Embracing Fate

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Chapter 5-Willow

Cole only stayed a few more minutes after he met Payton. He realized it was Girls night and didn’t want to interrupt. Cole said he would like to do something with us tomorrow and I agreed. We decided we would take Payton to the Aquarium. She was really excited about going but she was more excited that her Daddy was taking her.

The look on my little girl’s face when she saw Cole melted my heart. The way Cole interacted with her was far greater then I could have imagined. Only knowing about her for a short while his love for her is so apparent and that makes me happy.

Payton fell asleep halfway through the movie and was snoring away on her sleeping bag with Ellie snuggled against her chest. My Mom was still with me and it was obviously clear she wanted to talk to me about everything that happened. I bent down and covered Payton with a blanket and kissed her forehead. I looked over at my Mom who was smiling so big it made my cheeks hurt looking at her.

“What?” She was really starting to creep me out. She shook her head and went back to smiling but says,

“How ironic was it that I teased you about it being your Knight coming to rescue you and guess who it is.” She burst out laughing.

“Mom, are you okay? You’re acting a little strange.” She stops laughing and her face turns serious.

“I’m fine Sweetheart, I’m just happy for you. I know how hard it’s been for you these past four years without him. He really loves Payton and I’m really glad he wants to be here with both of you. I just want you to be careful and take this slowly. You were both so young when you fell in love and had a lot of baggage, so things may be different now.” I understand what my mom is saying and she has a point but I owe it to myself and my Daughter to give this a chance.

“I told him we needed to take things slowly because I don’t want to get Payton’s hopes up but I owe it to the both of us to at least see where it goes.’ I respond. She reaches over and takes my hand in hers.

“I understand that and I hope things turn in your favor. Heaven knows you deserve it.

“Thanks, Mom.” We end the conversation and go back to watching the movie. The rest of the night and into my dreams I remembered what it was like for Cole and I back in High School, all the trials and hurdles we had to overcome. I remember when I had broken his heart because I had chosen to believe what Tyler told me. I remembered the magical night we shared on his eighteenth birthday.

I thought of the last night we were together and how my heart had shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. At that time I thought my heart was never going to be pieced back together, but now he is back my heart can begin to repair. I drifted off to sleep; images of Cole and me dancing, we’re looking at each other with so much love and I knew I was doing the right thing.

“Mommy! Mommy wake up!” I open my eyes slowly feeling a little disoriented then I realized I had fallen asleep on the couch. I turned my head to see my Daughter standing next to me.

“Good morning Baby Girl.” She comes and wraps her arms around me my shoulders and squeezes. Instead of hugs, she gives squeezes. “Are you excited to spend the day with Daddy today?” She removes her arms from around my neck and then starts jumping up and down.

“Yes!” She squeals “It’s almost time for him to be here. You need to wake up and get ready.” She is quite bossy when she wants to be, but I do understand her excitement about today.

“Alright, I’m getting up!” I stretch out my arms and then my legs. Then I sit up then see Payton is already dressed and has her hair done. She is wearing a yellow sunflower sundress with white Capri leggings. She is also wearing white sandals with pink flowers on the top strap.

"You look beautiful. Did Nana help you?” She shakes her head then twirls around to show me the outfit.

“She also did my hair?” She bubbled with excitement. “She said she wanted me to look very pretty for my first day with Daddy.” My mom had done eight ponytails framing her face with the tails basket weaved into pigtails in the back.

“Well Nana did a great job and I bet Daddy will love it.” It feels so weird to be talking about Cole and calling him Daddy. “Well if we are going to make it on time I guess I should go get dressed. Since you picked out such a pretty outfit, can you help me find something too?” She didn’t have to answer, she ran off in the direction of my room.

This is one thing I love doing with her, she has a knack for picking out really cute outfits. I’m pretty sure she is going to grow up and become a fashion designer. She was already rummaging through my closet when I walked in. She wasn’t tall enough to pull anything off but she had her hand on the dress she wanted me to wear.

“Are you sure you want me to wear that?” She is holding onto a black and white striped tank dress. She shakes her head yes so I knew that was it. I walk over to the closet and pull the dress down. I also grab my white canvas shoes, and the blue denim button-up shirt I usually wear with it.

I grabbed my phone and looked at the time; I still had an hour so I give my phone to Payton and let her watch one of her cartoons while I shower. I hurried through my shower and getting dressed. It took me longer to do my hair and makeup.

For my hair I braided a section and folded it across the back then tucked the end underneath then I curled the rest. With my makeup, I went simple. I walked out of my bathroom and into my bedroom where Payton is sitting on my bed talking to someone on my phone. She sees me and frowns.

“Payton, who are you talking to? You know you can’t answer my phone if I’m not around.” I firmly tell my Daughter. Her eyes turn downward and her bottom lip sticks out, she is pouting. She hands me the phone and I see Trevor’s number. Great! I don’t want to talk to him right now. I put the phone up to my ear.

“Hey, Trevor! What’s up?” He sighs and starts speaking.

“I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted the other day, and I want to make it up to you. I was hoping you would say yes this time and go out with me. I have front row tickets to see Daughtery and I remember you telling me it was your favorite band.” He keeps going and I can’t get a word in.

“That is a very kind invite but you know I can’t go, besides I have plans tonight. “ I didn’t want to tell him who with and what they were but he pushed it.

“Who are these plans with? Are you seeing someone else?” You know you belong with me right?” He starts yelling at me through the phone.

“Trevor if you are going to yell at me I will not talk to you anymore. Who I have plans with is none of your business but if you must know I’m spending the day with my Daughter. You remember I have a Daughter right? It would also be none of your business if I was seeing someone else. I don’t have to explain what I do or who I am with. I have to go.”

I hung up the phone before he could reply. I throw my phone on my bed and walk over to a now very guilty looking Payton. I sit down next to her and look at her sternly; she is playing with the edge of my pillowcase and refuses to look at me.

“Payton, look at me right now!” She peeks at my face then goes back to not looking. “Payton I want to know why you answered my phone.” By now Payton had tears in her eyes and I hate it when she cries but what she did was against the rules.

“If you can’t answer me you and I will not go out with Daddy today. I know how much you want too but you broke the rules, Payton.” She finally looks up.

“I’m sorry Mommy! I thought it was Daddy.” She cries. “Please don’t take my day away.” She’s pleading now. I reach over and pull her into me an embrace her then kiss her forehead.

“I’m sorry Pay Pay; I shouldn’t have said that. I know how much you are looking forward to today. I’ll tell you what, let’s take a picture of Daddy so we’ll know when he’s calling and you can answer then okay?” She nods her little head. I hear the doorbell ring then Payton jumps up and out of our hug. She runs out of the bedroom screaming,

“Daddy’s here! Daddy’s here!”

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