The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 19


I barely stop myself from attacking those two fuckers that my mate decided to bring with us. Their smell triggers my Alpha side. I want them gone, but I can’t. My mate wants them with her for some reason.

We arrive at my house some time later. I feel my mate’s blood drip onto my fur, but thankfully she’s still conscious.

“Beast?” That Delta guy inquires. My mate pats my head to stop me. Once I do, she turns to him.

“The others are at the border.” He starts, but before he can continue, my mate interrupts.

“Let them in.” She tells me with a light pat on the head. I mind link my patrol to let the rogues in, getting bombarded with bewildered exclamations and questions from each wolf in response. I snarl at them to be quiet when I feel the beginning of a headache.

We don’t wait for the new wolves to join us, as my mate is still bleeding out. I head towards the bedroom, ignoring my mate’s protests. She gets off my back with a huff, holding tightly onto her side.

I hear footsteps behind us, so I turn around, only to find Delta. He’s wearing jeans he’s had wrapped around his leg earlier and he watches me with an imploring look, as if waiting for something.

“I need to treat Beast’s wound. So I need a medical kit. Do you have one?” He asks, just as Shane tells me that Doc, whom I linked on our way here, comes in, hauling a big cart behind him. I’m guessing it’s his med kit.

“Go. I’ll be fine.” My mate tells me softly, but I don’t listen to her, nudging her face with my nose.

“You won’t like me touching her, will you? I think it’s best you listen to her.” That Delta guy is getting on my nerves. Who does he think he is, telling me what to do?! I almost lunge at him, but once I feel the calming tingles from my mate’s touch, the devil inside me backs down. With one last glance, I lick my mate’s face and leave the room, so I don’t rip that Delta guy to pieces for touching what’s mine.

I wait with Shane, Doc and Axe in the living room as Delta tends to my mate’s injuries. That Axe rogue has been quiet ever since he realized what is between me and my mate. I’m still pissed at him for telling my mate about me, but at the same time I know that it was for the best. I’m just mad that I can’t be the one that explains everything to her.

“Delta will switch his loyalty to you, so you two can talk. I won’t do that.” Axe decides to break the silence. I nod at him, wordlessly letting him know I understand. I hear through mind link that the rest of the rogues are in my backyard, staying silent. I can tell my pack feels anxious about having rogues here with my permission, but I still have nothing to tell them about the whole situation, so I just tell them to stay inside and not provoke the rogues.

About an hour later my mate comes into the living room, wearing my shirt and shorts with Delta right behind her. I stay silent as she approaches me and with a gentle stroke of my maw sits on the couch. Settling by her feet, I lay down on the carpet, getting my mate’s legs to rest across my back.

After Delta switches his loyalty to me, we can finally start talking.

“Well, where do I start?” Delta starts as he scratches his bearded chin in thought. “Beast, maybe we should start with you. What do you want to know? If there’s something you want to ask him – he gestures at me – I can relay his words to you.”

‘Start at the fucking beginning, damn it.’ I snarl at him through the mind link.

‘I don’t take orders from you, Alpha. No matter what, my loyalty lies with Beast, not you. I’m only doing this to be able to talk to you.’ He calmly responds, not at all affected by me.

“What is a mate? You said I’m his mate.” My little queen decides to ask the one question I hoped she wouldn’t ask. I wanted to be the one to explain it to her.

“I think you should ask him that. – Delta nods at me – I’m sure he would like to explain the mate thing to you himself.” He smiles gently at her as he speaks. The only thing that keeps me from biting his head off right now is the feeling of my mate’s feet on my fur.

“Fine, then. – she begins, then turns to me – You’re in for it when you’re human. Just so you know. – She pats my head as she speaks and then looks back to Delta – When can he change?” She asks.

“On the full moon. In two days.” He tells her. ‘Can I tell her about your pack?’ He asks me through the mind link.

I think about it for a moment. It would be easier if she knew about our curse, but that’s also something that I would like to talk to her about myself.

‘No. I will explain it myself.’

‘Okay.’ He nods, turning his attention to my mate. “Is there something you want to know?”

“Does HE know? That you’re here?” My mate asks, her voice hard and stern. I get a feeling it’s the same he that our prisoner talked about. Who is this fucker?

“No. But I’m sure he’ll find out soon. There are a few of us that keep watch on HIS movements, so I will know once he notices. That’s how we could help you leave.” I feel my mate tense at his words.

“I knew it was too easy!!!” She exclaims in rage.

‘What are you talking about?’ I demand, now sitting on my rump beside my mate.

“I told you that I was on the run when I met you. It appears that I had help in getting away from there.” I hear my mate say calmly, clearly seeing my agitation. She gently grabs the fur on my neck, bringing me closer to her. “Calm down. I told you that I’ll talk to you about everything.” She’s so damn composed and emotionless. I think sadly as I turn back to Delta to ask him the one question that’s been burning on my mind ever since I met the rogues.

‘Why did you come to my pack?’

“He wants to know why we came here.” Delta explains to my mate before answering me.

“We’re here for the Beast.” My mate struggles to keep me still as I snarl furiously, barely noticing Shane doing the same.

“Calm the fuck down!” My mate yells at us, while trying to pull me away and as always, I give in to her.

“We’re not here to take her away to that fucking monster! Just let me talk.” Delta growls at me and I almost attack him again for using such tone with me. I’m an Alpha, I demand respect!

“Do you remember the wolf you saw when you found us and Beast? He was an Undead.” I feel my eyes widen at this. An Undead! A fucking abomination created by dark magic! That’s the smell!!! “He was the commander of the so-called Death Squad, or Deads, as some call us. The place we came from is a known facility where the Undead are created. That wolf has been our leader for over 30 years. We couldn’t get out of the squad without him dying. We came here after Beast, because if there’s anyone who can beat an Undead, it’s her. She was trained for this. We weren’t, and the bond wouldn’t allow us to turn against him. The Death Squad works like a pack, with the commander being an Alpha.” He finishes explaining, sighing deeply when he’s done.

‘Why was she trained to beat an Undead? She’s human!’

“Can I tell him about that fucker’s plan about you?” Delta addresses my mate once he hears my question.

“Yeah.” My mate detaches herself from me, leaning back on the couch, pulling her knees to her chest.

“That fucker, as we kindly call him, is the boss of the facility. His plan is to turn Beast into an Undead, the first female ever. You can probably imagine for what purpose, and you’d be right. He’s tried before, years ago, but it never worked with women. It’s his goal to have a naturally born Undead, as they’re said to have power equal to 100 Alphas. But until now he’s never succeeded with a female. They always ended up infertile or crazy after the transition.” I growl lowly during the whole time he speaks. This fucker is after my mate because he wants her to give him babies!!! I will kill him!

“That’s why I left. HE’s succeeded in finding a method to maintain fertility. But I will not become his slave. You’ve seen the wolf I killed. That’s what I would become had I not left. A mindless, bloodthirsty monster.” My mate adds, stroking my fur.

“Beast is the only woman that survived the preparation, so you can understand why that fucker will not give up on her. It took 15 years to get her ready.”

‘Preparation?’ I ask, barely restraining myself.


And with that one word I snap.

And shift.

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