The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 16


I wake up in the middle of the night, my fur already dry, and get up on the bed with my mate, positioning myself to embrace her small figure. I’ve been doing this every night, ever since she told me not to get the sheets wet after we shower.

It astounds me how comfortable she is around me. She unceremoniously gets naked in front of me, and then we shower together. I let her wash me, since she knows that I can’t do it myself. Usually in wolf form I don’t take showers, but simply go to the lake, but she insisted that she’s not going to let me in bed with her if I don’t clean up, so she took it upon herself to wash my fur. I’m not complaining, though, since it gives me a chance to openly ogle at her body.

But at the same time it’s weird. She knows I can change into a human, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to bother her. I can’t wait till we shower together with me in my human form. I wonder if she will be this comfortable with me then.

‘Of course she will. The question is, who will get to shower with her, cause I sure as hell will not let you hog her all for yourself.’ Demon declares. Little fuck can’t wait till full moon to shift.

‘Oh the things I’m going to do to her…’ Demon trails off.

‘Calm down. We still don’t know what she’s been through. We need to explain the mate thing to her first, so she knows what to expect. We know for a fact that she doesn’t know about werewolves. There is a lot to talk about, we can’t just ignore that.’ I tell him. Oh goddess, I just hope she will understand everything.

‘Have some faith in her, asshole. She’s comfortable with us now, even though she knows we can shift. Why would that change when we actually do?’ He’s right, she knows that we can shift, so there shouldn’t be a problem. But I can’t help but get worried.

‘I hate to admit it, but you’re right.’

‘I’m always right.’ Demon smirks at me, knowing he’s won.

I feel my mate stir, meaning she’s about to wake up. The morning came too fast. All I want to do is to lie in bed with her for the whole day, especially after yesterday’s rogue attack.

Those fuckers tried to come into my territory, but thankfully my warriors are strong. When we reached the patrol, they were fighting with a group of rogues, and I immediately noticed they were wearing the same uniforms as the ones 2 weeks ago.

The patrol noticed them showing up at our border a few times, but it was the first time since their last attack that they actually crossed it. I have to find out what the hell do they want from my mate, since it’s obvious that it’s her they’re after.

I gave clear instructions that if they appear again, my warriors are to kill them on sight. No fucking mercy. They are after my mate and I’ll be damned if I let them get her.

My mate seems to understand my unspoken wish and instead of getting up, she simply snuggles closely into me, sighing in content.

“It was them, wasn’t it?” She asks suddenly, making me tighten my hold on her slightly, burying my nose in the crook of her neck.

“They will keep coming, you know?” She says as she leaves my embrace and sits up on the bed, facing me. I keep lying as I listen to her.

“I wanted to wait till you’re human, but I guess I can’t do that. You have the right to know what’s going on.” She begins, waiting for my reaction. Once I nod, she continues.

“The person they work for is not someone who gives up easily. He has a lot of people working for him, so he will keep sending them until he gets what he wants. Me. – I snarl at this, and she strokes my head to calm me down – I can’t risk you getting hurt protecting me, but I don’t want to leave you. I know you can talk to other wolves somehow, so I need you to warn them that those people will keep coming. Of course, I’m not going to put the responsibility of keeping me safe solely on you and other wolves. I can protect myself, but even I don’t know how many of those guys will come. Their boss is a… monster, for the lack of a better word. He’s ruthless, relentless. He has a plan when it comes to me, that’s why I escaped that place. When you first met me, I was running away from them.” She stops talking, by now she’s pacing around the room, looking stressed out. I get up and go to her, leaning my head on her shoulder, my huge body surrounding her. She wraps her arms around my neck and we stay in each other’s embrace as I try to calm down both her and me. I feel her trembling cold fingers going through my fur, occasionally gripping it tight.

I nudge her with my head to take her back to bed, her leg must be in so much pain by now. She shouldn’t be walking around on it.

