Lost Paradise

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"Paradise isn't a place. It's a feeling." Pearl Harper a sweet, hard working, normal girl like any other in the world. She was doing her usual same life routine when everything went south. Kidnapped from home, terrifed, she suddenly found herself left abandoned in a ally injured and shocked. Walking around to find help, the people look...differnt. They spoke...differently, not englsih at all. Finally she finds a city map, standing there paralyzed not believing her eyes what she read. She was no other than in... MADRID, SPAIN. Millions of miles away from home, no money, no phone, nothing, she was utterly lost and alone. Till a beautiful tall muscular man, with a beautiful face, along with a hot accent came to her resue.

Romance / Adventure
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"Hey! Grab table 6! Hurry they've been waiting!" My manager yells, moving around serving other customers

I quickly run to grab my notepad and a pen before standing right next to their table politely saying: "Hello, are y'all ready to order?"

I scribbled their order, running back to the chef handing the piece of paper. He taps the bell meaning other meals are ready. I grab them checking the number they belong to. Walking down the restaurant to table five to serve their meal.

"Here you go. Is there anything else you need?" I ask. They shook their head softly saying their good. I smile walking back to the front grabbing more menus for other customers walking in with the sound of the bell ringing indicating more people has stepped in.

I guess today is gonna be another long busy day.


"Good job ladies." The manager says. Grabbing his coat walking to the door, he shouts a goodnight before leaving.

All the other coworkers pack up ready to leave, back with their family or friends. I walk out the restaurant--happy I don't get to close the place today--walking down the dark street to my apartment. I sadly don't have any family or friends waiting for me back home. Never actually had a place to call home.

I was left at the orphanage when I was only two years old. Never did I remember my mom nor my dad, either did the ladies know about them. The only thing they left behind was my name Pearl Harper on a note; with long light brown hair along with caramel eyes.

Many would think I'll despise my parents for leaving me but I don't. I know they'll have a reason to leave their very own child behind. All I can say to them is thanks for giving me a life and to live through it, good or bad.

I cup my hands around my mouth, blowing hot air on my freezing cold hands, trying to keep them warm. I look up, a smile slipping away as I watch how beautiful the night sky is with all the small stars shining across the sky with clouds moving into the night.

I take a turn down a one way, street, almost close to the apartment building. I don't live far from the restaurant thankfully since I don't got the money to get any moving vehicle. Never did I had the chance to even finish high school, dropping out half way through my senior year.

Just because I started off bad in life doesn't mean I gotta go through life bad.

That's my thought at least. Many start off life with a perfect family and good money and still don't find their way around life, wondering where to go next.

I rub my arms together trying to get more warm. December never was my favorite month nor is the season. I've never been a cold weather person, I always prefer spring. Unlike winter, spring brings new life and beginnings but winter ends them.

Taking another turn just a block away from the apartment, something suddenly raps around my mouth keeping my voice shut. I shift around trying to get lose from the strong iron grip around my body.

I look around trying to see if anyone was there to help but no one was there. Living in the run down area like this always is a bad place but was the only place I can afford.

A man appears from the shadows having a dark bag in his hands quickly walking toward me. He tries placing the bag over my head but I kept shoving around making it harder for him.

The man behind me pulls me more to the dark ally corner to hide us in the dark. I scream but only muffled sounds come out. I felt my eyes sting with soak tears ready to fall down.

The second man seeming tired of the struggling punches me in the gut feeling as if someone threw a brick at my stomach. I groan in pain dropping to my knees no more able to fight back. The man behind takes advantage, taking a strip of duck tape covering my mouth from any sound.

The other man also takes advantage placing the bag over my head covering me from the world. I hear hush whispers but couldn't understand a word they said, they must've speak another language.

I was suddenly picked up thrown over a shoulder feeling my body hang like a bag of potatoes. I hear a beep from a car and doors sliding open before feeling pain on my side being throw in.

I felt of them roughly pull my arms back trying them up along with my feet. Once done they slam the door shut hearing their quite voices again.

The car roar to life the man driving stepping on the gas hard making the car stir crazy down the street making hard turns. Every turn made me roll over hitting myself with something, I'm guessing I'm in the back of a van with all the open space there is.

The crazy driving finally stops, now going smoothly straight, once in a while moving left or right.

My aching body has started numbing me slowly feeling myself falling asleep. I try moving around to loosen myself from the tight ropes but it was useless. I couldn't kept going as much as I wanted to my body was so tired from today's work like always.

Before I knew it, my eyes were slowly closing, no more could I fight back the sleepiness, till the very last thing I hears was the men mumbling words only catching a phrase:

"La temenos."
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