Embracing Fate

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Chapter 13-Cole

We had a great time at lunch with my parents and Bridget, They already loved Payton but they loved her even more in person. Bridget was the most doting and caring Aunt and they hit it off. After lunch, we all went our separate ways.

I took Willow back to her house and I went to the cabin to get things ready for tonight. I had ordered dinner from her favorite restaurant, it was the same thing we had the first night I brought her here.

I laid rose petals on the floor leading to the table. I set the table and put the food in the warmer. After everything is done I stop and look around the cabin and smile knowing that tonight will change my life.

After I finished at the cabin I drove back to my Apartment to shower and get ready, plus I left the ring there. I wasn’t going to carry it around me with all day. I pulled the black box out of my sock drawer and opened it up, I had this ring designed; it’s a similar pattern to the heart charm bracelet I gave her.

Its white gold with two outer hearts which are intertwined, with a heart in the middle. Both outer hearts are made of small diamonds and the middle heart, instead of it being your traditional diamond; it’s placed with a blue sapphire.

I picked the blue sapphire because it matches her eyes, and that was the first thing that I fell in love with. I closed the box and placed it in the pocket of my suit coat. I take another look in the mirror.

I chose to wear a suit, yes I know it’s taken a lot to get used to but hey I figure if I’m going to be a Doctor I’m going to have to wear a suit. I have a white dress shirt with a blue tie, the jacket and pants are black. Once I’m satisfied I grab my keys and leave my apartment. Within minutes I’m back at Willow’s house.

“Where are you taking me tonight?” Willow asks as we get in my car.

“It’s a surprise, my Love!” I close her door after she gets in her seat. I start up the car and Kids in Love by Sean Mendes is playing on the stereo. I heard this song a while back and it made me think of the first time I saw Willow so I had it planned that the song would be playing.

She sat quietly while she listened to the song and while I drove. She reached over and took hold of my hand. The majority of the drive was quiet. Willow seemed really nervous and I wondered if she knew.

“We're almost there,” I tell her. When I turn off the exit she frowned. She turned her eyes back to look out the window; she looked almost lost in thought.

“Baby, are you okay?” She takes a second to respond.

“Oh, yeah, I’m good. I’m just thinking about the last time we were here.” I know what she is thinking about. Once I’m off on the dirt road that leads to the cabin I pull over and turn to face her,

“Willow,” I run the back of my fingers down her face which causes her to shiver. “Sweetheart, please look at me.” She turns around and I see that she has been crying.

“I know what you’re thinking, and if I had any idea about what happened that night, I would’ve stayed here. I didn’t want to leave in the first place, I shouldn’t have left.”

“Are you leaving again?” She sniffles. “I mean I know you have to go to med school and your life back in California.” Willow and I had never really discussed what would happen if I didn’t get into U OF U. The only time this really got brought up was at dinner with Peter. I got the acceptance packet last week but was waiting till tonight to show it to her.

“Baby, I’m not going anywhere, I was saving this for later but I can share it with you now.” I pulled out a big white envelope from the glove box and handed it to her. She took out the stack of papers and read them. Once she finished she turned her face back to mine.

“You got accepted? Cole, that’s incredible!” She pulls me into a hug. “I can’t believe this, I mean you deserve it. U OF U Med School is nearly impossible to get into. I’m so proud of you; so this means you are staying?”

“Yes, Baby, you need to thank your Dad too, he helped make this happen, I applied before I knew about Payton. I needed to come home to you, our Daughter is just an added incentive.” She climbs over her seat and crawls in my lap and presses her warm mouth to mine.

“I love you, Cole.” She kisses me again. I pull away just because I know if I don’t stop now, we won’t make it to the cabin and I need to give her this ring before I can let this go any further.

“I love you too, Willow, but I need you to go back to your seat, so we can go.” She sees my discomfort and then her face turns a bright shade of red.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry!” She says while scrambling over me to get back to her seat. Once she is settled I pull back onto the road heading to our destination. We had about ten more minutes till we got there so I started talking about something Payton said. I figured talking about our Daughter would keep my brain distracted and it worked.

“We are here!” I said a little too excitedly. I get out of the car and go around to her side and help her out. I take her hand and walk her to the door. I kiss her and tell her to close her eyes, and then open the door when she does.

I go inside and tell her to keep them closed. Then move around like the flash on speed lighting all the candles. Once all that is done I go back to her, and drop to one knee then pull the ring box out of my suit coat. As I open the box I tell her she can open her eyes. She looks down sees the ring; her hand immediately covers the gasp.

