Embracing Fate

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Chapter 2-Cole

Tonight I graduate from College; I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science. Two months ago I sent in applications for Medical School to fifty different schools; one of those schools is the University of Utah in Salt Lake.

That’s the one I’m hoping for but I’m not getting my hopes up seeing as that is one of the hardest schools to get into. Tonight can’t go fast enough, after the ceremony I’m going home to Willow and our Daughter.

After I discovered Payton I called up Toby and asked him about her. We talked for over an hour but said he couldn't tell me because he was sworn to secrecy or his wife would have beheaded him. I laughed because that would be Erin.

Before we hung up I told him I was going home and he gave me her address. I thanked him and promised to let him know what happens and then hung up.

I’m standing in line waiting for my name to be called, I’m really proud to be getting this diploma since four years ago I never expected to make it this far. I didn’t know if I would even be alive.

I look out at the audience and see my Parents and Sister watching me. I wave at them, but feel the ache in my heart; the other person I wish could see me today is not here but, I know she would be proud and excited for this new chapter of my life. I'm a better person now and I'm on my way to a better future.

“Cole Isaac Knight,” The Dean says and I walk up, he hands me my Diploma then shakes my hand.

“Congratulations. You will make an outstanding Doctor.

“Thank you, Dean.” I walk off the stage and back to my seat. When I get to my seat my friend Jacob pats my shoulder, he and I are in the same field and met in Psychology 1010.

He knows all about Willow and now Payton. He’s aware of how hard tonight would be for me since I would have rather been on the road going home but this was important for my Parents.

Graduation lasted another thirty minutes and I couldn’t get out of there any quicker. My parents took me dinner and then helped with loading up all my stuff. I sold my bike to my Dad so I could buy a car.

I decided that since I’m a Dad I need safer transportation. After dinner we all went back to their house, my parents remarried a year after everything with Allan went down. My Mom went to therapy and got the help she needed and it was the best thing for her. They are very happy now and that makes me happy.

I was just putting the last of my stuff in the trunk when my Mom comes up. “Cole, what are you going to do if she’s with someone else?” The thought of her with someone made me want to rip my heart out.

“I don’t know Mom,” I answer. “I guess as long as she isn’t married I’m going to show her that she belongs with me.” My Mother smiles and pulls me in for a hug,

“Go get your Girl’s,” she says as she pulls away. Dad comes out and gives me a hug as well.

“Be careful Son and please keep in touch with us. Here is the address for the Apartment I arranged for you. They’re month to month so if things don’t work out there you don’t have to stay. Although I have faith things will work out for you two.”

“Thanks, Dad.” I take the paper from him and get in my car. As I pull onto the road I roll down the window and say goodbye to my parents and sister who are standing in the driveway. My mom, of course, is crying and Dad is comforting her.

It took me almost two days to get to Utah and during that time I thought about what I would say when I saw Willow. Would she let me be a part of her and Payton’s life, I wondered if my Daughter knew about me and if she does what does she know? Does she think I abandoned her Mother?

All of these questions and more ran rampant in my head. By the time I reached the Utah border, I decided not to be angry at Willow. I needed to hear her out listen to her reasons. I’m sure she had good ones for holding this from me. The only thing I know for sure is the ache in my heart and the loneliness. I just can’t wait till I can hold her again. I’m just hoping she lets me.

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