The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 21


Leo and I are soaking in the bathtub with him in front of me. He’s rubbing my feet as we stay quiet, not really knowing what to say.

“You said you would tell me about everything. How did you end up in the facility?” Leo suddenly asks, sounding unsure of my reaction. I don't mind telling him about my past. He deserves to know who I am.

And so I begin telling him my life story.

“I was bought. Despite forgetting a lot of things from my childhood, that one memory is clear in my mind. – I sigh – My parents sold me to the boss. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I came back from school, I don’t remember how old I was, 5 maybe 6. Boss was sitting in the room with my parents. As soon as I entered the room, my dad said: “That’s her. How much?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I caught the boss’ gaze. I was completely paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t look away or move. He said that I’m cute and asked what I can do. He ordered the men that were with him to undress me. Soon I was completely naked in front of him as he inspected me. – Leo starts growling lowly at that – He laughed that I won’t make a good whore because of the scars on my body from when my parents beat me. But he bought me anyways. Little did I know he had a different purpose for me.

The first years in there were filled with beatings, cutting, whipping and breaking my bones. I found solace in Andrew. He was one of my guards. He told me stories while he tended to my wounds, he taught me how to read, write, count. Every day he would cut one line on the wall, and when I got better at math, I did it myself. Seven lines meant a week. Then I would cross them out. Fifty two crosses meant a year and I would start on another wall. Four walls crossed – 4 years in there. Andrew was also the only one that called me by something else than ‘kid’ or ‘girl’. For as long as I remember those were the only names I had, even with my parents. But Andrew never called me that, even after I earned the name Beast. He would always call me ‘honey’. He said I was like a second daughter to him, but there was nothing he could do to help me. He kept tending to my wounds every time I was back from the torture room, reading me books, feeding me whenever he managed to sneak some food in.” I can barely talk anymore, the memories of Andrew make my throat tighten.

“What happened to him? Is he still there?”

“He was killed years ago, when he was caught in my cell after being appointed somewhere else. The boss just slit his throat in front of me. That’s when I stopped talking. Without him, there was no point for me to talk, since there was no one to talk to anymore. The torture got worse every year. The boss told me it’s to heighten my pain tolerance, so I wouldn’t die during the breeding with Undeads.

Then the fights began. I was trained to master archery, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, using both swords and knives. Basically any form of fighting they threw my way, I had to master. If the boss was not satisfied with my progress, I would be starved to the brink of death then start the training again. I was also taught anatomy. I know everything about human body. Supposedly, that was to help me know where to hit to win. The boss was earning money from the fights and I was his best earner. I won the most fights, but it was mainly because loss meant 3 days of torture nonstop.” I’m cut off by Leo’s furious growl.

“Leo, calm down.” I plead, scooting closer to him and putting my hand on his heaving chest. It seems to do the trick. I noticed earlier that my touch seems to calm him down.

He pulls me into his chest, my legs on each side of his hips, as he cradles my body with his thick arms. He’s so warm. The water went cold a while ago, but with how hot his body’s temperature runs, I’m not surprised he hasn’t noticed. And I? I don’t care. I’m used to cold water.

Leo nuzzles his face into my neck, inhaling deeply. Surprisingly, none of the weird things he does seem to bother me. The smelling, the touching or even the growling. On the contrary, I actually like his touch on me. I’m not even bothered by his very prominent manhood poking my backside as I straddle him.

“I have a question.” Leo speaks up after a few minutes, much calmer now. “The Death Squad. What is going on with them?” I sigh as I put my face on his chest, wrapping my arms around his waist.

“They were the punishers in there. Whoever got under the boss’ skin, they would eliminate. They were supposed to become the born Undead’s army. I was supposed to be their queen after becoming an Undead and the born Undead would be the king. The Beast Queen and the Undead King. I couldn’t possibly let that happen. Who knows what that man could do with an impossibly strong monster and an army of men that were loyal to death? I managed to grip onto the shreds of my sanity for so long, but the transition would take away what was left of me. Years of being conditioned to be a monster destroyed whoever I’d been before.” I snuggle closer into Leo’s warm chest as he tightens his hold on me.

“I’m so sorry, little mate. I have no idea how to ease that pain. I want to rip that fucker to shreds for doing that to you!” He places his lips on the side of my head, causing a wave of warmth surge through me.

“Can you do something for me?” I tentatively ask.

“Anything, my little one.” He answers without hesitation.

“Can you give me a new name?” I lean back a little to look into his beautiful amber eyes as they widen at my request.

“You want me to give you a name?” I almost panic as I notice his eyes water slightly. He cups my face with his big warm hand, his thumb stroking my cheek tenderly as he stares at me in disbelief.

“Please, Leo.” I hear my voice break.

“Angel. My Angel.”

I tilt my head slightly in confusion.

“Is that my name?”

“If you want.” I give him a wide genuine smile, nodding my head happily. Angel. I’m Angel now.

“I want only for you to use it. I don’t want others to call my by the name you gave me.” I plead, leaning into his chest again.

