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His Detested Wife

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The Disgraceful Announcement

Time seemed to pass really fast as I stood motionless beside my father.

Soon glasses rose as the clock ticked to twelve. It was Christmas!

If thus was any other day I would have been jumping around (because I love Christmas) but today I didn't do anything except sipping my wine nervously as my father walked up to the centre of the hill with a mic.

" Merry Christmas Ladies and Gentlemen!", he begun.

" Thank you for accompanying me and my family tonight. It is time that I announce the real reason of this large party except Christmas of course. I announce the marriage of my beloved son, Neil Parker with Akansha Goenka! ", he said gleefully as the spotlight turned towards me. Just then I realized that Akansha was standing right beside me! I wonder what she is, human being or some ninja.

I gave a forced smile as she held my hand. There was a round of applause as people looked at us and smiled.

I don't understand what is their to smile when it comes to marry, do married people smile because they are having pity on us?

I think so. I looked at Akansha, she seemed so happy with herself as she looked up at me.

I immediately looked away. I didn't want her to think that I was happy about this, because I wasn't at the slightest!

Next morning I woke up still not quite awake.

Just then mom walked in,

" Good morning, Neil. ", she said with her signature smile on.

" Good morning. ", I said yawning.

Just then it struck me, I should ask mom to stop this marriage from happening.

I begun,

" Mom, I wanted to say that.. I don't want to-", before I could complete my mom said,

" I know Neil! I know yesterday your dad announced your marriage with young Ms. Goenka. But please Neil, try and understand. Her father is very close to our respected Queen and if you become his son in law you know how respectable it will be, don't you? Please Neil. We have done everything we could do for you. Now it's your turn, Son. ", saying so she left smiling. Smiling Empathically.

One thing was sure, this marriage was inevitable.

As I went down to breakfast I was informed that my marriage is to be held tomorrow.. Really? Like you are being told one day before your marriage that you are marrying.

Nevertheless, the day ended in a blur and soon it was tomorrow, or rather the day I am marrying her.

The day I'm going to become a martyr for my family's respect.

I deserve a grand salute!

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