Embracing Fate

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Fate found them, then released them; four years later they meet again. Can they embrace what Fate has planned for them now? Cole Knight was my first love…my only love. We were only seventeen, but our relationship was deep and so intense it was almost unreal. Cole brought me back to life. He protected me and taught me how to fall in love. When tragedy struck his family he had to leave me. On our last night together, we shared something so beautiful and magical, that my life changed forever. I prayed for Cole to return to me, and had started to give up hope when he showed up at my door four years later. When I had to leave Willow, I knew I would come back. She was the one and the only girl I would ever love. Letting her go was not an option. I would never get my heart back, and I didn’t want it back. It belonged to her. When I discovered her secret, I knew it was time to go back home. Back to her, back to them.

Romance / Drama
Amanda Jensen
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Those eyes have haunted me for the past four years. Those beautiful sea blue eyes, the last time I truly saw them was the last night we spent together, the night that everything changed.

Willow doesn’t know I discovered her secret. I found out by complete accident. You see sometimes when I’m lonely and ache for her, or when I feel her picture fading from my memory, I look up her social media page. I don’t stalk her page; I just like to see how her life turned out. She is still the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I’ve had plenty of chances to date women but after Willow, I never found anyone who completed me. One night when I was feeling all that familiar loneliness stir up I fired up my computer and found her page. The picture on her profile was the first picture I had seen of her and this little girl.

They were at some kind of dance program; the little girl was dressed in a green and blue polka a dot dance costume. My eyes couldn’t leave Willow’s face though. She looked great; in fact, she looked more than great. She looked happy but there was still something missing in her eyes. Her hair was different then I remembered it.

She had cut it shorter; now the length was right below her ears. She looked so much older and more beautiful, motherhood looked good on her. I wondered if she had a man in her life. I didn’t see anything on her profile about being married or in a relationship, but, some people don’t share that info. She still lives in Utah which was good.

My eyes wandered back to the little girl, she was smiling. There was something about that smile that caught my attention. I clicked on the picture to make it look bigger, I zoomed in and was shocked by her eyes, they were the same dark chocolate brown as mine, and her skin tone matched mine.

Everything about this girl seemed familiar, she had the same hair color as Willow but was pulled up into a bun so I couldn’t tell much from that. She looked like Willow but is a spitting image of me.

I pulled up the picture I have of Bridget when she was that age. My mom always told that we looked identical and if by chance this little girl is who I think she is then this will help confirm that. I look at both pictures and study them; minus the hair, they could be the same person.

“It couldn’t be possible!” I say out loud, then I do the math and figure out that Willow must have gotten pregnant that last night together. It would make sense since we weren’t careful that night but then there was the first time, on my eighteenth Birthday. That was unplanned as well and no one came prepared. We just got caught up in the moment both times.

I had taken her to my Dad’s cabin. It could have been then too since they were within a couple weeks. I read the caption under the picture it says,

Payton’s first dance recital ( four years old). My first question is why didn’t she tell me? We talked for over a year so why didn’t she tell me?

I know what I need to do, I need to go home and start my family with the women who stole my heart four years ago. The other question that remains is does she want the same thing?

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