mr. Jason Parker and her father, Mr. Arvind Goenka smiling at us.

The girl seemed to like all that but definitely not me!

Once my father had told me that she liked me very much and wanted to marry me and I had just denied to the though of marrying her also!

As of her liking me, I knew it since the time we were at school, in fact she had proposed me also but all I ever did was reject her but she seems to stubborn.

I still don't understand why she would like to marry a person like me, maybe just because she wanted to play with fire and I would be very happy to burn her I must say.

As the spot light went into another couple I left her hand with a jerk as she looked at me astonished. I walked to straight to my dad who seemed to still look happy and gleeful.

" I'm not marrying her dad! ", I said with a stiff voice, though soft.

" You should, Neil. She is really a good girl and most importantly she loves me. ", he said trying to explain his point.

I kept quiet looking at my friend, Arthur and his girlfriend, Rachel dance gleefully.

It was quarter to twelve, that was only fifteen minutes before my dad announced mine and Akansha's marriage. I had always wished I would marry a girl like Cinderella, had never dreamed of marrying the most irritating girl I have ever seen in my life.


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