The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 15


That fucker will not give up, will he? I barely stopped myself from ripping Dan to pieces. But doing that would mean that I’m no better than the people working for HIM.

I stay with Puppy, his nearness is the only thing that stops me from going back there and give into my inner monster. After all, I’m called Beast for a reason. Puppy seems to know exactly what I need because he takes me to the house and leaves me in the bedroom, getting next to me on the bed, snuggling his big head into my body.

We stay like this for hours, at some point I even fall asleep in Puppy’s embrace. He is still there when I wake up.

It’s nice.

Being with him is nice.

But there is still that nagging feeling in the back of my head that the whole situation with the guards is just the beginning of something bigger. HE will come back. And I’m not ready. My leg is broken and my previous actions in the prison, or whatever is was, only worsened the pain.

I look down to Puppy to see him still snuggled deep into my body. As I lie on the bed with his head on my torso I keep thinking about what I am supposed to do now. Leaving doesn’t seem to be an option. My leg would just slow me down and Puppy doesn’t leave my side. It’s probably because I already left once.

I try to get up without disturbing Puppy’s sleep, but I’m not successful as the second I lean away from him, he wakes up, looking at me questionably. I stroke his head as I tell him that I’m only leaving to the bathroom. He understands and nods, letting me get out of bed.

After taking care of my business, I go back to the room, almost walking into Puppy as he stands right outside the door, clearly waiting for me. He puts his head under my arm again, helping me walk to the kitchen without limping as much.

“Are you hungry?” I ask him, since I haven’t seen him eat for the whole day. I’m used to not getting much food, but I don’t know how it is for him.

He shakes his head, sitting down next to the counter, watching me go around the kitchen, looking for something to eat. I can’t eat raw meat, like them, so I have to find something else. Luckily, there are some fruits in the fridge. I take them out, wash them quickly and sit next to Puppy at the table, as I silently enjoy the food.

2 weeks later

The last weeks were pretty much uneventful, with me and Puppy getting even closer. As usual, he doesn’t leave my side; we eat together, walk together, sleep together. Everywhere I go, he goes.

There were still no sights of the guards from THAT place, but I don’t let my guard down. The second you let your guard down is the moment shit hits the fan. That’s a funny phrase. Andrew taught me that.

I sit on the porch, watching Puppy and Grey – that’s what I decided to call the grey wolf, as he is one of the few that even get close to me – come back with food for them. I sure am not going to eat that.

As soon as they get out of the woods, Puppy comes to my side, nuzzling his head into me. He circles me, rubbing his head against my torso. Once he deems I smell enough like a dog, he sits down next to me, Grey following him. Some of the wolves look at us, as always, as Grey comes close for me to pet him.

This has been kind of our routine lately, Grey has somewhat accepted me, maybe he even likes me. Whenever he’s close or with Puppy, he comes to me and lets me pet him. He continues to watch me most of the time, but of all the wolves here, apart from Puppy obviously, he’s the one I like most. At least he doesn’t treat me like an enemy and avoid me.

The brown wolves I met the first day along with Puppy and Grey don’t even acknowledge me. Usually when they approach Puppy to have these weird telepathic talks, at least that's what I think it is, they don’t even look at me, and when Puppy is not with me, they avoid me at all cost. It’s strange. I would never hurt them, but they treat me as if I’m going to kill them the second they’re close. They only ever come near me when Puppy is close, as if he’s going to protect them from me.

As I’m lost in thought, I notice one of the mentioned brown wolves come out of the woods, the one with white patch on his tail, but as soon as he catches my eye, he turns around and goes back. I don’t get him. He’s the one that avoids me the most. I almost never see him. He acts the same way Grey acted when Puppy first brought me here.

But I think nothing of it. It’s not my job to make him like me or anything. I just need Puppy with me. Grey is a great addition, but Puppy is the main reason I’m still here.

Suddenly Puppy and Grey get up and start snarling at something in the distance. I immediately know something’s wrong. They have not reacted this way for weeks, ever since the incident with the guards.

Puppy turns around towards me and slightly pushes me towards the house. I understand his request and get inside. I have come to intuitively understand what he needs from me.

Once I’m inside, I watch Puppy and Grey run into the woods, a group of wolves following them.

I pace around the room, worried about Puppy, as it’s been hours since they left. The longer they’re gone, the more I want to go after them to make sure Puppy is alright. He’s mine and I will kill whoever tries to hurt him. But I can’t, I don’t even know where they are at the moment.

Just as I’m going to the front porch, a loud howl resonates through the area. I wait outside for the wolves to come back with bated breath.

My heart lurches in my chest at the sight of Puppy running towards me, his body covered in blood, but I can’t tell if it’s his or not.

Not minding the dirt and blood on him, he does the same thing as always. He snuggles into my body and rubs himself against my torso, getting the blood all over me. I don't even hesitate, wrapping my arms around him the same way Andrew used to do with me. He called it a hug.

After I pull away from Puppy, he gets into the house with me right behind him, as other wolves spread around the clearing, getting into other houses.

I follow Puppy to the bedroom and go to wait on the bed for him, but he catches my shirt in his jaw lightly and pulls me with him to the bathroom.

Once we’re inside, I turn on the huge shower. I strip from my dirty clothes and take Puppy into the shower when the water is warm.

The blood and dirt go down the drain, making the water red as I’m washing Puppy and check his body for injuries. Noticing the water getting clearer with time, I come to a conclusion that he’s not injured.

We leave the shower and I wrap a towel around myself before taking another one and drying some of the water from Puppy.

“Don’t shake it off on me. I just got clean.” I warn him, as he often tends to dry off wolf-style – by shaking off the water and spraying it all over me at the same time.

Puppy just grins at me wolfishly as I dry him off with third towel.

“Are you hurt?” I still decide to ask him, even though I didn’t see any wounds.

He shakes his head in response. Good.

“Will you tell me what happened?”

He looks unsure, but nods slightly.

“When you’re human.” I add. I can’t wait for him to talk to me. I have so many questions.

He nods again.

“Is anyone else hurt? I can help.” This time he shakes his head and pushes me towards the bed. He must be tired, it’s late.

He lies down on the floor next to the bed, but I know he’ll get on the bed with me once he’s completely dry, so I close my eyes and let the sleep come.

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