Embracing Fate

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Chapter 14-Willow

The sun is peeking through the curtains and the birds are singing as I wake up and notice the other side of the bed is empty. I start to get up but he comes in the bedroom wearing only a pair of shorts, I roam my eyes down his body.

He is so deliciously sexy and he is all mine. I lick my lips as the memory of last night comes to the forefront of my mind. I look at those strong muscled arms and remember how he held me. Those arms I have always felt safe in. Cole noticed me checking him out and says,

“Like what you see?” He gives me that famous cocky smile and saunters over to me,

“Oh, if only you knew.” He struts over to me and I can't help but let out a giggle.

“I bet I have an idea; it’s probably the same thing I’m thinking.” Once he reaches me he says, “You look gorgeous sitting there like that.”

I’m holding the blanket up to keep my body covered and I’m not sure what he is intending to do when I glance up to see a hunger in his eyes.

He climbs on the bed and sits in front me, he gets up on his knees and kisses his favorite spot on my neck, then nibbles little kisses moving his way down and stops where the blanket starts. When he uses his a soft seductive tone it sends my libido into overdrive.

“I can’t wait till I can do this every morning. I can’t wait till I get to see your beautiful face waking up next to me, and I can’t wait to do this.” He crashes his warm lips to mine, he moves his hand down and bunches the blanket in his hand.

“Or this!” he yanks the blanket away and grins. I’m left there exposed and vulnerable. His eyes roam over my naked body while his hand is running over my legs and up my body and I feel that desire and need once again.

“Baby, you have no idea what you do to me.” He says as he climbs over me. He places his hands on my hips and helps me slide down and I stare into his eyes with the same hunger.

I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I hooked my toes into the waistband of his shorts and pull them off. When my feet rest on his bare skin, he shivers.

“Hmm,” I bit my lip flirtatiously “I might know!” I tease as I pull his face down to mine. The rest of the morning was blissful.

“We’re getting married!” I said sometime after. We were just lying in bed snuggling. I looked at my breathtaking ring. I held my left hand as I watched the reflection cast shadows on the wall on the ceiling.

“I never gave up hope on you coming back to me Cole but this all feels like a dream and the second I wake up my life will go back to the way it was before.” Cole pulls me closer and kisses my forehead.

“Willow I can assure you this isn’t a dream, I’m right here and I’m never leaving you again. Being here with you and knowing that you are going to be my wife is my dream come true. So please stop fretting and worrying. Everything will be great.”

“Okay,” I tell him. I snuggle in closer with my head resting on his chest. He started playing with my ring.

“I have been planning to propose for a while now, but I had to wait until this ring was ready. I created this design, the two hearts on the outer side represent us and the heart in the middle represents Payton. So two half hearts equal a full heart. I also chose the blue sapphire instead of a traditional diamond because you are unique Willow; I didn’t want to give you some traditional ring that you can just buy anywhere. The sapphire also reminds me of your eyes and they were the first thing I fell in love with.”

My tears fell on Cole’s chest, I hurried and wipe them away but Cole knew I was crying. He uses his hand and lifts my head so we are face to face.

“Do you like it? Why are you crying?” He uses the pad of his thumb to wipe at the tears.

“I do, I love it. I’m just crying because it’s truly beautiful and I love how you included Payton.”

“Baby, Payton makes us whole and finding out about her sooner is what brought me here. Of course, I would have come back to you but it might have been longer.” I reach up and place a small kiss to his lips.

“Thank You,” I add.

“For what?”

“For always loving me and for not being angry.”

“Truthfully, I was mad at first but after I had some time to think about it I understood. I’m sad that I missed out on so much of her first four years but now I have many more years to be a part of.” He pulls away from me and I’m left feeling cold.

“Where are you going?” I ask. He reaches over and gives me a quick kiss.

“I’m hungry and there is no food here. Get dressed and I’ll treat you to breakfast before we have to pick up our Daughter.” Cole smiles but gets a faraway look then looks back at me

“You know, calling her our Daughter just does something to me here.” He puts his hand over his chest. “I always knew I wanted to be a Dad and now that I am I love it, I love that little girl with everything I am."

"Being with her helps me have a whole new understanding of what struggles my dad went through while I was with my Mom when she was with Allan. I also understand why he shot Allan. I would do everything in my power to protect her.”

“She is our Daughter and she is something else isn’t she?” I ask “I love that you love her as much as I love her, and she definitely adores you. She’s been the one to never give up; she was the one who gave me hope."

"I don’t know what we did to be blessed with a wonderful girl, and together we can protect her from anything that gets thrown at her. Especially, if she meets a guy like her Daddy.” I giggle as I throw a pillow at Cole. He came back over to me and picked me up.

“A guy like me, Huh? I happened to think I’m a pretty great guy and handsome too boot.” He says while carrying me into the bathroom.

“Wow, who knew you were so humble!” I say through a fit of giggles. Cole sets me down and reaches over to turn on the bathtub faucet. He then picks me up again and gently sets me down in the tub.

“Oh, I’m humble enough!” The corners of his mouth form into a sexy smile and he struts over to the bathtub and climbs in behind me.

“We should set a date before we tell our families,” Cole says as he washes my hair.

