The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 11


What the fuck!!! Is the only thought going through my head right now.

They changed into wolves. Right in front of me. How is that possible!!!


I must be dreaming! Yeah, that’s it. I am dreaming and I will wake up soon, hopefully back with the black wolf and not THERE.

I don’t even have time to ponder over the outrageous situation I’m in, as the wolves are attacking us in the blink of an eye.

The grey wolf is unsuccessfully trying to fight five of them, and the other five are coming for me, snarling and growling my way, trying to intimidate me.

They should know better. I don’t give a fuck that they are animals now; I will kill them if they try to hurt me.

I take a fighting stance and prepare to defend myself, but as soon as one of them charges straight at me, he is smashed into by none other than the black wolf.

Now I’m shocked. How did he get here? I didn’t hear him coming!

There are other wolves with him, now fiercely fighting off the guards, some of them I recognize as the ones that were there when I first met them.

The black wolf rips off the guard’s throat with his teeth and snarls at me, gesturing with head up. Up? I look up for a split second. The tree? The black wolf snarls again, this time more fiercely and again nods at the tree.

I decide to listen to him, for some reason trusting him. Even though he’s just an animal, an overgrown animal, but animal nonetheless, I know he’s smarter than it seems.

So I climb up the tree again, watching the bloody battle beneath me, silently rooting for the familiar wolves.

But then, from my position on the higher branch, I notice another wolf approaching the black one. This one has a ragged scar on his face. A scar I recognize, since I’m the one that gave it to him.

The black wolf doesn’t seem to notice him and is left defenseless. No! No! No! Not him!

I let my instincts take over and jump at the scarred wolf as soon as he is my range, taking him by surprise. I quickly adjust my position on him, so I’m set astride his back before he can throw me off, wrap my arms around him and with one quick move I snap his neck, effectively killing him.

The black wolf notices me on the ground and kills off the guard he was fighting with before heading my way.

I struggle to get out from beneath the guard, as he somehow ended up falling on me, immobilizing me completely. As I lie on the ground, trying to pull my leg from underneath his dead body, the black wolf sniffs around me, quietly whining as he can’t help me in any way, then bites on the guard’s neck and pulls him off of me.

I get up from the ground and quickly assess the situation around me, watchful of other guards that may try to attack us.

There are dead wolves lying around the area around us, the others are looking our way, some covered in blood, some still finishing off the guards.

The battle is over. For now. The guards are dead.

So now is the time to freak out! And that’s exactly what I do, now that the adrenaline is wearing off.

I sit on the ground, my legs too weak to keep me standing. My movement alerts the black wolf and he is by my side in an instant, whining loudly, possibly trying to figure out what is wrong with me.

I look up to see him inspecting me, for injuries maybe, and again whine, as my face doesn’t show any emotion, making it impossible to know whether I’m in pain or not. I’m not, really, I didn’t get hurt much apart from the broken leg because of the weight of the scarred guard when he crushed it.

And again I do a crazy thing.

“What the hell was that? How is this shit possible? Can you do that, too? Is that why you’re so smart? How did you find me? Are there more of them? What is going on? You’re not one of them, are you? You’re not going to hurt me, right? I can trust you, right?” By now I can see other wolves watching us as I stare straight into the black wolf’s eye and shoot rapid questions at him, breathless.

The wolf nods.

He understood.

What is the meaning of this?

I feel dizzy, the world spinning around me, and then I let the darkness take over.


I watch my mate faint in front of me, horrified and at the same time furious at myself that I can’t even catch her before her head hits the ground with a slight thud. Damn it! This is not how she was supposed to find out about me! Who the fuck were those assholes?! Why were they after my mate?!

I inspect her body for injuries, my heart breaking when I see her leg is broken. How did I not notice it before? That fucker with the scar must have broken it when he fell on her. I should have noticed him! I should’ve killed him! I should have protected her!

I nudge my mate with my snout, whining sadly. My beautiful mate, my queen, hurt, and there is nothing I can do for her.

I watch her lie there on the ground. If it wasn’t for the slight rise of her chest with every shallow breath she takes, I would’ve thought she’s dead. ‘You stupid fucker! How could you even think that?!’ I hear Leo yell at me in my head. Damn it, he’s right, I shouldn’t think this way.

Pushing my head under her body, I carefully crawl under her to get her on my back so that I can carry her back to the house.

‘Ash, help me secure her on my back, we’re going back.’

Once my mate is lying across my back, Ash adjusts her position with his head so that she lies on me with her legs astride my back and her arms on both sides of my neck. He’s the only one I trust to touch my mate’s body. I slowly get up from my crouched position, careful not to accidentally throw her off. I quickly tell the others to take care of the rogues and check the borders again. Once I feel she’s secure on my back, I stride towards the house, checking up on my mate every few minutes, making sure she’s not falling off. Ash is walking beside me, few steps behind, keeping watch on my mate and readjusts her position on me once in a while when she slightly slides off.


‘Yeah?’ I stop for a moment, noticing the change in his eyes, indicating Shane’s in control now.

‘The scarred wolf… he smelled weird. It wasn’t his scent, but it smelled the same as the one I caught on Luna when we first met her.’

‘I know. I noticed it, too. We caught one of the rogues alive, well barely alive, and I’m going to wait for the full moon to question him.’ I just hope my little mate won’t try to leave again before then. I add in my head.

‘I apologize for my behavior towards Luna earlier, Alpha.’

‘Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to my mate. You protected her against the rogues, well Ash did, but still; and that’s enough for me. As long as you know she’s your Luna. But you better don’t treat her the way you did earlier, I won’t be so lenient next time you disrespect her.’ I chastise him, even though I don’t mean anything by it. Inside, I rejoice, as I’m actually relieved that he accepted my mate already; I have plans for him that concern the little queen lying on my back.

‘She’s not what I expected. She doesn’t seem to know about our kind, yet she still fought off the scarred one and killed him to protect you, Alpha. She’s… stronger than I thought. I was concerned that her being a human would be a liability, a weakness, but she’s proved me wrong. Both I and my wolf agree that she’ll be a great Luna. I realize that now. I give you my word, Alpha: I will, as will Ash, protect her at all cost.’ Shane concludes with a deep bow towards me and my unconscious mate, baring his neck, as a sign of absolute submission.

‘Good to know you won’t try to rip her apart again, Shane.’ I tell him in a playful tone. ‘Let’s go now, she needs rest.’ I say as I stride towards the clearing.

There is so much that I don’t know about her and it worries me to no end. Why were they after her? Who is this Beast they talked about? Is it her? Why? Why did she try to leave? Does she not like me? Not even in the slightest? I can feel the bond strengthening, I felt her cuddling up to me when we slept; I saw the tender expression on her face as she stroked my fur during the day. Then, why did she try to leave? She can’t leave me! But how can I keep her with me? What do I need to do?

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