She unwraps her arms and climbs on the bed, lying down on her side facing the window, waiting for me. I get in with her, cocooning her, with her face in my neck and my front paws around her.

Demon is snarling in my head, scratching at the surface, trying to get out. What we just heard made him furious, he’s itching to kill those fuckers, and I agree, but right now our mate needs us close. I can tell it wasn’t easy for her to talk to me, but it was as hard for me to not be able to respond. Right now I would give anything to be able to talk to her, reassure her, and then hug and kiss her for all she’s worth.

I never thought that the curse over the pack would be a problem, but after meeting my mate it became the cruelest form of torture to me. Not being able to talk to my mate, touch her brings me physical pain. I can’t even ask her about her name! I want to get to know her, I want her to know me.

‘The full moon is in less than a week. We’ll make it. Then we will have three days to make her ours.’ Demon makes his appearance once more.

‘I know, I know.’

We stay in the bed until afternoon, when my mate’s stomach starts demanding food pretty loudly, making her hide her blushing face further into my neck. Aww, my baby’s hungry. She’s so adorable!

I get up from the bed and wait for her to put her arm around me as I lead her towards the kitchen, where there should be something for her to eat. I have asked a friend from another pack to do some shopping for me, cause I can’t keep feeding my mate wild berries and pure meat. He was all for it, especially when I told him it’s for my mate, but not without making fun of me for being whipped. Which I am, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

As always, I sit by the counter as my mate prepares her food. Today she’s gone for grilled chicken with rice and vegetables. When she first came here, she didn’t do much cooking, but now she’s like a professional chef. It’s fascinating to watch her work around the kitchen. She’s so fast, precise, not one move out of place. I like watching her cook, maybe when I shift she’ll cook something for me. I can’t wait to eat her food, my mouth salivating at the mere thought of her making food for me.

Once she’s done cooking, she makes herself a plate, and then another one for me, heaping with grilled chicken that she’ll feed me while she eats her own food. This is something I unknowingly made her do. Since I’ve always been sitting next to her as she ate, she fed me something from her plate, but at some point she simply started preparing me a separate plate that she feeds me from. Demon was all for it, going as far as playfully nipping on her fingers as she fed him. But he still didn’t get her to laugh.

She sits down at the table, placing both of our plates in front of her. I’m grateful she didn’t decide to treat me like a dog and simply put my plate on the floor. I sit on my rump facing her, wagging my tail as I eagerly wait for her to feed me. And she does.

“Puppy, say ‘ah’” I growl playfully at her, making her smile. She knows how to push my buttons, but I don’t mind cause it’s her. I will do whatever she wants me to. So I open my maw for her to place the chicken on my tongue.

“Good?” She always asks if I like it, and my answer never changes. I nod and lick her face.

We eat in comfortable silence, but soon our mealtime is over and we head back to the kitchen, where I watch as my little queen does the dishes, then I escort her back to the bedroom. She heads towards the bathroom and I go straight to the bed, listening to Mason’s report through the mind link. As we talk, he tells me about some weird scent that the patrol caught near the west border, so I order Shane to go and check it out. If it’s the same smell we caught on my mate on the first day, we will need to take security measures.

The weird smell disappeared from my mate as soon as she took a shower the first day, and the only time I smelled it again was when those fuckers attacked her the next day, so whoever this fucker is, we need to be ready for him. I’m an Alpha and even MY wolf reacted to his smell.

“Puppy, shower.” My mate peeks from the bathroom, bringing me back to reality. It’s quite early, so I’m surprised she wants me to take a shower already. She seems to notice my surprise.

“If we take a shower now, you’ll be dry for bed later. I don’t want you to wake up in the middle of the night all the time.” My heart soars as I hear it, so as soon as I get close, I lick her face happily, then gently drag her by her shirt to the shower, kicking the door shut with my leg.

She turns on the shower, then takes off her clothes as she waits for the water to get warm and puts them neatly folded on the counter. One she likes the water’s temperature, she tells me to get under the spray, following me right after.

This is such a great day!!!

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