“Okay, my Angel.” Leo chuckles lightly.

After Leo pulls the plug and refills the tub, we stay in the water for a long time, causing my skin to look weird, especially on my fingertips. Our whole time in the tub is spent talking, Leo explaining to me how the pack works, what being an Alpha means and a lot of other stuff. He explains how he's a descendant of an Alpha King and that's why he and Demon are separate beings. Apparently, that was the curse placed on the Alpha King when he was first turned into a werewolf - having a separate being inside him. Leo also tells me Grey’s name is Shane, and his wolf’s called Ash. He's actually their cousin or something, that's why they have split identity like him, but I tell him I’ll keep calling him Grey, just to annoy him, which makes Leo laugh. His voice is so deep and masculine I could listen to him all day. And night.

Once the water turns cold again, Leo gathers me into his arms, worried that I would get sick from soaking in the cold water. I wrap my arms and legs around him, letting him carry me. He places me on the mat once we’re both out of the tub then wraps a huge towel around my body and a smaller one around his waist before picking me up again. He takes me to the bedroom, not letting me go as he goes through his wardrobe, picking out clothes for the both of us. He places me on the bed before going to the bathroom and coming back with a fresh towel.

“What’s that for?” I ask, completely lost, but Leo just smiles at me before quickly putting on some sweatpants. He picks me up once he’s done, setting me on his lap, then he wraps the fresh towel around my head, drying my hair.

I let Leo take care of me. He’s warned me about Alphas’ possessive nature so I know what to expect. I got angry at first, thinking he wanted to control me, like HIM, and I'll never allow anyone to do that to me. Seeing my reaction, he quickly explained it was not the controlling type of possessiveness, but a protective one. He said he needs to take care of me, as it's in his nature to nurture and protect his mate.

I sit still, enjoying the feeling of someone taking care of me for the first time in my life. Even Andrew didn’t do so much for me, so I relish the feeling while I can. Leo dries my hair, then brushes through it, being very careful about any tangles. Then he stands me on the floor and I just can’t stop myself from asking him the one question that’s been on my mind ever since I saw this.

“What’s this called?” I point to the big dark thing on the floor that feels really soft when I step on it.

“It’s a faux fur rug. Why?” My mouth forms an ‘o’ as I nod.

“I just wanted to know what it is. I’ve never seen one of these before.” I tell him honestly as he pulls off my towel before slipping his huge shirt on me then helps me put on the shorts with a string. I suddenly have another question.

“Leo, what is that weird feeling I got when your wolf licked my feet?” I ask curiously, causing Leo to laugh lightly as he puts me in his lap again. He takes my foot in his hand, running his finger over the bottom of it, causing me to quickly take my foot back.

“That feeling?” He asks, grinning cheekily? I think that’s the word.

“Yeah, it’s so strange. It’s only on my feet, though.” I look at my feet pointedly, wiggling my toes.

“Your feet are ticklish.”


“It means they’re really sensitive to touch.”

“Ooooh. Okay.” I put my head on Leo’s chest as he rubs my back.

“Angel?” I snap my gaze to him at the sound of my new name. I love the way it sounds. It's so different than the Beast I'm used to.


“Since I’m in my human form, I might have some Alpha work to do.” He starts tentatively.

“Okay.” I say, completely understanding. He has his Alpha duties, I get that.

“I want you with me, Angel. But you might get bored.” He continues rubbing my back as he speaks.

“I don’t mind.” I say honestly. I really don’t mind staying with Leo while he works. “I want to know what you do.”

“Alright then, my Angel.” He puts his lips on my cheek. If I remember correctly, this thing is called a kiss. It was mentioned in only one book I read, so I can’t be sure.

“Leo, was that a kiss?” I decide to ask my most reliable source of information, watching his eyes widen comically before sadness fills them as he strokes my cheek with his fingers.

“You don’t know what a kiss is?” He asks sadly.

“I read about it in a book once, but I wasn’t sure if that was it. Was it a kiss?”

“Yes and no. – he repeats his action, putting his lips on my cheek quickly – That was a peck on the cheek. A kiss is more… intimate and usually it’s placed on the lips.” He runs his finger over my lips as he stares at them.

“Show me.” I demand, making Leo growl huskily, but I can tell he’s not angry.

He places his lips on mine and my eyes close on instinct at a pleasurable feeling runs through my body. He slowly moves his lips, with me imitating him. He grips me tighter around my waist as he licks over my bottom lip once, twice, but when I don’t do what he wants, he squeezes my backside lightly, causing me to gasp and open my mouth a little. That’s all he needs. His tongue pushes inside my mouth, and me being the competitive person I am, I fight with him for dominance, unfortunately losing in the end because of my lack of experience. He tilts his head a little, keeping a hold on the back of my neck with one hand, the other wrapped tightly around my back, as he tastes every part of my mouth, with no resistance from me.

Much too soon he pulls away, both of us breathing heavily, and puts his forehead against mine.

“I like it.” I tell him before claiming his lips again. This is mine.

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