The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 14

Beast ,

I’m going crazy. That’s for sure. Ever since I found out about the black wolf, I can’t seem to get the fact that he can be human out of my head. I can’t wait for him to change, so I can get some explanation as to what is going on here.

I also started calling him ‘Puppy’ and it’s amusing to see him get annoyed every single time.

Puppy hasn’t left my side for the whole day, just like yesterday. He’s been following me around, never leaving me alone. But differently than yesterday, the grey wolf did not look at me the same way.

Actually, I think that after the whole ordeal with the guards something changed between us. He protected me from the guards, well, tried to, when he covered me with his body. Now that I know about Puppy, I can’t stop thinking that the grey wolf is probably able to change into a human, too. That all the wolves here are.

This whole situation is only giving me a headache. Along with my broken leg, I’m getting tired and – what did Andrew call it? Cracky? Oh, I know! – cranky.

Andrew was one of the guards that I actually liked, before he was brutally murdered for befriending me. He taught me a lot, he brought me books, talked to me, explaining things I didn’t understand. He always called me his daughter. I didn’t get to call him a father figure, but that’s exactly what he was for me.

For some reason, as I think about Andrew, I feel some moisture on my cheek. Before I can even touch it, Puppy is already up and in front of me, and quickly licks it off. I look at him only to see him already staring at me in what seems like worry. He’s worried about me? Why?

“What’s wrong Puppy?” I ask him as I pet his head. I don’t like to see him in distress. Even though I didn’t know about him before, my feeling of protectiveness when it comes to him did not disappear even after finding out about his ability to change into a human.

He nudges me with his nose, his gaze questioning and worried as he looks at me. I continue stroking his head, touching him brings me a sense of comfort. I remember a word that I saw in a book that describes the feeling. What was it, again?


Yes, that’s the feeling. When I’m with Puppy I feel... safe, at peace, dare I say – happy. It’s something I have never felt before. I’ve read about it, heard about it, but never experienced it myself.

Puppy seems to understand that I’m okay, as he goes back to lying in front of me on the porch.

I notice the grey wolf approach us with quick strides, looking angry. I wonder what’s wrong now?

He stops in front of us, and with a quick bow – bow? – in my direction, he looks at Puppy and they stand there looking at each other, as if having some conversation through their eyes. Interesting.

Suddenly, Puppy growls angrily, and I look up at him, not liking his reaction.

Something is wrong.


As soon as Shane asks me where we are, saying he has to talk to me, I know something is going on.

He surprises me when he bows to my mate, but it’s a pleasant surprise.

‘What’s wrong, Shane? You were in charge of the prisoner, what are you doing here?’ I ask immediately.

‘Something’s wrong with the prisoner. His wounds are not healing, and the doctor doesn’t know what to do. He says he needs antibiotics because there is an infection, but he can’t give them himself. The guy will die before you can interrogate him at this rate. That’s why... − he suddenly looks unsure, as if I would get angry by what he is going to say – the doctor suggested that maybe Luna can help.’

I growl at him, furious that they would even think about putting my mate anywhere near the fucker.

My mate turns to me, and I calm down as I look into her eyes.

What infuriates me is that we really have no other way to keep the fucker safe than send my mate to help the doctor. But it raises the question, how is Doc going to explain what she would need to do?

I look down to my mate, already knowing I’m going to regret my decision, but deciding to listen to the voice of reason anyway. I crouch in front of her, gently tugging at her shirt to get her to get on my back.

“You want me to get on you?” She asks, unsure. I nod and silently watch, as she somehow, with Shane’s help much to my surprise, gets on my back, clutching the fur on the back of my neck in her hands for stability.

She pats me on the head, and I take it as a sign that she’s okay, so I start going towards the dungeon where we keep prisoners.

The journey takes few minutes, and I feel my mate tensing as we approach the entrance. I stop and turn my head to look at her to check if she’s okay, and seemingly understanding my unspoken question, she pats me on the head again, saying she’s fine.

As soon as I enter the dungeon, the putrid stench of rogues and death hits my nostrils, almost making me sick. I feel my mate wrap her arms around my neck as she leans forward and buries her face in my neck to hide from the horrible smell.

I approach the cell where the prisoner is, noticing that in fact his wounds got infected and are red and irritated.

'Alpha, thank you. I wouldn’t ask for this if I didn’t know how much you wanted to question him, but he won’t make it till full moon in this state, and I’m helpless in this form.' Doc explains, probably worried that I’m going to snap at him, but with feeling my mate on my back I’m not even angry at him anymore.

‘It’s fine with me, but how are you going to explain everything to my mate, when she can’t understand you?’ I ask, surprised that one of the smartest guys in my pack has not thought it through.

He thinks about it for a second and then his eyes widen in realization.

‘You haven’t... marked her?’ He tentatively asks, clearly afraid of my reaction.

Fuck, if she was marked, I could talk to her through the mind link. That’s how it would work. Damn it!

‘No, I haven’t. She’s not ready for that yet. I was goin-’ I’m suddenly interrupted when a vicious growl-like sound resonates through the dungeon.

And it comes from my mate, who looks at the prisoner with so much hatred it’s almost palpable, her body shaking with fury.

She gets off my back before anyone can stop her and comes up to the prisoner, catching him off guard as she instantly wraps her hand around his throat and slams him into the nearby wall, knocking his breath out of him. His hands are tied behind his back, so there is nothing he can do as my little mate strangles him with surprising strength.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” She asks him, the rasp in her voice makes it sound more like a growl. She releases his neck slightly, only enough for him to speak. The fucker looks like he’s about to piss himself as he sees who is in front of him.

“Y-you! The b-b-boss wants y-you back. He g-gave us an or-order to get his b-b-beast back. He wants to cont-continue his-”

“How many?!” She interrupts him mid-sentence. How many what?

“Too many. Even for YOU.” He tells her, grinning proudly, suddenly not afraid.

“We’ll see about that.” She says with a sinister look on her face that almost scares me as she lets go of him, making his body fall to the ground with a loud thud, as he gasps for air.

“You belong to him! And he will get you back, Beast! You know he will!” are his last words before something in my mate seems to snap. With quick and precise moves she gets hold of the rogue’s head and snaps his neck, killing him instantly.

I watch as her chest heaves with deep breaths as she tries to calm down, unsuccessfully. She looks down at the rogue’s dead body with fury, her fists clenching at her sides repeatedly, as if she’s barely controlling herself from ripping him to pieces.

“I need to get out of here.” She says, and I hear the strain to stay calm in her voice. I crouch in front of her again, so she can climb on me, and leave the dungeon immediately, telling Shane to get rid of the body.

I don’t care that I didn’t get to talk to the rogue, what I heard was more than enough to know that this has something to do with my mate. I will be damned if I let, whoever it is he was talking about, take her away from me. I will find the fucker and kill him!

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