“Willow, I’m going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl. The boy was only seventeen but he had lived three years of his life in hell. He didn’t have much purpose other than to stay around for his Mom and Sister.

He was going through the motions of the day just to get by; then one day he got transferred to a class, a class he didn’t really want to go to but the day he walked into that class his life began to have a purpose. You see he saw the most beautiful girl, he saw a girl who appeared so alone and sad, she seemed lost in the world, he knew there was something special about her and felt a connection.

He didn’t know what it was but he knew he needed to find out. So the boy went on a mission to get to know the girl, and over time he grew to fall for her. He hadn’t had the courage to talk to her but he started sending her little notes of encouragement.

"Then one day by luck the boy and girl got paired for an assignment and he knew his prayers had been answered.” I stop and gaze up to Willow, she has tears streaming down her face, but she is listening intently. These were things I never told her. I wipe away at my own tears and continue.

“I asked this girl out after the first day I talked to her but she broke my heart when she told me she couldn’t date.” Willow softly giggles and says,

“I never meant for that to happen.”

“I know.” I whisper “Anyway, she may have broken his heart but he wasn’t the kind of guy to just walk away, it was then and there he knew he had to fight for the girl, he could tell she had some major trust issues so he became her friend and was there for her. She eventually started to trust him and decided to open up to him; she told him all about her own personal hell and he made it his job to protect this sweet beautiful girl. Willow places her soft and warm hand to my check

“After a month or so of dating this girl and this boy shared something so intimate and it was beautiful, but shortly after that something horrible happened to the boy which resulted in him having to leave the girl. On that night the boy told the girl he was moving away, she gave herself to him one last time and then he left."

"What the boy didn’t know was that night the most beautiful gift he could be given was created. She gave him a Daughter; so the boy came back a healthy man ready to start his family."

"Willow, I know things haven’t always been easy for us, and I can’t guarantee that life won’t be any easier but I can promise I will always be here, right by your side. I’m not leaving you again. I’m signed on for eternity and then some."

"Willow Rain Johnson, I knew I wanted to marry you the day I met you but of course we were too young. Now we aren’t anymore.” I hear her sniffle and my own tears have started falling. I take the ring out of the box and place it on her finger

“Will you marry me?” I didn’t have to wait for an answer because Willow jumps into my arms and kisses me.

“Is that a yes Sweetheart?” I say through her kisses. She pulls away long enough to giggle but shouts

“Yes! It’s a Yes baby!”She goes back to planting kisses on my mouth. I take my hand and place it behind her head and deepen the kiss. Her heels clunk to the floor when I pick her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and without breaking the kiss, she takes off my jacket and tie.

I reach behind her and start unzipping her dress. I move over to the couch and lay her down, she shimmies out of her dress and lets it fall to the floor. Willow is laying there in her lacey black bra and underwear.

She’s vulnerable and it makes her sexy as hell, He silky blond hair is spread out giving her the appearance of wearing a crown, and her bare stomach is exposed to me; I take a finger and begin to caress her body, I lean down and place a kiss right above her navel.

She shivers and goosebumps begin to grow on her skin. When I reach the edge of her panties she freezes and her breathing picks up. I pull away long enough to make sure she is okay with this. Neither one of us has been with anyone else. She wouldn’t let me stay over or even kiss her when Payton was around, she didn’t want to get Payton’s hopes up about us and I understood.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask with a husky voice, “We can wait until we are married.” I had a feeling she was prepared for something to happen hence the lacy lingerie.

“Cole, you have been my one and only and it will stay that way. I love you and honestly, I’ve wanted this for a while so yes I’m okay. She reaches her hands up and starts unbuttoning my shirt, once she has finished with all the buttons she slides it off my shoulders and it falls on top of her dress.

I put my hand behind her head once again and pull her heaving chest against mine, I feel her warm breath on my lips as I press my lips to hers and slip my tongue in her inviting mouth. She reaches down and undoes the buckle on my belt then goes to work on my pants. I stand up and kick them off.

By this time she has her bra off and only her bottom half is barely covered in black lace. I go back to kissing her since I can't seem to get enough of her, then I pick her up and take her into the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and look at her once more to make sure she is okay, she says

“Please, Cole I need you!” I climb on the bed, I use my knee to spread her legs apart, and then I lay my body on top of hers. I place my hand on her hip and she lets out a moan, which causes my body to respond.

I let out a growl and press my lips to hers. I scrape my teeth against her lips, she opens up and I kiss her with everything I have and spent the rest of the night showing her just how happy she has made me.

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