“Oh yeah, we do have to do that don’t we?”

“Yes, Baby, we need to pick a date.” I turn around the best I could and face him.

“Tomorrow?” Cole smiles and chuckles.

“If I weren’t so afraid of our Mothers hunting us down and possibly you having regrets about not getting the wedding of your dreams I would say let’s go right now, but I can’t do that to you.”

“I was only Kidding Cole, but you should have seen your face.” Cole touched my hip and started to tickle me. I fought him enough that a puddle of water ended up on the floor so he stopped. “When are you thinking?”

“I was hoping in the next few months, I want to be married before I start med school so I won’t have to take any time off.”

“Payton’s birthday is in July, we could marry around her birthday. Summer breaks starts June first so a summer wedding would be perfect, I always wanted to be a Summer Bride.” Cole wraps his arms around mine and pulls me into his chest.

“I don’t know that I can wait four months Willow, I really want to marry you right now but if that is the best time I can wait.”

“I have an idea, there is a particular place I want to get married; it’s the same place my parents got married. Let’s see what dates they have available, and then we can pick one those dates okay and I need to check with Erin.”

“Ok” he nods “Sounds like a plan.” The rest of the morning was spent enjoying each other.

We didn’t leave the cabin until mid morning. Cole and I just couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves and every time we said we were leaving we would end back up in bed.

I’m not complaining though. After we picked up Payton at his Parents Hotel we drove back to my house. He said he wanted to spend some time with his family before they headed back to California. I agreed that would be nice for him.

He wanted Payton and I to come so I said we would but I needed to shower and change and I wanted to call Erin, I also needed to find out if the place I wanted was available.

I don’t want to wait four months to marry Cole, if I had my way we would be going to Vegas tonight but that’s not the kind of guy he is and he knows me well enough to know I would regret not having the wedding of my dreams.

We agreed to meet up at his apartment in two hours; I kissed him and exited the car. I got Payton and said bye to my fiancé. Is it such a crime to already to start missing him, missing his lips on mine, on my body?

I felt my face heat up as the memories of last night and this morning play in my head. I shake away those thoughts and walk in the house. The second I walk in the house I’m face to face with one very pissed off red head.

“Willow you have some serious explaining to do and you better get to it!” Erin demands. She looks down at my left hand then starts squealing. “He proposed and you didn’t call to tell me he was even back?” She looks hurt and I feel totally guilty for not telling her he was back.

“I’m sorry Erin, I was going to tell you when you got back from Europe but things just have a way of sneaking past me.” I confessed.

“He proposed last night and calling you was the last thing on my mind.” I smirk at her and it causes her to fall into a fit of giggling and squealing.

“You have to tell me how he did it! Was it amazing?”

“Ok, I will tell you but I need to lay her down first.” I gesture towards a sleeping Payton in my arms. I head into my bedroom and lay Payton down on our bed. I kiss her forehead and move out of the room.

Erin was sitting in the living room looking at her phone when I walk back in. “Where are Toby and my niece?” Erin looks up and puts her phone away

“They’re at Toby’s parent’s house. I wanted to spend some time with my Best Friend.” She gives me her all too famous you better spill look and that leaves me no other choice but to tell her.

“How much time do you have and what brought you here? Not that I’m not excited to see you but I’m a little shocked.”

“I have as much time as I need and Toby suggested I come see you. We haven’t seen each other in a long time and I missed you. I had no idea Cole was back though, and now he’s proposed?” She states

“I know Erin, I’m a crappy friend. I really should have called you. Things just happened so fast and I really have no excuse.” I groan. Erin stands up and heads in my direction, she pulls me in for a hug and I admit how much I’ve missed my Best Friend.

“Willow, it’s okay, I’m here now and we can talk about it.” She reassures. “I do want to hear it all though. How is with Payton and how is she with him?”

“Oh Erin, they just adore each other. They are practically inseparable and honestly, I’m kind of jealous of their relationship. He is great Dad. It makes me happy to see them together.”

“I’m so happy to hear that Will, I know how hard it has been for you. How did he react when he found out about Payton and wait…how did he find out about her?”

“Well, I have Toby to thank for that?” I laugh nervously

“What…my Toby?” She shrieks.

“Toby didn’t tell him, he was looking at my facebook page and saw the picture of Payton and me at her dance recital. I guess he did the math and figured out she was his. He called Toby to get confirmation and he told him. I’m not mad in fact I’m glad he told him. However, I didn’t know Cole and Toby still talked.”

“Oh..um..yeah, they have kept in contact. I’m so sorry we didn’t tell you, we decided we would tell you when you were ready to find him. I also didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to add more stress. You needed time to heal and so did he. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad Erin. How can I be mad when I’m happier then I have ever been. A lot of crap happened in the past but that’s all behind us. All we can do now is move forward and guess what? I'M GETTING MARRIED TO COLE KNIGHT!!!! Erin walks over and takes my hands in hers.

“I know!” We both start jumping like teenage girls. “Do you have a date set yet?”

“No, I wanted to see when you were available and I need to find out when The Tuscany has openings. My parents were married there and I’ve always wanted to get married in the same place as them.” Erin hands me my phone and says,

“What are you waiting for?”

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