In love with my crush's brother?!

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What if you happen to fall for your crush's brother?! Crush- gives you sense of happiness, makes you feel butterfly in your stomach. Your eyes search for them and you have a stupid grin on your face when you see them. But what if you find yourself falling for your crush's brother?

Romance / Humor
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Amelea is our sweet, innocent shy girl who is always buried under books. In the name of friends, all she has is her books. She has a crush on the school's topper Josh. She just gets happy by looking at her name under his on the result board.

Luke, a guy with amazing voice, great singer of the school and with a great physique, basketball team's ace player, girls swoon over him. He is all rounder except in studies and he loves to defy rules, keeping teachers on their toes, a typical bad boy.

So what'll happen when she 'the good girl', crushing on 'the good guy' happens to fall for 'the bad boy' none other than her crush's brother?!

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